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Flag of Ingerish Asperia Province of Ingerish Asperia
Coat of arms of Ingerish Asperia

Capital: New Reydon
Population: 10,100,550 (2022)
Motto: Forged by Order

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Ingerish Asperia (commonly abbreviated as IA), officially the Province of Ingerish Asperia, is the northernmost province of Deodeca. It covers the "Horn of Deodeca", a large landmass that potrudes out into the Sea of Deodeca. It has a land area of 99,884.22 square kilometers with water covering 1.19% of it. It is the largest province in Deodeca by land area and the X-largest by population. It has a total of 10.1 million people, with its population being concentrated in the four largest cities. Still, a large portion of its population lives rurally.

Ingerish Asperia shares only one land border with the province of -002 to the south. It has an international land border to the west with AR043. It is surrounded by the north and west by the Asperic Ocean and to the east by the Sea of Deodeca. Ingerish Asperia's population tends to be concentrated more on the east coast, with the west and north being less populated. The population density is 101.1 people per square kilometer. Historically, Ingerish Asperia was one of the first colonies proclaimed by the Ingerish Crown. It has maintained a long history of maritime, agricultural, and political importance to Doedeca. The provinicial government was first commenced near the site of parliament in New Reydon in XXXX, on the banks of the Saint Agnes River.

The indigenous peoples of Ingerish Asperia were treated cordially by settlers and trade was a large part of early indigenous-Ulethan relations. As development spread, indigenous peoples retreated to more mountainious terrain. Today, there are over 30 protected indigenous tribal lands in Ingerish Asperia. Today, Ingerish Asperia is a culturally and economically vibrant state. Its economy is dominanted by agricultural, manufacturing, and mining industries.

The government's website can be found at


The Colony of Ingerish Asperia was named by Queen Charlotte of the Ingerish Empire in the early 1700s upon its declaration. The name refers to the historic Ulethan name for the southwest coast of Astrasia, and Queen Charlotte decided to add the term "Ingerish" to differentiate it from extensive Franquese claims to the south.



Ingerish colonisation

Ambox glass.svg  Snapshot: Sir Geldoff Umbra 
Birth: 1676, Winburgh, IngerlandDeath: 1725, New Reydon, Colony of Ingerish Asperia
1st Lieutenant Governor of Ingerish Asperia
Andrew Hamilton (New Jersey governor).png
Geldoff Umbra, in office 1700—1725, was the first Lieutenant-Governor of the Colony of Ingerish Asperia (now province). He is regarded highly as an influential figure in the early formation of Ingerish Asperia, through policies that promoted democracy and universal equality. Umbra was born to a wealthy family in Winburgh and followed his father in politics. He was announced as Lieutenant Governor in 1699 by Queen Charlotte and promoted. Initially skeptical of working in a far-flung colony, Umbra quickly rose to a respected position in the colonial world. His long-lasting influence can be seen in the educational and scholarly facilities in Ingerish Asperian cities. The town of Umbra River and according river were named in his honour shortly after his commencement as Lieutenant-Governor. He died in 1725 after 25 years of service.

Colonial period


20th century

21st century


Community Noun project 4864.svg
Geography of Ingerish Asperia
Population10,100,550 ()
• Total99,884.22 km2
38,565.51 sq mi
• Water (%)1.19
Population density101.1 km2
261.9 sq mi
Time zone+9 UTC




Main article: Administrative divisions of Ingerish Asperia

Subdivisions of Ingerish Asperia
Name County Seat Largest City Population Total Area in km² (mi²) Map
Lampfield County Culverden Culverden 35,000 1683.23 (649.90) Map
Strathware County Baptist Bay Baptist Bay 450,000 1525.50 (589) Map
Squangit County Westcott Westcott TBD 1001.64 (386.73) Map
Yarnton County Medes Port Strowan TBD 2913.18 (1124.79) Map
Sattewena County Queensvalley Queensvalley 40,000 4547.09 (1755.64) Map
Moyinham County Port Pitcombe New Pitcombe 60,000 1786.41 (689.74) Map
Gyle County Gainsbridge Bathantown 80,000 1340.38 (517.52) Map
Tidon County Tidonmouth Tidonmouth 100,000 2599.95 (1003.85) Map
Tablehurst County Granson Winesturtford 50,000 2632.54 (1016.43) Map
Kemcan County Lumeshurst Lumeshurst 40,000 2777.39 (1072.36) Map
Morcauigh County Federal Federal 54,000 2843.77(1097.99) Map
St. Martin County St. Martin St. Martin 767.04 (296.16 ) Map
Tshayhamhash Governorate Qha’chshč Sčhayaxw / Q̕áʔc̕ɬč Sč̕ə́yəxʷ Qha’chshč Sčhayaxw / Q̕áʔc̕ɬč Sč̕ə́yəxʷ 18,000 4380.91 (1691.48) Map

