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Welcome to the FSA Newcomers Guide, where new and prospective mappers interested in the Federal States of Archanta Project can learn more about the project as a whole and ways to get involved with the project. This page is intended to be a basic introduction to the project; more in-depth and detailed information can be found on the FSA Dashboard.

About the FSA

The Federal States of Archanta is OGF's largest collaborative project. Dozens of mappers have participated in the project since it launched in 2018. The FSA is based on the United States of America (with some Canadian influences as well along the southern border with Ardencia). Major decisions on the project's features and directions are made based on the consensus of the owners of the FSA's 60+ states and territories. Additionally, several states are collaborative endeavours that provide newer mappers with an opportunity to participate in the project without requiring the commitment or activity levels that stateowners are held responsible for.

Collaborative State Directory

There are currently 10 active collaborative states or territories in the Federal States, each with a unique American-style theme. Mappers who are looking to get involved in one of these collaborative projects are encouraged to reach out to each state's coordinators for more information or to request permission to map (except in Michisaukee, which is open to all mappers per OGF's "blue territory" rules).

State Link Theme Status Coordinator(s) Notes
New Carnaby [1] Northeastern U.S., namely New York Accepting new mappers Easky30, yoyo21 Includes the city of Stanton, the FSA's largest city
Delenshire Islands [2] Urban/suburban New England (e.g., Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts) Accepting new mappers whateversusan
Eustacia [3] American South (e.g., Carolinas, Georgia, Florida panhandle, Alabama) Accepting new mappers Infrarrojo, Fluffr_Nuttr
Huntington [4] Mid-Atlantic, namely the District of Columbia Accepting new mappers histor, Ernestpcosby Technically a territory rather than a state
Michisaukee [5] Appalachian (e.g., West Virginia, southwestern Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee) Open to all mappers Rhiney boi, AnimationSky, Lithium-Ion, yoyo21 Interested mappers are asked to visit the Michisaukee coordination page before editing.
West Massodeya [6] Great Plains (e.g., Iowa, Nebraska, Dakotas, Kansas) Accepting new mappers Alessa
Alormen [7] Gulf Coast (Texas and Louisiana) Accepting new mappers Ruadh, newflanders
Seneppi [8] Great Lakes (e.g., Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin) Accepting new mappers Ernestpcosby, TheMayor
Cosperica [9] California Accepting new mappers wangi, oneofbeatlefan
Arecales [10] Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands Accepting new mappers Brunanter Overseas territory of the Federal States

Vacant State Directory

If you are interested in claiming a vacant state, this section identifies current neighboring states and state-owners you may want to reach out to before requesting the state. Visit the FSA Dashboard and other FSA project pages for more information regarding national initiatives, plans, and efforts. State names are generally left over from previous mappers and may be subject to change. Neighboring state-owners are encouraged to add to the "Notes" field of this chart with additional information. Neighboring states marked with an asterisk denote states that do not share land borders.

