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Pre-Ulethan History

Modern History


Being surrounded by mountains, Ateria experiences significantly more precipitation in the south than neighbouring provinces due to trapped moisture. The north of the province has a CFB Koppen classification while the south (Midway and S) has a DFB (cool, no dry season, warm summers). However, the same can not be said about the north which is rather dry and has a Semiarid classification.



Number Name(s) Start (W/S) End (E/N) Length (km) Type
1 Trans-Deodeca Highway, Highway 1 Royal Bay Ferry Terminal -04 border, Boundary pass ~200 Motorway, Trunk
2 Trans-Deodeca Highway 2, Ateria City Highway Lowlands Ambroise Border ~250 Motorway, Trunk
13 [Not marked yet; Set to be secondary road from Massif to Hansbury] TDH2 at Massif 27 at Harnsbury 50 Secondary Road
14 Exit 201 TDH 2 @ Massif 82 @ Cullfield 30 Primary Road
17 Ardencia Pass Highway Ardencia Border Massif ?? Primary Road
27 Highway 27 Ambroise Border near Springwood TDH2 at Riversend [Construction extension to H81] 70 Primary; Trunk
33 Lake Coast Freeway, Highway 33 East Lowlands Junction Rockfield Junction !?? Motorway
33a Marine Way; Lake Coast Highway Highway 81 near Marine Highway 86 in Rockfield 50 Primary Road, Trunk
33b Old Lake Coast Highway 33a near Downtown Winding River 33 near Bench 20 Secondary Road
59 Glenburn Carli Hill 40 Motorway; Trunk
76 Ateria City Highway TDH2 @ Glenburn AT1 @ Eldereach 10 Motorway
81 Lake Coast Highway; Trans-Ateria Highway Lac Toumas OA Border near Natrum City 300-400?? Primary Road
82 [Presently Unnamed] TDH2 Exit 175 (Cullfield) OA-D3 Border 30?? Primary Road
86 Highway 86 Highway 81 ?? Border 100 Motorway, Trunk
86a Rockfield Bypass;Winding River Highway; Kringle Highway Marine Way (33a) 86 @ Elphinstone jct 10 Trunk
86b Queen Amyia Highway 86 @ Amyia Town Holanora 40 Primary
88 Water Street AT-1 @ Royal Bay TDH-2 @ Exit 60 ?? Primary; Secondary; Tertiary
88a River Road West 88 @ Highlands Not Yet Implemented Primary



Christic: 37%

Amyian: 42%

Sienist: 5%

Unaffiliated: 15%

Other: <1%