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Mecyna is the second supervised open collaborative territory in OpenGeofiction (OGF) (indicated blue on the OGF:Territory overview map. All mappers are welcome to contribute! However unlike other blue territories, there are no restrictions as to what can or cannot be mapped outside of 2 rules:

  1. The OGF rules apply (as it does elsewhere on OGF); and
  2. Mapping must not be deleted (Why? Even mine? [1])

The_Cute_Chick (TCC) is the coordinator and supervisor of the territory. Their role includes helping new users improve their mapping and making the territory more coherent. New users contributing in the territory should expect their contributions to be [intermittently] monitored and themselves to be [intermittently] contacted by the supervisor. However, they will not interfere directly with mapping made by active users; active users are those that have mapped in the territory for the last 4 weeks. For mapping assistance, feedback or mapping-related technical assistance (such as with using the iD (the in-browser editor) and JOSM editors), you should visit the Help or Feedback forum.

Mecyna's dedicated forum section is the official place for all discussions and collaboration regarding the country.

This page is updated at least every 4 weeks. This page is last updated on 21:27, 6 November 2021 (UTC).

Territory mapping guidelines

Follow OGF:Blue territory etiquette. Deleting others' mapping without their mappers' permission is vandalism and will be punished.

Deleting your own mapping is allowed but heavily discouraged. Mapping can (and should) always be improved regardless of its current state.

The Canal of Mecyna itself should not be modified. Crossings across the canal also should not be mapped. Mapping alongside the two banks are allowed.

Other than the Canal of Mecyna above, any kind of mapping in Mecyna can be modified. Mapping can be created anywhere. This means:

  • mapping your large metropolis;
  • implement your visions to what has already been mapped [without it being destructive to existing mapping]; or
  • connect settlements with motorways, railways, and/or rivers (links are tips to mapping them realistically).

Mecyna should be mapped in Ingerish (OGF:English). However other languages are accepted and can be interpreted as diaspora communities within the country. In addition, names should not be abbreviated.

Mecyna can take inspiration from any place, as long as it is within verisimilitude. Also, check out the User Help and Resources portal to improve your mapping!

Below are guidelines that contributors are recommended to follow to make Mecyna more coherent as one country. However, these are ultimately optional.



  • Cities are 9 km2 or larger with mapped buildings
  • Towns are 1 to 9 km2 with mapped buildings
  • Villages are smaller than towns with neighbourhoods and/or blocks
  • Hamlets are places without neighbourhoods and blocks along a street or crossroads
  • Isolated dwellings are places up to 3 buildings
  • Localities are places with no [permanent] inhabitants

Sub-settlement areas (based on OSM place definitions):

  • Boroughs/suburbs are large sub-areas of cities
  • Quarters are medium sub-areas of cities or large sub-areas of towns
  • Neighbourhoods are small sub-areas of city or towns


This applies to all applicable rail types, including subway, trams and high-speed rail. Rails are:

  • Are right-hand drive;
  • Uses 1435 mm gauge;
  • Uses metric units;
  • Are electrified [by contact line];
  • Uses 25000 voltage; and
  • Use 50 (hertz) frequency.


Main article: Collab:Mecyna/Highways

  • Are right-hand drive;
  • Uses metric units; and
  • Have maximum speed limits 120 km/h or lower.

Regional roads classifications (based on OSM highway definitions):

  • Motorways are grade-separated double-carriageway roads that connects cities
  • Trunks are those that aren't motorways but connects cities
  • Primaries connects towns larger than 4 km2 or connects towns with cities
  • Secondaries connects towns smaller than 4 km2 or connects towns with cities
  • Tertiaries connects villages or connects villages with towns or greater settlements
  • Unclassifieds connects hamlets or connects hamlets with villages or greater settlements
  • [Unmaintained] tracks connects farms and isolated dwellings or smaller

Urban roads classifications:
(Regional roads classifications apply before urban roads classifications; for example, a motorway is allowed through a settlement if it eventually serves/terminates at a city.)

