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The Province of Agawaskway is a closed collaborative territory in eastern Deodeca. It is inspired by the Golden Horseshoe region, and surrounding areas of Ontario, Canada. It will feature an urban, Toronto-like metropolis along with other, smaller cities, and mostly rural regions beyond that. On its eastern shore lie the Federal States (specifically, the state of Minnonigan), and the Grand Lakes Amanecer and Betaouais. Lake Betaouais is similar in size and shape to Lake Ontario.

File:Drapeau Agawaskway.svg
Flag of Agawaskway


Agawaskway has a population of 9 497 000, the majority of whom live in the largest and capital city of Kingstown (and its extended urban area). This map shows the Kingstown Grand Metropolis, the "official" metropolitan area of Kingstown.

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The following gallery showcases the base plans for the province. Click on each image to learn more.

Emb-yellow.png Advisory: This gallery will be updated on a regular basis to reflect changes to the plan.

The first map shows the administrative divisions and major population centres of Agawaskway. The province is divided into a collection of Counties and County-level Cities, somewhat following the dual-tier system in southern Ontario. While project participants will not be bound to a single county, users should not interfere with others' work, whether they be other contributors, or stateowners in the neighbouring areas of Deodeca or the Federal States. Most of the names on this map are subject to change and adjustment, to contributors' preferences.

The second map outlines the major transportation corridors of the province. With a few exceptions, there should be no additions nor subtractions to the highways on this map (railways can be added as needed). Adjustments to the routing and edits to add detail to the highways are permitted and encouraged.

The third map shows a general guideline for major grid systems in the region. Unlike regions of the Federal States, land was allocated so as to follow the coastlines of major lakes and rivers. The map is a guideline, not a rule, and conflicts between grid systems should not be a problem. Particularly in the northwest of the province, this area should serve as a model.

Climate-wise, the entire region falls under Köppen type Dfb (Warm-summer humid continental), with very small areas in the northwest being Dfa (Hot-summer humid continental).

Please do not create any new cities with a population over 100 000. Agawaskway has been completely subdivided into 31 counties and county-level cities, each with calculated population values. Statistics can be viewed on this spreadsheet.


Kingstown is the capital and largest city of Agawaskway. According to KGM Data, the city has an urban population of 3 002 000, with the Kingstown Grand Metropolis (KGM) having a population of 6 418 000. The region is quickly growing, with people from all over the OGF world moving and mapping there. It is one of the world's truly cosmopolitan cities.

Moving one step further, the greater region of Southwest Agawaskway (SWA) adds more distant cities to the "Kingstown" label, as well as very rural areas on the outskirts of the city. Combined, SWA has a population of 6 970 000.

The Kingstown Project is part of the closed collaborative territory Agawaskway, but is open to everyone wishing to contribute. All you have to do is message varnel_maiser with what you want to work on. It's a really straightforward process, and there's something for everyone in this project.

  • Note: "The Kingstown Project" encompasses all of SWA.

From mapping ethnic enclaves in the city, working on realistic local and regional public transportation networks, and understanding complex administrative structures that form every government, there is always a need for mappers to contribute to this project. That's right, we need you to help us build this city.

The collaboration structure of the city is very loose, with contributors focusing on one ward of the city, one major system of the city, or making sporadic and occasional edits of all sorts. Deep collaboration and communication with other Kingstown contributors is a must.


The KTM network does not render by default because I don't want to put too much load on the server 😃

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In Agawaskway, land is divided among municipalites, and organised within into Wards.

Agawaskway has a two-tier system of municipalities: think of them like counties and the towns within them. Local government responsibilities are split between the two. There are 2 two-tier municipalities in KGM (+3 in SWA):

  • Paravier Region
  • Waters Region
  • Arlo County (SWA)
  • Moore County (SWA)
  • Enderby Rural Municipality (SWA)

There used to be another region that grouped Halkerston, Forberg, and (the late) Raster, but that was removed in a recent reorganisation. The province also has single-tier municipalities, where the town and county are merged to provide more efficient government. There are 4 in KGM (+2 in SWA):

  • Kingstown
  • Forberg
  • Halkerston
  • Seeburn
  • Garrison (SWA)
  • Flennigan (SWA)
Noun Brain 2290453.svg What to take from this: Agawaskway is divided into many municipalities of different types, and you can claim one for yourself.

