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Emb-red.png This page is intended to be used for centrally-planned multi-state businesses only.

For a listing of companies that are available to be freely mapped throughout the Federal States, visit Collab:Federal States/Franchises.

This page is intended to offer FSA mappers a listing and collaborative space to create multi-state industries. Unlike franchise business listings that are open to some or all mappers to use freely for their mapping, industries represent companies that require more thoughtful consideration in terms of placement of raw materials, factories, processing centers, warehouses, etc. to support the full supply chain required to bring (conceptual) goods from creation to consumption.

Active FSA stateowners are welcome to add their industries to the list below. Each company listed below should have one "sponsor" who is responsible for overseeing the development of the brand and its facilities throughout the FSA. Sponsors are not permitted to map in other states without stateowner permission under any circumstances, however, they are welcome to work directly with stateowners in regards to coordinating and collaborating new locations and amenities on the map.

To prevent a "run" on new industries that may crowd out future brands, at this point each individual stateowner may sponsor no more than four (4) companies. This cap may be increased or eliminated entirely as the project matures and new industries form.


Power Generation
Company Sponsor Headquarters Facilities/Locations Details
PenqergyOverpass-turbo.svg Zytik Penquisset Energy provider for communities seeking to achieve a higher degree of sustainability. Some engineering contract areas of exploration include solar, wind, aqueous, thermal, and pedekinetic. Also has energy services for vehicular energy.



Hardware and Software
Company Sponsor Headquarters Facilities/Locations Details


iiEarth Computer and other hardware-manufacturing company; also produces software.
CranBerryOverpass-turbo.svg Computer/cell phone manufacturing company.
FindixOverpass-turbo.svg Burton, PA Internet-related company that started as a search engine.
VersatilOverpass-turbo.svg Nenova, AQ lost state Mobile device manufacturer serving the southwestern FSA.
EvoOverpass-turbo.svg infinatious Silver Valley, TM Electronics company manufacturing computer hardware as well as smartphones.

Social Media

Social Media
Company Sponsor Headquarters Facilities/Locations Details
MyStoryOverpass-turbo.svg Social media company. MyStory was founded in 2010, and has 28 million users.
ShiverOverpass-turbo.svg Popular short-video entertainment company founded in 2011.
DateMagic ItsTybear Maquadena Zakahigan HQ This popular dating website launched in 2007. Regional offices are desired, so contact ItsTybear if your state needs love!



See Collab:Federal States/Railways/Companies.

Auto Manufacturing

Auto Manufacturing
Company Sponsor Headquarters Facilities/Locations Details
DeLandOverpass-turbo.svg BMSOUZA Baldwin, OC Worldwide car manufacturer.
NobleOverpass-turbo.svg whateversusan Hearthsbridge, CR FSA-made brand of car with a large following. Factories available all over the country.
Crystalline MotorsOverpass-turbo.svg Gramercy, SN lost state Luxury car manufacturing company. Bought out by Noble during an economic downturn. Many dealerships cobranded as Noble/CrystallineOverpass-turbo.svg.
Gramercy Clinton MotorsOverpass-turbo.svg Clinton, SN lost state Large car manufacturer with some plants in Gramercy, though some manufacturing has likely been outsourced to other cities and other countries. Dealerships available throughout the FSA and sparingly around the world.
Sengasi MotorsOverpass-turbo.svg Fayette, NP lost state Available throughout the FSA and around the world with dealerships like Elite Sengasi only being in cities over 1M near shopping malls.
MinamiaizuOverpass-turbo.svg Car company with dealerships across the entire FSA.
NilsenOverpass-turbo.svg Foreign Slavonian car manufacturer with dealerships across the FSA and worldwide. Nilsen Trucks is the semi-truck division known for making powerful, durable and reliable trucks and are sold at separate dealers, usually right outside cities.
Röhr Motor CompanyOverpass-turbo.svg Foreign Schwaldian car manufacturer known for making high performance and luxury vehicles, dealerships worldwide. There is also a motorcycle branch named RMC Motorized BikesOverpass-turbo.svg dealerships are only found in well populated cities.
Neneehen ECar DealerOverpass-turbo.svg Barstone, TE Electric car manufacturer and dealer.
VenitaOverpass-turbo.svg BMSOUZA Yorksey, OC Worldwide car manufacturer.
Beverly Motor CarriageOverpass-turbo.svg ThePhrogianOverlord Beverly Shores, PO Ponquin-based auto manufacturer founded in 1914. Makes mostly economy-class vehicles and lower-end luxury vehicles.