  • Motorways are not used in a settlement
  • Trunks are not used in a settlement
  • Primaries are not used in a settlement
  • Secondaries connects boroughs/quarters
  • Tertiaries connects neighbourhoods
  • Unclassifieds connects blocks
  • Residentials connects houses of a street to other roads
  • Services are used in non-residential areas

Administrative subdivisions

  • States (admin_level=3 administrative subdivisions) contain 1 city, with the city as state capital
  • Counties (admin_level=6 administrative subdivisions) contain 1 town, with the town as state capital
  • There are no other levels of administrative subdivision other than national (admin_level=2), state (admin_level=3), and county (admin_level=6). However, others can be kept for reference or future splitting of states and counties.

Recommended sites for mapping

Below are sites recommended for new users to contribute to due to their emptiness (see natural and urban mapping sites) or the decent established mapping to continue off from (see existing cities and towns).

(Accompanying Overpass searches provide the most up-to-date map information but data obtained can have inaccurate/erroneous tagging.)

Established cities and towns

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Established cities (Overpass search):

Established towns (for their location and map, see the interactive map to the right):

In Acaglot State (Overpass search):

  • Andrew
  • Bismuth
  • Cher
  • Dream
  • Gentreech
  • Glotaqua
  • Hawkins
  • Kingsholm
  • New Hamberlin
  • Saint Peter
  • Soutt
  • Vina
  • Willian

In Hepsiga State (Overpass search):

  • Cazoon
  • Elneny
  • Enerton
  • Fort Royal
  • Guntrum
  • Harca
  • Kaster
  • Libre
  • Lovlaro
  • Odessa
  • Old Xandria
  • Toldow
  • Trekburg
  • 菲尼特 Trifinia
  • Waby
  • Washark
  • Zebra

In Quagila State (Overpass search):

  • Dapid
  • Gilagonas
  • Heiden
  • Munster
  • Nevannah
  • Nide
  • Saravikas
  • Wetstern

In Silvoli State (Overpass search):

  • Bluevista
  • Draksade
  • Fremont
  • Gorde
  • Herreignen
  • Laving
  • Pembrook
  • Port Franquese
  • Sancrozer
  • South Bord

In Stellaqua State (Overpass search):

  • Bostam
  • Caledon
  • Morrico
  • San Alejandro
  • Vultur
  • Yagueté

Also see Lilolandaš (map), which is a city-sized settlement that has existing road infrastructure but lacks any mapped buildings [and therefore does not qualify to be a city or a town.

Natural mapping sites

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Generic mapping sites:

  • Dream Province southeast
  • Escala Province east / Guntrum Province west
  • Gilagonas Province central
  • Glotaqua Province central
  • Glotaqua Province south
  • Silverian Province north
  • Sireeny Province
  • Volopinate Province north

Mountainous mapping sites:

  • Around Stella
  • Beyond Lilolandaš/Lilolandaš Province
  • Beyond Silverseas
  • Harca Province south
  • Hotakope Valley Province-AR019 southern border
  • Northern Wilderness Province

Island mapping sites:

  • Harce Province central
  • Harca Province north
  • Silverian Province west and south

Urban mapping sites

For mostly empty urban mapping sites, see this Overpass search (which may take a while to load).

Active users

Username Last active Location
Bob Lee 29/10/21 Ianicity, Silverian Province
drgtgd 29/10/21 Unnamed place, northern Phoenix Province
ika-chan! 29/10/21 Mecyna
maho713 28/10/21 San Uriel, Glotaqua Province
t833 28/10/21 Silversea, Silverian Province
Kurzov 27/10/21 Goshen Shores, Silverian Province
MortyFontaine 27/10/21 Lovlaro, Escala Province
Prem 25/10/21 Southern Dream Province
Sarperen 22/10/21 Silversea, Silverian Province
Sir Digby Chicken Caesar 22/10/21 Silversea, Silverian Province
Haragame 20/10/21 Central Northern Wilderness Province
mvexel 18/10/21 Torrey, Northern Wilderness Province
_zM 17/10/21 Asfield, Phoenix Province
Braddie 8/10/21 Silversea, Silverian Province
nichelyo 8/10/21 Guilana, Glotaqua Province
PueblaPueblaPueblaPuebla 8/10/21 Unnamed place, western Guntrum Province
héedaná 7/10/21 Harca's Mouth, Silverian Province

  1. Instead of deleting, mapping can (and should) always be improved, regardless of the quality it currently is. So you can delete your own mapping, but this is discouraged.