Government and Politics

Ingerish Asperia is a provincial constitutional monarchy with the King of Deodeca as sovereign and the Lieutenant-Governor of Ingerish Asperia as his provincial representative. It is a province of the Commonwealth of Deodeca. The bicameral provincial Parliament of Ingerish Asperia consists of the lower house known as the House of Assembly and the upper house known as the Legislative Council.

Government icon (black).svg
Government of Ingerish Asperia
Constitutional parliamentary monarchy
CapitalNew Reydon
Head of state
• MonarchGeoffrey VII
• Lieutenant-GovernorGraham Archehurst
LegislatureParliament of Ingerish Asperia
• Upper houseLegislative Council
• Lower houseHouse of Assembly
JudiciarySupreme Court, District Court, Magistrates Court
Federal RepresentationX Seats in Senate, X Seats in House of Assembly
Major political parties


Major agencies within the Ingerish Asperia Government
Name Main Office Minister
Department of Justice Queen Charlotte Building James Barter
Department of Trade and Commerce Abercrombie Tower Hunter Fiztroy-Smith
Department of Transport Ingermart Building Helen Underwood
Department of Planning and the Environment Logan Building Alec Templestone
Department of Education West Winslow Building Luther Jones
Department of Customer Service Winslow Building Francis Le Ueburg
Department of the Lieutenant-Governor Old Stock Building William Smithby
Department of Regional Ingerish Asperia Ewestock Building Gary Alder

In 2022, the government announced that the following departments would be newly formed from existing ones.

Future agencies within the Ingerish Asperia Government
Name Main Office Spilt from
Department of Emergency Services Queen Charlotte Building Department of Transport
Department of Agriculture Abercrombie Tower Department of Trade and Commerce
Department of Tourism Old Stock Building Department of Trade and Commerce


Department of Justice

The Department of Justice is responsible for the criminal, judicial, and law enforcement aspects of Ingerish Asperia. This ranges from police to prison services.


The main police force of Ingerish Asperia is the Royal Ingerish Asperian Police (POLIA). The force operates at the provincial level and is responsible for enforcing provincial law. The force has a long and dignified history. It originally formed in 17XX and managed one of the largest police districts in the colony. The nickname "The Old E", comes from the force's original designation as the E Division of the Deodecan Colonial Police. When the colony formed provinces, the majority of the E Division was redesignated as the Royal Police Force of Ingerish Asperia.

POLIA's main training facility is located in the suburb of Tesecombe in western New Reydon. It also operates a secondary water-training facility in Tidonmouth. The Ingerish Asperian Police Musuem in New Reydon features a collection of police memorabilia, exhibitions, and details on the history of the force.

POLIA has recently increased focus on highway patrols and alcohol and drug testing.

Divisions of POLIA
Name Description
General Operations Handles all general policing matters.
Traffic Services Handles all traffic matters.
Major Crime Investigations Branch Investigative unit.
Water Operations Unit Handles all water policing matters.
Dog Operations Unit Handles all police dog operations.
Mounted Operations Unit Handles all mounted police matters.
Forensic Services Branch Handles all forensic and crime scene matters.
Band of the Royal Ingerish Asperian Police Elected to play music for POLIA events, ceremonies, and parades.
Personel Security Operations (PSO) Handle security of important individuals (e.g. politicians, governmental officials, witness protection).
Special Armed Response Group (SARG) Specialised armed police unit for high-risk incidents that require quick mobilisation and lethal force. Nicknamed the "Sarges"
Corrective Services

Corrective Services IA is the province-wide correctional service. It maintains a number of prisons, detention centers, and temporary holding facilities. Prisons with the prefix "HM" denote a more historical prison. Newer prisons avoid the "HM" prefix, after the Prison Convention Act of 1935 enforced prisons to not use it for naming conventions. In 2022, the prison population of Ingerish Asperia was 16,450 people, with an incarceration rate of 162 out of 100,000 people.

