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This page will provide information for mapping highways in Mecnya.


Mecyna drives on the right, and use metric speed limits and distances. The national speed limit is up to 120 kilometres per hour.

Mecyna use a letter for motorways and numbers for all-purpose roads.


Main article: Collab:Mecyna > Highways > Motorways

Mecyna uses a letter to identify motorways: according to The_Cute_Chick (TCC), there should be less than 26 motorways. The four main motorways are:

  • Arataran Motorway (Motorway A), from Phoenix to Vahiloopa Beach
  • Canal Motorway (Motorway C), from Phoenix to Xandria Lock
  • Pavonearse Motorway (Motorway P), from Phoenix to Oaksfield
  • Hotakope Valley Motorway (Motorway Q), from Qu-Anges to Stella

National Highways

Main article: Collab:Mecyna > Highways > National Highways

National Highways are all-purpose trunk roads that connect major cities and towns. National Highways 1–9 form the backbone of the road numbering system for all-purpose roads in Mecyna, and are expected to be dual carriageways in the long term.

National Highways use one- or two-digit numbers from 1 to 99.

Regional Highways

Main article: Collab:Mecyna > Highways > National Highways

Regional Highways use three-digit numbers from 100 to 999.

Local Highways

Main article: Collab:Mecyna > Highways > National Highways

Local Highways use four-digit numbers, from 1000 to 9999.

Other highways

Alternative road numbers should use the reg_ref=* or loc_ref=* key, depending on the scope of the system.


Dual carriageways

(per side)
Minimum spacing
Urban Rural
1 6.65 8.15
2 10.3 11.8
3 14.5 15.5
4 18.2 19.2


Country motorway trunk primary secondary tertiary unclassified
Mecyna Motorways (A/C/P/Q) National Highways (1–99)
Limited access
National Highways (1–99)
General access
Regional Highways (100–999)
Local Highways (1000–9999) Roads leading to villages or neighbourhoods Roads leading to hamlets
Unclassified urban streets