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National flag of Piscipula

Piscipula is an independent nation that formerly was part of the Federal States but was granted its independence in 1938. The nation shares land borders with Mecyna, AR029, and the FSA state of Alormen, but is mostly surrounded by the Gulf of Alormen. The state is divided into fifteen counties that encompass a variety of potential mapping styles.

Geography and Influences

Piscipula is located between Mecyna, Cambria, and the Federal States of Archanta, with a tropical in climate. A range of low mountains sprawling from the FSA border to the eastern coast separates the nation from Mecyna and Cambria but gives way to low, sandy plains to the southern shores. At the eastern end, an island chain extends into the Gulf of Alormen.

Real-world influences in the southwestern portion of the country include coastal, non-urban parts of southern California (e.g., San Diego County), while the flatter, sandier northeastern portions of the country are more directly inspired by southern Florida, including the Everglades and the Florida Keys.

History and Culture

While much of Piscipula's mainland is sandy scrub, Hemming Key has been a strategic seaport since the colonial era, situated at the mouth of the Gulf of Alormen. The area historically was sparsely settled, although there is some evidence of previous settlements by Native Archantans. The Federal States occupied what is now Piscipula as early as the 1850s, although the FSA did not commit to any major settlement except at Hemming Key. The FSA greatly increased its presence in Piscipula following the opening of the Mecyna Canal and extensions of railways north of San Pascual. Piscipula was in line for FSA statehood until a major hurricane struck the territory in 1935; rather than rebuilding the territory, the FSA instead opted to only fortify its military installations, prompting widespread outcry from local residents and the international community. Piscipula residents were granted independence from the FSA in 1938; in exchange for allowing for FSA military bases to continue to operate, the Federal States oversees the defense of the territory. Since independence, the nation has grown wealthy with a reputation as an FSA tax shelter. The pleasant weather year-round, including moderating sea breezes during the hottest parts of the summer and winter temperatures that rarely drop below 10°C, have more recently made the Piscipula Keys a tourism destination, although development on the islands is strictly capped due to storm evacuation requirements.

Commerce and Industry

Piscipula is a modern country, with an HDI just below Mecyna and the Federal States. The nation, while independent, is a military protectorate of the Federal States; the FSA has military installations along the Piscipula Keys to help protect the Gulf of Alormen and to protect shipping interests on the east end of the Mecyna Canal. The capital of Piscipula, Delonix, is a modern metropolis along the northeastern shore and serves as the nation's primary port. Other major cities include Caroline City on the southern shore and Hemming Key at the tip of the Piscipula Keys. Primary industries are fishing, agriculture, and financial services, although tourism has become a major part of the nation's economy in the last half-century.



It is expected that the two primary international airports will be located in Delonix and Caroline City, with the former larger than the latter. Hemming Key will also have an international airport, but it will by necessity be small in size (one runway, < 10 gates). Seaplanes will be a minor part of the overall transportation infrastructure of the Keys.


Piscipula route shield

Most highways in Piscipula will be primary roads; however, at least three major motorways are planned. Major highways have single-digits and link the counties with Piscipula's neighboring nations. Currently, three are planned:

  • Route 1 begins at the Alormen/Piscipula border and runs along the southwestern coast to Caroline City, then along the glades to Delonix.
  • Route 2 begins in Caroline City and runs north-northwest into interior Mecyna, linking up to Mecyna National Highway 2.
  • Route 3 officially begins in Hemming Key and runs along the northeastern coast to Mecyna via Delonix; however, much of Route 3 in the Keys is technically part of the Piscipula Marine Highway (see below).
  • Routes 4 and 5 are reserved and will connect Piscipula with Cambria; more formal plans will follow when the latter nation creates its road network.
  • Routes 6-9 will be assigned as the nation develops and as logical corridors emerge.

Regional routes have two-digit numbers; these generally increase from west to east. Route 10 will be located near the Alormen/Cambria boundaries; Route 99 will link Hemming Key to nearby Keys. While the routes can run in any direction, it is anticipated that most of these "secondary" routes will generally run north-south, connecting interior parts of the nation to the coast.

