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Flag of Ingerish Asperia Province of Ingerish Asperia
Coat of arms of Ingerish Asperia

Speshxen/spə́ɬx̣ən (Tshayhamhash/ƛ̕ay̕əm̕áɬ)
Capital: New Reydon
Population: 10,100,550 (2022)
Motto: Forged by Order

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Ingerish Asperia (commonly abbreviated as IA and also known as Asperia) (Tshayhamhash:Speshxen/spə́ɬx̣ən) is the northernmost province of Deodeca. Ingerish Asperia has just over 10 million residents. The province is located on the northern portion of the Horn of Deodeca, with an international border with AR043 to the west, and the province of Kastichetshan to the south. Asperia is known for its expansive mountain ranges, rolling hills, and sweeping grasslands. Asperia's extensive coastline gives it a well-rounded climate, that makes it an extremely productive agricultural region. The province's agricultural exports are dominated by dairy, meat, and grain produce.

The largest city in Ingerish Asperia is Stonesipher, with 3 million residents within the metropolitan area. Stonesipher is a cosmopolitan hub of trade, commerce, and transportation. The city's historic port has continued to serve as one of the country's busiest seaports. The city has slowly transitioned from a gritty port city to more business and finance dominanted sectors.

The capital, New Reydon, is much smaller with 650 thousand residents within the metropolitan area. Nonetheless, the city has been an important center for culture, arts, and governance. The city's educational institutions were founded alongside it, currently some of the world's leading universities. The city's provincial government still employs most of the city, with 1 in three residents working for the provincial government.

Other important cities include:

Baptist Bay is the so-called 'capital' of the north, with 2 million residents within the metropolitan area. The city was one of the first founded in the Deodecan colonies, sitting on the foundations of a previous Speshxen village. Its seaport is second only to Stonesipher's in terms of business. The city's expansive manufacturing and industrial sectors have remained important in developing Asperia's mineral and refined materials economy.

Bathantown is a historic university city, settled originally for an agricultural university campus. With 90 thousand residents, Bathantown has risen to become a regional center and major transport hub, being at the intersection of the Trans Deodecan Highway, and the Ingerish Asperia Main Line.

Beaufield (originally Schonfeld) was historically settled by Kalmish migrants, who formed a farming town in the South Caulfield Plains. Today, it has grown due to prosperous farming and a copper rush in the 19XXs that has turned it into the province's mining hub.

Tidonmouth is a port city on the province's southern coast. It serves as the regional center and main port for the southern agricultural region known as the Collesland. Historically very blue-collar, the city is expanding into a more services-based and tourism-driven economy, with the popularity of the surrounding coast in tourism increased over the last decade.


The Colony of Ingerish Asperia was named by Queen Charlotte of the Ingerish Empire in 1700 upon its declaration. The name refers to the historic Ulethan name for the southwest coast of Astrasia (and the Asperic Ocean). Queen Charlotte decided to add the prefix "Ingerish" to differentiate it from extensive Franquese claims to the south, some of which were being referred to as Asperie.



Ingerish colonisation

Colonial period


20th century

21st century


Community Noun project 4864.svg
Geography of Ingerish Asperia
ContinentArchanta (Southern)
Population10,000,000 (2023)
• Total112,493.81 km2
43,434.10 sq mi
• Water (%)<1%
Population density88.89 km2
230.2 sq mi
Major riversSaint Agnes, Hale, Tidon, Umbra, Asperia
Time zoneWUT+09:00 (CDT)



Government and Politics

Government icon (black).svg
Government of Ingerish Asperia
Constitutional parliamentary monarchy
CapitalNew Reydon
Head of state
• KingGeoffrey VII
• GovernorGraham Archehurst
• Lieutenant-GovernorPeter McConochie
LegislatureIngerish Asperian Parliament
• Upper houseHouse of Council
IA Upperhouse.svg
• Lower houseHouse of Assembly
IA Lower house.svg
JudiciarySupreme Court of Ingerish Asperia
Major political parties
  Asperian Action Party
  Natural Party

As with most other Deodecan provinces, Ingerish Asperia's government is formed around a bicameral parliament, based upon the Winburgh system of parliament. The Asperian parliament consists of the House of Council (upper house) and the House of Assembly (lower house). Together, they form the legislative wing of the government. The executive consists of the Executive Council which consists of the Lieutenant-Governor and senior ministers. Executive power is exercised by the Lieutenant Governor and Executive Council although the Governor sits in an advisory position, rather than one of actual power. Judicial power is exercised by the Supreme Court of Ingerish Asperia, consisting of seven Supreme Court judges.

Administrative divisions

Main article: Administrative divisions of Ingerish Asperia



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Demographics of Ingerish Asperia
DemonymIngerish Asperian, Asperian (more common)
Official languagesIngerish
Recognized minority languagesTshayhamhash/ƛ̕ay̕əm̕áɬ, Native Archantan languages



School list










The coat of arms of Ingerish Asperia. It features the Ingerish crown on the crest, Liedbeck's mountain goat as a supporter, a Red deer as a supporter, and a White mobgray laurel on the bottom.
Symbols of Ingerish Asperia
Type Name
Mammal Liedbeck's Mountain goat (Oreamnos leidbeckis)
Bird White-tipped stormpetrel (Hydrobates asperinus)
Fish River Agnes trout (Oncorhynchus agnii)
Flower White mobgray (Vinca hepburnii)
Song I'll Make my Life in Ingerish Asperia (18th century sailor's song)
Mineral Copper
Colours Red, blue, white, gold



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