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Welcome to the FSA Newcomers Guide, where new and prospective mappers interested in the Federal States of Archanta Project can learn more about the project as a whole and ways to get involved with the project. This page is intended to be a basic introduction to the project; more in-depth and detailed information can be found on the FSA project page.

About the FSA

The Federal States of Archanta is OGF's largest collaborative project. Dozens of mappers have participated in the project since it launched in 2018. The FSA is generally inspired by -- but not a direct replica of -- the United States of America. Major decisions on the project's features and directions are made based on the consensus of the owners of the FSA's approximately 60 states and territories. Additionally, several states are collaborative endeavours that provide newer mappers with an opportunity to participate in the project without requiring the commitment or activity levels that stateowners are held responsible for.

Collaborative State Directory

There are currently 9 active collaborative states or territories in the Federal States, each with a unique American-style theme. Mappers who are looking to get involved in one of these collaborative projects are encouraged to reach out to each state's coordinators for more information or to request permission to map (except in Michisaukee, which is open to all mappers per OGF's "blue territory" rules).

State Link Theme Status Coordinator(s) Notes
New Carnaby AR120-11 Northeastern U.S., namely New York Accepting new mappers Easky30, Fluffr_Nuttr Includes the city of Stanton, the FSA's largest city
Eustacia AR120-25 American South (e.g., Carolinas, Georgia, Florida panhandle, Alabama) Accepting new mappers Infrarrojo, Fluffr_Nuttr
Huntington AR120-01 Mid-Atlantic, namely the District of Columbia Accepting new mappers sudo91 Technically a territory rather than a state
Michisaukee AR120-31 Appalachian (e.g., West Virginia, southwestern Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee) Open to all mappers Lithium-Ion Interested mappers are asked to visit the Michisaukee coordination page before editing.
West Massodeya AR120-33 Great Plains (e.g., Iowa, Nebraska, Dakotas, Kansas) Accepting new mappers Alessa
Alormen AR120-91 Gulf Coast (Texas and Louisiana) Accepting new mappers Ruadh, newflanders
Cosperica AR120-84 California Accepting new mappers wangi, oneofbeatlefan
Arecales AR335 Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands Accepting new mappers Brunanter Overseas territory of the Federal States
Piscipula AR027 Florida, Southern California Accepting new mappers TheMayor Officially an independent nation, but culturally, militarily, and economically closely tied to the Federal States

Vacant States

If you are interested in claiming a vacant state, there are several vacant states available throughout the nation. Interested mappers should submit a territory request. To ensure cohesive regions, new applicants are encouraged to reach out to neighboring stateowners and to develop a basic plan for the state prior to submitting a territory request. A list of vacant states and active stateowners is maintained on the FSA project page.

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