"Auxiliary" routes are three digits and mostly handle local traffic, similar to county highways in the United States. The first digit of these routes is based on location; these routes are expected to slot into the secondary highway numbering system (so Route 502 would be located between Routes 50 and 51).

  • 1xx: County 01
  • 2xx: County 02
  • 3xx: County 03
  • 4xx: County 04, County 05, County 07
  • 5xx: County 06, County 08
  • 6xx: County 09
  • 7xx: County 10, County 11
  • 8xx: County 12, County 13 (except Keys)
  • 9xx: County 13 (Keys only), County 14, County 15

Piscipula also has a motorway system; motorways are referred to as expressways and parallel Routes 1, 2, and 3. These routes are referred to as Route 1X, Route 2X, and Route 3X, respectively.


While several of the Piscipula Keys are connected to each other and the mainland by bridges, there is no Overseas Highway equivalent linking Hemming Key all the way to the mainland. Instead, the Piscipula Marine Highway, a series of ferry routes, connect the Keys for vehicular traffic. The Marine Highway is technically part of Route 3.


Instead of a highway, the Keys are all connected via a railway trestle that stretches from Hemming Key to the mainland and on to Delonix. A longer, connected railway connects Delonix to Alormen via Caroline City.

Political Subdivisions

Piscipula is a parliamentary republic. Second-level jurisdictions are referred to as counties. Counties oversee some functions of local government (namely law enforcement, lower-level courts, and school districts), but most government services are provided either from the national government or from municipal governments.

Experienced mappers are encouraged to request a county to map. Advanced mappers are encouraged to request oversight of one of the collaborative counties; once coordinators are found for collaborative counties, mappers of all skill levels will be encouraged to participate.

Piscipula Counties
Name ref Status Contact Notes
County 01 AR027-01 Available Mapping should be mostly natural and sparsely settled, except along the coast.
County 02 AR027-02 Available Mapping should be mostly natural and sparsely settled, except along the coast.
County 03 AR027-03 Available Existing river system can be maintained; could be a good county for agricultural mapping.
County 04 AR027-04 Collaborative coordinator wanted Includes Caroline City, the second-largest metro area in the state. Mostly urban/suburban. Existing mapping will likely be removed.
County 05 AR027-05 Available While county will likely include some spillover suburban sprawl from Caroline City, inland areas ideal for large-scale agricultural mapping.
County 06 AR027-06 Collaborative coordinator wanted Overwhelmingly comprised of natural wetlands. Mostly will be protected national park land.
County 07 AR027-07 Available Can host a mid-sized city along Route 2 between Mecyna and Caroline City and some smaller satellite communities along the highway. Otherwise mostly natural/agricultural.
County 08 AR027-08 Available Mostly rural and agricultural. May have a few smaller cities along Route 1/railway depending on final alignments in County 06 or County 08.
County 09 AR027-09 Available "Gold Coast" area along the coast with wealthy suburbs between Mecyna and Delonix. Inland areas get sparser (and poorer) quickly. Possible inspirations include Boca Raton and Palm Beach.
County 10 AR027-10 Collaborative coordinator wanted Includes Delonix, a modern Miami-style metropolis with international flavor and major ports.
County 11 AR027-11 Available Delonix suburbs along the coast; reclaimed land inland for agriculture quickly getting gobbled up by suburbanization.
County 12 AR027-12 Available Delonix exurbs.
County 13 AR027-13 Claimed Fluffr_Nuttr Small industrial hub; northern terminal of the Marine Highway and home to FSA military facilities, as well as Upper Keys.
County 14 AR027-14 Reserved Middle Keys. Small towns, resorts, and fishing.
County 15 AR027-15 Reserved Lower Keys. Similar to Middle Keys/County 14; also includes Hemming Key, a mid-size city at the far end of the Keys. Also includes an FSA Air Force Base.

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Get Involved

Requests to join the Piscipula project should be directed to TheMayor. In addition to county requests, we are currently seeking collaborative county coordinators as well as natural feature and infrastructure coordinators.

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