Aviation Manufacturing

Aviation Manufacturing
Company Sponsor Headquarters Facilities/Locations Details
Chardelay AerodynamicsOverpass-turbo.svg Aces California Miller, IR Miller, IR Helicopter manufacturer for commercial and military purposes.
MacDougall GrahamOverpass-turbo.svg mstr Rockwell, WM Rockwell, WM Major civil and military aerospace manufacturing corporation.
Grizzly Aviation & Engineering ItsTybear Zakahigan Violet Township, ZH GAE produces various parts for aviation and aerospace devices. GAE is looking for suppliers and/or regional offices.


Farm Equipment

Farm Equipment
Company Sponsor Headquarters Facilities/Locations Details
FieldlanderOverpass-turbo.svg Glauber TBA Combine Harvester Plant - Wahanta, CL / Hay Balers Plant - Devon Bluffs, TE Farm Equipment Manufacturer and Dealer. Products include tractors, combine harvesters, planters, bailers, and more. Dealerships can be placed as pleased. Contact me regarding the placement of manufacturing facilities.


Farm Equipment
Company Sponsor Headquarters Facilities/Locations Details
Porta-JimOverpass-turbo.svg RobertTBS Huntington Crossing, IL Manufacturing and Testing, Huntington Crossing Porta-Jim movable toilets. They stand in strong winds, are almost untippable, and can move at up to 135 MPH. Porta-Jim offers many styles, however they all must pass the tests.

Food & Beverage


Company Sponsor Headquarters Facilities/Locations Details
MontanaWestonOverpass-turbo.svg Glauber Brunanter TBA Otto Weston Brewery - Wahanta, CL / Montana Brewery - San Daniel, SRA - Andreapolis, AL Brewing Company available nationwide. Brands include Montana Beer, Otto Weston, Otto Lite, Condor, Tier1 Hard Seltzer. Contact either Glauber or Brunanter for additional brewery locations.

Beverage Companies

Beverage Companies
Company Sponsor Headquarters Facilities/Locations Details
Bluegill Cola CompanyOverpass-turbo.svg ThePhrogianOverlord Ponquin Founded in 1891. Known famously for being made from pure cane sugar, along with its unique flavors and glass bottling.
Pop Bear Bottling ItsTybear Plainsburgh, ZH Pop Bear Bottling & Restaurant Pop Bear Bottling produces gourmet pop, including sugar-free and caffeine-free flavors. PBB is seeking new pop shops and distribution sites. Contact ItsTybear if you need some delicious drinks in your state.

Food Distributors

Food Distributors
Company Sponsor Headquarters Facilities/Locations Details
CybusOverpass-turbo.svg Icefur2 TBD Adamsville, OG Food distribution company that supplies food to restaurants, schools, hotels, etc. Feel free to map 1 distribution center per 1 million+ metro area, for other locations contact me.
Empire Soup Company HeadquartersOverpass-turbo.svg ItsTybear Maquadena, Zakahigan Headquarters: Maquadena's Souptown Empire Soup Company creates soups, broths, and similar foods for a wide range of populations. Feel free to map a distribution center, factory, or regional office. Contact ItsTybear if you need soup in your life.
Oleana Marine Products ThePhrogianOverlord Oleana, Ponquin Has distribution plants in Rivertown, PO- OMP, is a Food Distributor that helps to supply The FSA with marine products such as fish and marine products. Is in the midst an ongoing investigation by federal authorities due to the discovery of illegal products being sold on the black market. Feel free to add distribution plants near costal areas.


Company Sponsor Headquarters Facilities/Locations Details
GranlarOverpass-turbo.svg Glauber Wahanta, Clamash Headquarters: Wahanta (CL)

Secondary Offices: Land Park (CL)

Fertilizer Plants: Wahanta (CL)

Grain Elevators: Grawton (CL), Rexville (CL), Wahanta (CL)

Fertilizer Facilities: Grawton (CL)

Granlar is an agricultural comglomerate. Granlar purchases and processses agricultural commodities (corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, oats, barley) for food and livestock feed, produces and sells pesticides (herbicide, insecticide, fungicide) and fertilizer, and sells crop seed.
PhytoGenex ChemicalsOverpass-turbo.svg Aces California Finch Hill, IR Fertilizer Plants: Miller, IR
Finch Hill, IR
Briarwood, OG

Export Warehouse: Wahanta, CL

PhytoGenex is the agricultural arm of the wider chemical company Fenn-Coopa. Manufacturer of mainly fertilizers and pesticides.



Company Sponsor Headquarters Facilities/Locations Details
Archantan RecordsOverpass-turbo.svg Icefur2 Adamsville, OG Adamsville One of the main record labels in the Federal States, started out as a country label but is now primarily pop. Regional offices needed for Stanton, the middle of the county (Alormen maybe?) , and the west coast- contact me for locations
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