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Flag of Argueil Argueil
Coat of arms

Capital: Liernase
Population: 8,220,000 (2023)

Constituent province of the 2560px-FP-Deodeca.svg Commonwealth of Deodeca

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Argueil is a province of the Commonwealth of Deodeca located on Lake Betaouais to the south of the nation. The wet mountainous province is home to around 8,220,000 people, enjoying a wealth of technology, energy, and financial industries, from native to international the provincial capital Liernase hosts several world-renowned institutions. Bordering other provinces Agawaskway to the north and Ouanatchkan to the west, with an international border with both the Federal States of Archanta and Ardencia to its west and south respectively, the area is a transport hub between Deodeca's south and the rest of the nation. Being settled in the Franquese-Ingerish colonisation belt, the province has a large Franquese-speaking population, closely rivalling Ouanatchkan in total bilingual speakers, with many place names with Franquese etymological backgrounds.


Argueil has a diverse mix-up of industries across the labour spectrum, in major cities service industries make up a large part of the GDP; many finance and technology giants have their Deodecan base here, alongside renewable energy research and production taking place across the province due to an abundance of opportunities in Argueil's lakes, rivers and forests. In towns and rural districts of the province sustainable logging, fisheries, agriculture and small industry take place, these are also often the exports of native communities which have subsidised tax schemes and general autonomy; often working in urban communities there are similar AND (Autonomous Neighbourhoods Deodeca) communes which also exports and self-sustain their own agriculture industries.


Hosting the headquarters of LakeDeca Bank, and offices for many domestic banks such as the Bank of Deodeca, Commonwealth Bank, and Amanecer and Betoaix Union Bank; Liernase has arisen as an unlikely hub for companies looking to move from Kingstown and Stradworth. Including insurance companies like 'sureEasy whose headquarters in Liernase hosts a large private insurance floor for various scenarios including terrorism, natural disasters, and assets such as luxury vehicles. According to the Huntington Financial Power Index, Liernase holds a top-ranking position amongst traditional South Archantan and Ulethan powerhouses; classified as a relatively deep international specialist city.

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