The profile of an average Ingerish Asperian prisoner in 2022 was:

  • Male
  • 30-50 years old
  • Uneducated
  • Had a previous conviction record
  • Single, or with a de facto partner
  • Tended to live in more rural areas

In 1989, HM Prison Evesdrove was decommissioned following a devasting electrical fire that damaged most of the historic cell blocks. No prisoners or staff were harmed, but given the age of the prison and the space in other prisons, it was decommissioned by the government. Coincidentally, the decommissioning in 1989 was exactly 100 years after its opening in 1889.

List of prisons in Ingerish Asperia
Name Image Status Type Capacity Notes
New Reydon Men's Prison Coffee Creek Correctional Facility Aerial.jpg Operational Low-medium security men's prison 380 beds Opened in 1988.
New Reydon Women's Prison Toledo Correctional Institution (Cropped), January 2021.jpg Operational Low-medium security women's prison 187 beds Opened in 1989.
HM Prison Blacksad Philadelphia County Prison (Moyamensing Prison) Philadelphia PA (A1) 139924pu.jpg Museum Supermax security prison 235 beds Originally built for housing dangerous prisoners in the early 19th to early 20th century. Closed in 1935 due to budget cuts and declining incarceration rates. Turned into museum.
HM Prison The Hull Dublin kilmainham gaol cells hall.JPG Operational Medium-high security mixed prison 405 beds Second oldest prison in Ingerish Asperia, notorious colonial history for brutal conditions. The thickness of the walls of the cellblocks earnt it the nickname "the Hull".
HM Prison Morcauigh Marion Correctional Institution from M-W Road.jpg Operational Medium-high security men's prison 265 beds Oldest prison on the West Coast.
Caulfield Men's Prison Paremoremo Prison High Security I.jpg Operational Medium-high security men's prison 452 beds Opened in 1993.
HM Prison Carrack HM Prison Bendigo.jpg Operational Low-medium security men's prison 346 beds Opened in 1902.
HM Prison Evesdrove Maidstone Prison Wall - - 2049429.jpg Decommisioned Low-medium security women's prison 210 beds Opened in 1889, decomissioned due to fire damage in 1989.
HM Prison Tidon Grade II (star) listed Usk Prison - - 3043470.jpg Decommisioned Low-medium security men's prison 260 beds Opened in 1867, decommissioned in 1912. Proposals to develop the site into a hotel or waterfront shopping area.
HM Prison Scab Rock Cellular jail or kaalaapani.jpg Museum Supermax security men's prison 450 beds Oldest prison in Ingerish Asperia. Hurriedly built during the initial settlement period in the early 18th century to accomodate the growing rate of crime in the fledgling colony. Closed in 1845 due to poor construction. Operates as a museum and is supposedly haunted by ex-prisoners who were executed there.
Waverhead Detention Center Yonago Detention center.JPG Operational Customs detention center 55 beds Opened in 1975 to temporarily accomodate immigrants who failed to pass border security.
HM Prison Redbatton Arohata Womens Prison.JPG Operational Low-medium security prison and military holding facility 250 beds Opened in 1912 to ease overcrowding of eastern prisons. Granson Military Camp uses prison as a military holding cell for insubordinate members of the military.
Ruttersfield Supermax Prison Christchurch Women's Prison - cropped.jpg Operational high-supermax security mixed prison 510 beds Opened in 1985. Currently the only supermax level prison in Ingerish Asperia. Holds the most dangerous criminals in Ingerish Asperia, including notorious serial murderer Ivan Barr.

Department of Transport

The Department of Transport is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of Ingerish Asperia. As of 2022, they are also responsible for the provincial fire and rescue service as they are used to conduct road maintenance and repairs. However, the Archehurst government is looking to add a new department called the Department of Emergency Services, which would encompass all emergency agencies including FRIA, RFS, etc.

FRIA Badge
RFS Badge

The Royal Ingerish Asperian Fire and Rescue Service (FRIA) is the main fire service in metropolitan and semi-rural Ingerish Asperia. In the 20th century, the force formed a seperate divsion, the Rural Fire Service (RFS), to operate in more remote and less populated regions as a volunteer service. FRIA also has search-and-rescue capabilities and is mainly responsible for remote rescues, vehicles crashes and sea patrols.

The FRIA was established to combat the frequent burnings of wooden houses in the colony's early days. It was initially a volunteer force but changed to a paid force once government funding was opened. The FRIA is responsible for a wide variety of responsibilities. This was one of the main reasons that the Department of Transport decided to rename the organisation to the "Fire and Rescue Service" to denote the service's greater responsibilities.

