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This page provides information for the mapping of military facilities in the Federal States.


As an analogue to the United States, the Federal States is viewed as possessing an extensive military capacity. Mappers in the Federal States can apply to host military facilities in their states. There are some relatively strict guidelines that have been put in place in an effort to prevent individual states or regions from monopolizing the military. It is important to emphasize that not every state will be able to host a fighter airfield or naval base, but there are a lot of opportunities to have other things! Consider hosting supporting facilities like reserves installations, armories and weapons depots, private-enterprise vehicle or aircraft manufacturing plants, munitions plants, missile sites, radar installations, communications sites and more. These, and state national guard bases, are an excellent way to supplement the realism of a burgeoning military force.

So, you might be asking, what has to be submitted for approval? The military committee is responsible for the approval for all bases, military harbors, technology centers, armories, munitions and materiel facilities (plants, storage, disposal), training areas, and related installations. Anything tagged with landuse=military that is not National Guard-related must be submitted as an application. Other outward-facing and military-adjacent facilities such as recruitment offices, civilian-oriented public works facilities, and other mapping elements not traditionally tagged as landuse=military do not require approval by the military committee.

Applications are made to the military standing committee on the talk page. The committee consists of Alessa (Mennowa, West Massodeya), Brunanter (Sierra), Ifgus (Laine), and Lithium (Michisaukee).

Please note that some users have mapped military facilities in their states before. You are encouraged to submit them for official approval. Preexisting sites not submitted for approval will be eventually downgraded to National Guard facilities, managed by the individual states.

National Guard and legacy facilities

It is reasonable to have National Guard and legacy facilities all across the landscape, and users are encouraged to do so. These facilities do not need to be approved by the military committee and are not subject to distance considerations in the guidelines below. All states would ideally have at least one air and one ground National Guard installation. Other sites should be those that were abandoned or turned over to the private sector. Please remember that numerous major and famous installations in the United States have been downgraded to these purposes. In fact, most major civilian airports in the United States were once Army or Air Force fields.

Special facilities

A handful of military facilities have been predetermined to be placed in collaborative territories, so that no one user 'owns' them and to ensure continuity in the event of state turnover. None of these facilities are subject to distance requirements for other military installations. These facilities are as follows:

  • Military's central headquarters will be in Huntington proper as Defense Department/Ministry/etc. contingent on how the government names are decided.
    • Naval Command will also have a regional structure, with the NE Command housed in Lundres, Laine.
    • Regional commands will be dispersed as bases and facilities are determined.
  • Service academies are to be placed in the following states:
    • Army (akin to West Point): Eustacia
    • Navy (akin to Annapolis): New Carnaby
    • Air Force: West Massodeya
    • Marines (as separate facility): Alormen
    • Coast Guard: Delenshire Islands
    • Space Force: Cosperica

Guidelines for application

All sites wishing to be approved for application will be considered in light of the following guidelines:

  1. Users may apply to the military committee to have an active facility in any branch subject to distance requirements.
  2. Any active facilities must be at least 75 miles (~120km) from the nearest one regardless of branch and no more than 150 miles (~241km) from the nearest facility of the same branch. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis, especially for such small installations as missile sites or munitions depots or to accommodate smaller east-coast states. Major naval facilities on the east coast are extremely limited, but minor naval yards in major coastal cities may apply to be exempted from this.
  3. Air Force bases should be further than 25 miles (~40km) from the nearest city of 50,000 or more.
  4. Legacy (former) facilities may dot the landscape and do not require the military committee or FSA coordinator to review. These could be retired airfields, former naval docks, etc. These may even be converted to "National Guard" or other state-run facilities.
  5. Some supporting facilities, like laboratories or research parks that require approval are not subject to the distance requirement above. The limit is determined by size of state: one of each type is permitted if less than 50,000 sq km of size; two if greater than 50,000 sq km of size. Please note that this does not apply to private companies that might contract out or work with the military.
  6. Applications are made to the military committee [[Talk:OGF:Federal States/Military|on the talk page]] with a map link of the facility and a couple sentences explaining it. All map links must show at the minimum a full sketch of the facility and its primary components. Any distance exemptions that would need to be made should be applied for at this time, and users should consult with their neighbors to prevent impinging on state boundaries.
  7. Naming of facilities will be standardized to some degree by the committee.
  8. Items not covered by the above points will be addressed by the military committee as situations arise.

Applications for new military facilities are open.

Map of approved military facilities

Note: Only facilities approved by the military committee will be placed on this map. Unapproved facilities will be removed.

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