OGF-ID Current Name Neighboring States Status Major FSA Motorways Notes
AR120-04 Newlynn Oakhill (histor), AR120-21 (vacant), AR120-28 (vacant), Huntington (collaborative), Gilliad (Jarrodcamo, Aperia (Logan230) Available FS-1 (south to west), FS-11 (south to north) Extensive existing natural mapping to work with
AR120-10 Perchorsee Isles Fellshire* (yoyo21), Astrantia* (Marcello), Trinity Island* (Mapping Expert) Available None Natural barrier islands with little if any permanent settlements.
AR120-21 Natrinia Oakhill (histor), AR120-04 (vacant), AR120-22 (vacant), AR120-27 (vacant), AR120-28 (vacant) Available FS-11 (south to north), FS-50 (coast to west) Most surrounding states are vacant
AR120-22 Boscainifornio Elway (BMSOUZA), Laine (ifgus), AR120-21 (vacant), AR120-27 (vacant) Available FS-11 (south to north)
AR120-26 none Eustacia (collaborative), AR120-27 (vacant), Michisaukee (collaborative) Available FS-21 (south to north), FS-70 (east to west) Borders Randalia. Also the last "untouched" FSA state.
AR120-27 Caroline Michisaukee (collaborative), Eustacia (collaborative), Laine (ifgus), AR120-21 (vacant), AR120-22 (vacant), AR120-26 (vacant), AR120-28 (vacant) Available FS-21 (south to north), FS-60 (east to west)
AR120-28 Wilthamshire Michisaukee (collaborative), Gilliad (Jarrodcamo), Huntington (collaborative), AR120-04 (vacant), AR120-21 (vacant), AR120-27 (vacant) Available FS-1 (south to FS-50), FS-21 (south to north), FS-50 (east to west) Extensive existing statewide motorway and railway network
AR120-35 Washaukee Gnaerey (Toadwart), Michisaukee (collaborative), Gilliad (Jarrodcamo), Nipewa (plainoldbread), Mennowa (Alessa, Leowezy) Available FS-30 (east to west), FS-41 (south to north)
AR120-37 Taviani Fellshire (yoyo21), New Carnaby (collaborative), Nipewa (plainoldbread), AR120-56 (vacant), AR120-59 (vacant) Available FS-10 (east to west), FS-41 (south to north) May have a more Canadian feel given neighboring Franquese (French) influence from Ardencia. A canal network between New Carnaby and the Lakes has been proposed through this state.
AR120-44 Manara Nipewa* (plainoldbread), AR120-59* (vacant), AR120-51 (vacant), Oronotia (AnimationSky), Mennowa (Alessa, Leowezy) Available FS-20 (east to west), FS-30 (east to west), FS-61 (south to north) Interested mappers may also want to reach out to the Collab:Federal States/West Lakes Compact states for larger Lakes-area regional plans
AR120-51 Midesapa AR120-44 (vacant), AR120-59 (vacant), Makaska (Luciano) Available FS-20 (east to west), FS-61 (south to north), FS-71 (south to north) Significant natural mapping already in place; while plenty of north-south railways exist, east-west railways and motorways are needed to better connect the West Lakes with the eastern portions of the FSA
AR120-56 none AR120-37 (vacant), AR120-59 (vacant) Available FS-10 (east to west), FS-51 (south to north) May have a more Canadian feel given neighboring Franquese (French) influence from Ardencia
AR120-59 none Makaska* (Luciano), AR120-51 (vacant), AR120-44* (vacant), Nipewa (plainoldbread), AR120-37 (vacant), AR120-56 (vacant) Available FS-10 (east to ???)
AR120-73 Tierra Alta Alormen (collaborative), Apawiland (iiEarth), Sierra (Brunanter), AR120-74 (vacant) Available FS-80 (south to east), FS-90 (east to west) Significant amounts of existing natural mapping; existing statewide motorway and railway network also present
AR120-74 Alcortez Costa Dorada (GeoKyle), Tempache (infinatious), Atascadera (Davieerr), Sierra (Brunanter) Available FS-90 (east to west)
AR120-95 Hartford Islands None Available None Statehood status uncertain. Experienced mappers only.

Help Desk

This is the Help Desk of the FSA, a place where mappers can offer their assistance to other mappers, and where mappers who need assistance can find resources.

If you need help or advice, review the list below to find a mapper whose expertise matches the issue you're currently having and feel free to reach out to them directly. Or, you can use the Discussion tab to place a request.

If you'd like to volunteer to be a resource, use the table below. Please include no more than three (3) topic areas to focus on, and please include a link for direct OGF messages. By adding your name to this list, you agree that other FSA mappers should feel free reaching out to you for help and assistance.

User name State OGF member since Topic areas OGF Message Link
TheMayor Minnonigan, Seneppi June 2018 Transit networks, urban land use, airports OGF:TheMayor
bootmii Michisaukee August 2016 Motorways, interchanges, bridges/tunnels OGF:Bootmii
yoyo21 Fellshire July 2015 small towns, road systems, shopping plazas OGF:yoyo21
Lithium-Ion Michisaukee, Seneppi December 2019 Islands, Roof Details OGF:Lithium-Ion
Zytik Penquisset, Passamaqueets July 2019 (?) Natural Features, Railway Networks, Urban Transit OGF:Zytik
Logan230 Aperia September 2014 Highway and interchange design, road networks/systems OGF:Logan230
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