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Collab:Federal States/Natural features

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This page, and its associated discussion page, are intended to determine the names of prominent natural features within the Federal States.


River 1

Running from AR120-75 south to the Grand Lakes

A name has been selected: Akogama River.

River 2

Running from the Grand Lakes north to northern border

River 2 Submissions

  • Alormen River
  • Lamahassa River
  • Chialappa River
  • Nantahalas River ("NAN-tah-AY-lah")
  • Garnet River
  • Mishika River
  • Tibah River
  • Sand River
  • Mennowa River
  • Beaver River
  • Fiori River
  • Emmet/Emmett River

River 2 Committee

R2 Committee
Territory Owner
Alormen Collaborative
Tejoma elindio23
Osaquoya Poston
West Massodeya Collaborative
Mennowa Collaborative
AR120-34 Vacant
AR120-35' Vacant
Nipewa plainoldbread
AR120-44 Vacant

River 3

Running from western AR120-18 northeast to AR120-04

A name has been selected: Bluegill River.




Mountain range data

Interactive map to sketch current results.

Range A

Range A Submissions

  • Craggy Mountains
  • Great Mountains
  • Highland Mountains
  • Spine Mountains
  • Great Western Range
  • Ragged Mountains
  • Stony Mountains
  • Grand Mountains
  • Big Wolf Mountains
  • Santam Mountains
  • Praddallantain Mountains
  • Sierra Pradda Mountains
  • High Astrasia Mountains
  • Iron Mountains
  • Titan Mountains
  • Astrasian Cordilleras
  • Catpaw Mountains
  • Old Rocks
  • Sierra Morena
  • Ashanta Mountains
  • Morelo/Morello Mountains/Sierra
  • Wagnuka (Woodpecker) Mountains

Range A Committee

Range A Committee
Territory Owner Priority
Alormen Collaborative Primary
Cosperica Collaborative Secondary
Belirias Johnny Secondary
Tempache infinatious Secondary
Costa Dorada GeoKyle Secondary
AR120-74 Vacant Primary
Tierra Alta Rustem Pasha Primary
Apawiland IiEarth Primary
AR120-82 Vacant Primary
Tauhon htx Primary
Sierra Brunanter Primary
Tejoma elindio23 Secondary
Riopoderos Geoc3ladus Secondary
Clamash bootmii Primary
Wahauja Rhiney boi Secondary
Aquilia Infrarrojo Secondary

Range B

Range B Submissions

  • Annachala Mountains
  • Hatchahaw Mountains
  • Minor Astrasian Mountains
  • Salfalfa Mountains
  • Gooniwan Mountains - from Ojibwe gooniwan snowy, hence Snowy Mountains
  • Vaskatchewat Mountains (vas-cat-chu-waat)
  • Oprey Mountains
  • Dogtooth Mountains
  • Siouxs Mountains
  • Riddler Mountains
  • White Beard Mountains
  • Eastshelf Mountains
  • Black Cat Mountains
  • Chattanooquasca Range
  • Aposaca Mountains
  • Menasserrat Mountains
  • Oshaiwash Mountains - derived from the ojibwe and powhatan for green and blue respectively
  • Migomaki Mountains - derived from ojibwe for Oak
  • Acoondew Mountains - My personal favorite, derived from powhatan for blue berries (possible variations: Acondow, Acondew)
  • Asphale Mountains - derived from lenape/deleware for rising

Range B Committee

Range B Committee
Territory Owner Priority
Randalia* Y Knott Secondary
Fellshire yoyo21 Primary
AR120-26 Vacant Primary
Michisaukee Collaborative Primary
Caroline Abdy Primary
Wilthamshire iBallasticwolf2 Primary
Gilliad Jarrodcamo Primary
AR120-35 Vacant Primary
Nipewa plainoldbread Primary
New Carnaby Collaborative Primary
Taviani ZyrellfromJB Primary
Ardencia* Collaborative Secondary



Lake System

Lake System Submissions

  • Grand Lakes
  • Chakatswa(n) Lakes / Lakes of Chakatswa (from 'chakatswa', which translates to 'nine' in Shawnee)
    • Could be a reference to the five actual lakes, along with (from west to east) Queen Charlotte Sea (located in Wychelle), Lake Glen (located in Seneppi and Walkegan), Ohunkagan (located in Makaska), and Lake Ashani (located in Taviani and AR045-03).

Lake System Committee

Full Lakes Committee
Territory Owner
Oronotia AnimationSky
AR120-51 Vacant
Makaska Luciano
Nishowigan Trombonist2003
Seneppi Collaborative
AR120-59 Vacant
AR120-56 Vacant
Ardencia* Collaborative
Deodeca* Collaborative
Wahauja Rhiney boi
Minnonigan TheMayor
Wychelle CartographerKing
Mennowa Alessa, Leowezy
Nipewa plainoldbread
AR120-44 Vacant

Generic Lake Submissions

  • Lake Wanalona
  • Lake Majestic
  • Lake Marset
  • Lake Quinnapoag
  • Lake Kawha
  • Lake Remarkable
  • Lake Bentree
  • Lake Vinton
  • Lake Poaxiwinnac (po-ax-ee-win-ack)
  • Lake Dyon
  • Lake Marion
  • Lake Abeta
  • Lake Nehasse
  • Lake Zihnoa
  • Lake Cirtanea
  • Lake Saviour
  • Lake Poole
  • Lake Bellefleur (Beatiful Flower in French)
  • Lake Grand
  • Lake Chieno
  • Lake Spirit
  • Lake Twizel
  • Lake Fiori
  • Lake Halsey
  • Kindred Lake
  • Lake Virtue
  • Lake Chajewanicha ("Unnamed" in Rakhoda [Dakota])

Lake 1

Lake 1 Submissions

  • Long Lake
  • Lake Nibikaw ("much water")
  • Lake Majestueux/Lac Majestueux (based on French for "majestic water")
  • Lake Seneppi
  • Lake Wieyayeh (Rakhoda [AKA Dakota / Sioux] Language, means "sunset")
  • Name the north and south parts separately: Lake Minnehounkou (Rakhoda [AKA Dakota / Sioux] Language, means "mother lake") + Lake Minneyahtey (Rakhoda [AKA Dakota / Sioux] Language, means "father lake")
  • Lake Ouitiyayet (alternate "Franquese-influenced" spelling of previous Rakhoda suggestion)

Lake 1 Committee

L1 Committee
Territory Owner
Oronotia jbobinman
AR120-44 Vacant
AR120-51 Vacant
Makaska Luciano
Nishowigan Trombonist2003
Seneppi Collaborative
Ardencia* Collaborative

Lake 2

Lake 2 Submissions

  • Lake Wihinapa (Rakhoda [AKA Dakota / Sioux] Language, means "sunrise")
  • Lake Ouiquinapat (alternate "Franquese-influenced" spelling of previous Rakhoda suggestion)

Lake 2 Committee

L2 Committee
Territory Owner
AR120-59 Vacant
AR120-56 Vacant
Ardencia* Collaborative
Makaska Luciano
AR120-51 Vacant

Lake 3

A name has been selected: Lake Amanecer.

Lake 4

A name has been selected: Lake Sauganash.

Lake 5

A name has been selected: Lake Leighton.

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