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The territories of Deodeca (AR060) are not independent countries. They are provinces within the larger Dominion of Deodeca.

For territory owners here, declaring "independence" isn't an option, so before requesting a province, please be sure you understand the following points:

  1. Deodeca has no direct parallel to a real-world nation, although it does take influences from several real-world Commonwealth nations. At a high level, the Dominion of Deodeca is something of a counterbalance to the Federal States next door. The tentative history for the nation states that Ingerish colonists initially settled in both Deodeca and the southeastern Federal States relatively concurrently; however, while the FSA rebelled and revolted from Ingerland, Deodeca remained loyal to the Crown. (In modern times, it is assumed Deodeca and the FSA have much friendlier relations.) Based on geography and climate, the strongest inspirations will likely be southeastern Australia in the northern part of Deodeca and southern (non-Quebec) Canada in the southern part of the nation.
  2. Teamwork is important. Any decisions about shared questions of economy, history, culture, etc, will be discussed as a team. Geographic coordination is also necessary — for example, every territory owner should be familiar with the larger plans for the nation to help coordinate issues of climate, topography, etc. Before taking any action that affects your neighbour territories, you should talk about it with them first.
  3. Have fun! This is a very unique project in an active portion of the OGF world and serves as an alternative English-language large collaborative project to the American-inspired Federal States.

Why should I join?

While it is not a requirement, mappers familiar with -- and interested in -- Commonwealth-inspired mapping are welcome to join. However, we welcome any mappers who are committed to the vision of the project and looking for a collaborative environment to map in. Additionally:

  • you can have more fun working with neighbours who share the same goal as you;
  • you can experience greater satisfaction seeing your mapping develop as part of this huge megaproject;
  • you can help make our world more unique and cohesive to help us seamlessly blend the various cultures of South Archanta; and
  • if you claim a state at the beginning, you can be one of the Founders of AR060, which means you get to discuss and vote on interesting stuff, like:
  • Names of territory units
    ("states", "provinces", "commonwealths", etc.)
  • National flag
  • Names of major rivers
  • Names of major lakes
  • Names of major mountain ranges
  • Name, design, and location of the national capital
  • Numbering and naming plan for national freeway system
  • Numbering plan for other national highways
  • Designs for national route shields and signage
  • List of famous national historical figures
    (as a resource for naming things)

How can I claim a province?

Map of Deodeca with approximate lines of latitude of select real-world cities. Red lines delineate existing major transportation gateways between Deodeca and surrounding nations.

Provinces may be obtained in several ways:

a.) Mappers who do not own a territory may request a Deodeca province as their first territory; see: OGF:Territory assignment#North and South Archanta
b.) Mappers who own a well-developed territory may request a province as their second territory.
c.) Mappers who wish to move their mapping to AR060 are highly encouraged to do so, by trading in their current territory for a territory in AR060. Technical assistance with the moving process is available.
d.) Mappers who wish to start over are also welcome, as they are free to relinquish their current territory and request a territory in AR060 instead.

Additionally, two collaborative provinces have been established for users who do not wish to adopt a province of their own but still would like to participate in the larger Deodeca project. Agawaskway is largely inspired by southern Ontario, while Ingerish Asperia is inspired by southeastern Australia and New Zealand's southern island.

Sketch Plan

The current general regional consensus for the area is as follows; these assumptions were considered as the current plan for Deodeca was created. The details of this history is subject to change as additional mappers join the project.

  • The area was widely settled by indigenous "First Nations" peoples prior to colonization. While many different Ulethan nations made initial contact during colonization, the largest and most successful colonies were Ingerish. These colonies are assumed to directly influence the modern shape of territories and the nation as a whole.
  • While Franquese colonists were present in the Lakes region of the FSA and Ardencia, there has been not been any major Franquese settlement west of Lakes Amanecer and Betaouais (with the potential exception of far eastern AR060-07).
  • While the FSA expanded west from its origins in southeastern Astrasia, Deodeca historically was hemmed in by Franquese claims in the Lakes region and had less motivation to expand inland. In the mid- to late-1800s, the FSA negotiated the purchase of what are now the states of Clamash and western AR120-47 from Deodeca to construct a transcontinental railroad.
  • Deodeca continues to have peaceful and productive diplomatic and economic ties with neighbors including the FSA and Ardencia.


Deodeca mappers will also be invited to join in applicable conversations and discussions in the FSA and in Ardencia to help create a larger, cohesive region. All mappers should consider their neighbors in other collab projects and owned territories.

The admin team is currently seeking nominees to serve as Deodeca's project coordinator. Self-nominations are welcome; message TheMayor for more information.

Project Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Coordinate regional and national questions among active users - geology, hydrology, infrastructure, cultural institutions, economy, etc.
  • Keep this and other Deodeca Project wiki discussion pages up-to-date.
  • Keep the Deodeca Project visible to the community through periodic updates and discussions on the wiki forums and the User Diaries.
  • The Deodeca Project Coordinator is not responsible for assigning territories - that remains under OGF:Territory assignment.


New users and interested mappers can message TheMayor for more information about the project.

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