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Flag of Agawaskway Province of Agawaskway
âkâýwâskayikan (Agawaskway)
Capital: Kingstown
Population: 9,497,000 (2022)
Motto: "Prosper together."

Constituent province of the 2560px-FP-Deodeca.svg Commonwealth of Deodeca

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Agawaskway (abbreviated as AA and also known as Agawa) (Agawaskway: "âkâýwâskayikan") is a province in the Commonwealth of Deodeca. Agawaskway is home to one of the country's most populous cities, Kingstown, whose urban area has a population around 6.5 million. The province is not geographically interesting, featuring mostly rolling plains and forests interspersed with lakes and rivers. It sits on the coast of the Lake Amanecer and Lake Betaouais, part of the Grand Lakes. Agawa shares land borders with the neighbouring provinces Argueil, Nawagan, Newcambry, Ouanatchkan, Wirramay, AR060-10, the Odeka District, and internationally with Minnonigan, Federal States.


The name "Agawaskway" applies to both the Province and a family of indigenous groups that lived in the area. Its etymology is disputed, between between "wâskayikan" ("House") and "âkâýâsîmowin" ("Ingerish"), in the native language Agawaskway. The Government of Agawaskway states that the province is named after the Agawaskwayan people who inhabited the region around the Odeka River.[1]

There have been calls to change the name Agawaskway over the years.

  • In 1977, MLA George Martin introduced a bill to begin an inquiry into changing the province's name. The bill was defeated in the Agawaskway Legislative Assembly (ALA).[2]
  • In 2012, a satirical petition to change the province's name to "Kingstown and Friends" garnered 500 signatures. The petition was not addressed by the ALA.[3]


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Geography of Agawaskway
ContinentArchanta (Southern)
Population9,497,000 (2022)
• Total46,151.94 km2
17,819.36 sq mi
• Water (%)18.3%
Population density205.8 km2
533.0 sq mi
Major riversFrontenac, Odeka, Smitty, Upper Nishaukee
Time zoneWUT+09:00 (CDT)



Government and Politics

Government icon (black).svg
Government of Agawaskway
Constitutional parliamentary monarchy
Head of state
• KingGeoffrey VII
• GovernorTom Thomsen
• Lieutenant-GovernorCarine Donovan
LegislatureAgawaskway Legislative Assembly
JudiciaryHigh Court of Agawaskway
Major political parties
  Democratic Party
  Green Party

Administrative divisions

Main article: Administrative divisions of Agawaskway







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Demographics of Agawaskway
DemonymAgawaskwayan, Aggie (more common)
Official languagesIngerish
Recognized minority languagesAgawaskway, Giishime, Native Archantan languages



School list






The *Provincial Symbols Act*, 1988[4] declares various plants, animals, items, and emblems as official symbols of Agawaskway.


  • HC Kingstown
  • Kingstown United


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