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Collab:Federal States/Government

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The government of the Federal States consists of three co-equal branches: a legislature (passes laws), an executive (enforces laws), and a judicial (interprets/clarifies laws). The names and structures of these three branches of government are important as they may affect how areas of the FSA get mapped (e.g., whether there are one or two houses of the legislature, whether there's a single President of the FSA or a President and a Prime Minister, etc.) and will provide an official list of FSA chief executives that can be used to name streets, parks, schools, towns, etc. throughout the nation.


Add names or suggestions for the structure of the legislative branch of government.

One House

  • Unicameral
  • General Assembly
  • National Assembly
  • Federal Legislature
  • Federal Congress
  • Federal Council

Two Houses

  • Overall name
  • Congress of the Federal States
  • Parliament
  • The Assembly
  • Higher House
  • High Senate
  • Senior House
  • Senate of the Federal States
  • Congregation of States
  • State Assembly
  • House of the States
  • Lower House
  • Commons House
  • General Assembly
  • Assembly General
  • Lay Congress
  • Junior House
  • Popular Assembly
  • People's Assembly
  • Common Assembly
  • House of the People

Three or more Houses

Capitol building name

  • Federal Commons


Previous Executives

After discussions with the FSA community, the list of past executives of the Federal States will be assembled as follows:

  1. Each current mapper in the FSA community is permitted to add one (1) name to the below list. (This list was relocated from Collab:Federal States/Important persons.) Additionally, please place an "X" in the column of the time period you'd like to submit for.
  2. Once the list has 25 names, we will discuss and determine the order of the executives prior to 1900, which we anticipate to include 20-25 names. The precise dates of each executive's time in office will not be decided at this time. During this conversation, the title of the head of state will also be chosen (see next section). Now that the list has at least 25 names, we will finalize the list on or after 15 Dec 2020. FSA stateowners who have not yet submitted a name are encouraged to continue doing so until that date. At that time, we will have a weeklong vote to help determine the order of the pre-1900 executives as well as officially name the position's title.
  3. Once the list of pre-1900 executives has been finalized, the list will be posted here and on the in-world Federal States wiki article for use by the community.
  4. Thereafter, every new FSA state owner will be allowed to add the next executive to the list, provided the rest of the FSA community agrees that the name is suitable and realistic.
  5. Each post-1900 quarter-century has a maximum of five executives. If a current mapper defers their selection to a post-1900 quarter-century, they will be able to determine the precise order of their entry in the official canon once that quarter-century fills. (If a mapper is no longer active when that quarter-century fills, their entry will automatically become the third entry out of the five slots.)

This list was moved from Collab:Federal States/Important persons and based on the existing claimed names. FSA members are welcome to edit existing entries and add new names if they have not done so yet.

Order Name OGF Username Pre-1900 1900-1924 1925-1949 1950-1974 1975-1999 2000-2024
1 Louis Huntington Already determined
TBD James Sutton Mapping Expert X
TBD Benjamin Lavine Z11 X
TBD Brian McPherson ifgus X
TBD Preston Caldwell TheMayor X
TBD Erwin Gregman histor X
TBD Charles Blaney iiEarth X
TBD Joseph F. Kezar yoyo21 X
TBD Ryan Leo Rhiney boi X
TBD Ross Sanchez Brunanter X
TBD Edith Elric Zytik X
TBD George S. Price whateversusan X
TBD Sherman Raynham Ernestpcosby X
TBD Gerald Bowers infinatious X
TBD Solomon Swift Luciano X
TBD Jacob Sloan ruadh X
TBD Augustus Hackney Fluffr_Nuttr X
TBD Eric Morgan Infrarrojo X
TBD Ernest Smetters histor X
TBD Robert Stanton Theruler X
TBD Vikesh Bhattacharya Megacity2005Creator X
TBD Elijah T. Lewis Trombonist2003 X
TBD Evelyn R. McManaman JoJoBa X
TBD Taylor Gellard Davieerr X
TBD Tanner Kronenwetter David F X
TBD Ansel Hilliard Lithium-Ion X
TBD McCallister Smith CartographerKing X


Add suggestions for the title of the head of state. The title will be decided concurrently with the initial list of FSA executives.

  • President
  • Chief Executive
  • High Governor
  • Executive Minister
  • Executive Chairman
  • Prime Minister
  • High Consul
  • Vellegentis ("Will of the nation")

Presidential mansion name

  • Tempus Palace ('time palace', could've been named because it was rushed or was built int the *time* of need.
  • Huntington House


Add suggestions for the name of the high court of the FSA.

  • Supreme Court
  • Superior Court
  • High Court
  • Court of Record
  • National Court
  • Superior Judiciary
  • Supreme Judiciary
  • The Amelioratrix
  • Constitutional Court


In an effort to allow each state more freedom to determine their own local politics -- and to avoid potential issues of national-level overwikification -- it is proposed to avoid having national political parties in favor of five standing "coalitions": far left, center-left, center-right, far right, and unaligned/independent. ("Unaligned/Independent" would likely be used as an identifier of a party that does not correspond to the traditional political spectrum rather than an actual unified fifth coalition.) Each state party would be encouraged to be part of one of these coalitions. This proposal is not finalized and FSA stateowners are encouraged to discuss on the talk page.

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