The FRIA maintains a number of stations in major urban areas and dense corridors. The RFS has a volunteer station in every town and village in rural IA. By number, the RFS has more facilities than the FRIA. The Royal Fire Service College in Metburn is the official training facility for FRIA recruits and occasionally RFS recruits. However, most local stations train their own new recruits.

In 1999, an arsonist sparked a fire in Tablehurst County, near Lodham River Wilderness Park. The resulting fire destroyed 2452 hectares of timber forest. The RFS, with assistance from the FRIA, were able to prevent the fire from proceeding to the town of Granson through controlled burns. Sadly, one RFS firefighter was killed when his unit were surprised by a sudden jump in speed by a portion of the fire. A statue of him was erected outside of his local RFS station in Stonetown.


Q159810 noun 509351 ccParkjisun economy.svg
Economy of Ingerish Asperia
CurrencyDeodecan dollar
Unemployment rate7.5

Ingerish Asperia's economy mainly derives from its history as an agricultural and light manufacturing province. The fertile, flat plains of Ingerish Asperia are suited to producing large yields of grain, soybeans, vegetable, fruit, and livestock. In historic cities, post-war development lead to light manufacturing neighbourhoods developing near the urban edge. These industries attracted immigrants and workers and allowed light manufacturing to become a dominant part of the economy. Commonly produced items included plastic, metal fabrication, steel, and textiles. In some areas, heavy manufacturing is also econominally important. Shipbuilding in Baptist Bay has historically been a bastion of the city's culture and economy.

Tourism is also a recently growing industry, with Ingerish Asperia's natural beauty being a strong attraction point. The ideal of a "wild, untouched frontier" has been often marketed to holidaying Effesians and international Ulethan tourists.


Noun project 288.svg
Demographics of Ingerish Asperia
DemonymIngerish Asperian, Asperian (more common)
Official languagesIngerish
Recognized minority languagesTshayhamhash/ƛ̕ay̕əm̕áɬ, Native Archantan languages



School list

List of major schools in Ingerish Asperia
Name Type Location Capacity Description
University of Ingerish Asperia University New Reydon 35,000 Oldest university in Ingerish Asperia.
University of New Reydon University New Reydon 27,000 ...
Umbra University University New Reydon 16,500 ...
University of Baptist Bay University Baptist Bay 20,000 Oldest university in Baptist Bay and one of the oldest in the province.
Cuthner University University Baptist Bay 13,000 ...





Ground Transportation - The Noun Project.svg
Infrastructure of Ingerish Asperia
Driving sideright
• Passing sideright
Mains electricity120V at 60Hz (use V for volts and Hz for Hertz)


The Trans Deodeca Highway Route 1 and 1A form the major highway corridors of Ingerish Asperia. The TDH-1A is the longest branch route of the TDH Network.

The West Coast Highway is also a major route for West Coast settlements and forms one of the only connections to the greater Ingerish Asperia road network.

Road speeds in Ingerish Asperia follow the guidelines set out in the Motorroads Act of 1950. Residential roads usually have a limit of 50 kilometres an hour in urban areas. Tertiary to primary roads usually have a limit of 60 kilometres an hour in urban areas. In rural areas, the main road limit is usually 70 or 80 kilometres an hour. On the motorways and trunk roads, limits are usually set to 100 kilometres an hour.


Railways in Ingerish Asperia are used mainly for freight transportation.

Passenger rail links the cities of New Reydon, Baptist Bay, Ingerfort, and Stonesipher to the rest of Deodeca via the Ingerish Asperia Main Line. Some smaller cities and towns are connected through branch lines.


For travel between Ingerish Asperia's islands, ferries are a mode of transport used. Westcott in Squangit County is the terminus for many ferry lines, with one even linking with Kingscote across Kingscote Bay.



The coat of arms of Ingerish Asperia. It features the Ingerish crown on the crest, Liedbeck's mountain goat as a supporter, a Red deer as a supporter, and a White mobgray laurel on the bottom.
Symbols of Ingerish Asperia
Type Name
Mammal Liedbeck's Mountain goat (Oreamnos leidbeckis)
Bird White-tipped stormpetrel (Hydrobates asperinus)
Fish River Agnes trout (Oncorhynchus agnii)
Flower White mobgray (Vinca hepburnii)
Song I'll Make my Life in Ingerish Asperia (18th century sailor's song)
Mineral Copper
Colours Red, blue, white, gold


Cricket and rugby are among the more popular sports in Ingerish Asperia. Football, as in most of Deodeca, is popular too. Most towns have an oval that caters to cricket and rugby playing.

Water-based sports, such as sailing, rowing and kayaking are also widely enjoyed.


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