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West Massodeya is a collaborative state project in the heartland of the Federal States. The project is coordinated by Alessa and inspired in large part by Midwestern states like Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Ohio. Its climate is similar, however, to Arkansas and western portions of Kentucky and Tennessee. All mapping is to be done in English, but toponyms should have influences from French, Plains and Central Algonquian (Algic) languages, and Siouan languages. Other toponymy from Caddoan or Kiowan languages may be included in northwestern portions of the state.

This page provides the supporting documentation for collaboration in West Massodeya.

Collaborative Framework

West Massodeya is open for anyone wishing to take part in a collaborative project framed around a predominantly agricultural central-US state. This means, there is a diverse topography and land uses, with rolling hills, forested river valleys, sprawling farming flatlands, scattered midsize towns, and agriculture-based industries. The West Massodeya project is primarily task-based; this means that no one will be given a territory, like a county, as an exclusive area. The project welcomes anyone interested in mapping towns and villages to farms and individual buildings.

  • If you are a new OGF user, this project is designed to give you space to work and also get feedback to improve. It could be used as an intermediate step between the blue territory and officially claiming a territory: The user would be given the permission to map in an area for a limited scope of time (2 weeks, renewable). Unlike Michisaukee, it would not be a free-for-all. Feedback would be given, and users will be encouraged to make adjustments to get better at their mapping skills. The intent is to help foster improvement. I don't profess to be the best mapper, but I have worked with quite a few other users behind the scenes to give them pointers and make things more realistic. I wouldn't be super hands-on with this, but I would check in periodically.
  • If you are an experienced user, this project offers the opportunity to take on a specific task of interest. Perhaps you’re passionate about a specific thing or just want a couple-edit break from your state. It could be someone really skilled who just wants to do something different or someone looking to hone their skills on something less comfortable. There has been a lot of expressed interest in doing a single task as part of a larger whole. This could be an interesting way to piece together quality mapping and providing the ability of new and experienced users to work side-by-side. Some sample tasks might be a small airport terminal, natural features along a river, a suburban neighborhood, or a rail yard.

If you have interest, feel free to contact Alessa. It's exciting to see what we can see what we put together!

State Highway System

West Massodeya highway shield

West Massodeya has its own state highway system, and numbers may be assigned upon request. Please do not add or remove routes from the network without speaking to the state coordinator.

Three Federal States motorways are presently designated in the state, and an additional route has been assigned.

  • Federal States Highway 1: A transcontinental motorway that crosses the state from east to west, connecting Massodeya City with Jericho and points westward.
  • Federal States Highway 2: A transcontinental motorway that crosses briefly into West Massodeya near Reeseport and exits eastward toward Massodeya City
  • Federal States Highway 50: A transcontinental motorway that skirts the northern edges of the Massodeya River between Massodeya City and Thinis. It provides access to Reeseport and Fort Graham.
  • Federal States Highway 55: A north–south motorway through the west-central portion of the state.
  • Federal States Highway 60: This east–west route is a major thoroughfare that connects Caldwell City with Thinis and Shawcross.
  • Federal States Highway 45: This highway is not presently mapped but has been allotted to West Massodeya, Gnaerey, and other central states as a north-south corridor to connect Caldwell City, Reeseport, and points south. Collaboration with neighboring states will determine if this route will be mapped.

Highway Log

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