Indigenous Treaty Lands

Certain areas of Agawaskway are set aside as treaty lands to local Indigenous peoples. Local Indigenous Councils have special rights in these areas that affect planning, zoning, and other regulations that have an impact on what the map looks like. Major industrial development should be avoided in such areas (on a case-by-case basis), instead featuring amenities like universities and casinos. In KGM and SWA, these are the current locations of Indigenous Treaty Lands (names are subject to change and will be updated here accordingly).

  • Mitigowi of the Island (All of Ward 01, Kingstown)
  • Mitigowi of the Lake (Most of Ward 51, Kingstown)
  • Bain River Treaty Lands (North part of Iridium, Masterton, and the Mines) (SWA)
  • Sakahi 76a (Entirety of the Township of Sakawakosie) (SWA)
  • Sakahi 76b (Entirety of the Town of Sedgey-Rankner and the Town of Wenceslas) (SWA)

The Deodeca Council is still working on the rights and current situation of Indigenous peoples in Deodeca, so everything is still subject to change. New ideas are always welcome.

  • Note: Right now, I am thinking that in SWA, Local Indigenous Councils' (LIC) special planning powers mean that development in Treaty Lands can provide amenities or spaces that nearby municipalities (and the province) are not willing or able to provide, like casinos, special retail areas, etc., should the LICs approve of their development.


Kingstown is connected internally and to other regions by a set of of land, sea, and air connections. It has a dense network of commuter railways and urban rapid transit in KTM Transport (KingsTown Metropolitan Transport), a set of highways connecting every part of the region, and many airports and seaports for further journeys. Here are some transport projects and their leads.

Noun Brain 2290453.svg What to take from this: If you like planning transit and transport infrastructure, there are plenty of options available in Kingstown.


Railways are the lifeblood of transport in Agawaskway. Planned primarily by kengoman, they provide various types of services for the province. Here are some important agencies and who currently leads them.


Type: Railway
Lead: kengoman

KTM is a hybrid network of commuter and rapid transit railways that connect the Kingstown Region. It is inspired by Australian rapid transit systems, specifically in Melbourne. It also takes inspiration from GO Transit for its commuter services.

It runs 24 hours a day on some lines, and operates overnight bus services on others.


Type: Railway
Lead: kengoman and varnel_maiser

AWRail is the provincial rail transport operator. It operates both passenger and freight trains, and runs coach buses for regional trips where rail does not operate. It takes inspiration from GO Transit for its coach services.


Type: Railway, High Speed Railway
Lead: 🤷, kengoman

DecaRail is the national railway operator for Deodeca. It runs long-distance trains, overnight trains, and the High-Speed Deodeca (HSD) network. HSD is a HSR system, where trains frequently exceed 250 and 300 km/h on stretches of the line. Its primary route goes from Liernase, AG, to Stonesipher, IA, passing through Kingstown.


Type: Tram, Light Rail, and Bus
Lead: Mie, sudo91, and varnel_maiser

KCBT (Kingstown City Buses and Trams) is the city's local transit operator. It runs local buses and tramways across the city of Kingstown. It also runs the KCBT 1/2/3 lines, a fully-grade-separated light metro system that runs along former Queen line tracks. It takes inspiration from the TTC in Toronto and PTV in Melbourne.

It runs a network of night buses that provide a basic level of service overnight.

Other Local Transit Providers

Type: Tram, Light Rail, Monorail, and Bus
Lead: varnel_maiser

Other cities and regions operate local transit agencies that connect with each other, KCBT, KTM, and AWRail. A list of major agencies and features is provided below:

Urban Transit Services in the Kingstown Region
City/Region Name of Transit Agency Services HSD AWRail KTM Note
Flennigan Flennigan Transit Commission Buses Emb-red.png Emb-yellow.png bus only Emb-green.png G K
Forberg Forberg Transit Forberg Monorail, Buses Emb-green.png Forberg Emb-green.png NS Emb-green.png F Q X kengoman
Halkerston HalkTrans Buses Emb-green.png Fowler Street Emb-green.png NS Emb-red.png
Garrison See Seeway Buses Emb-red.png Emb-yellow.png bus only Emb-green.png B Transit contracted to SeeWay.
Seeburn SeeWay (Seeburn Transit) Buses Emb-red.png Emb-yellow.png bus only Emb-green.png F Q Contracted to run transit in Garrison.
Paravier Region Paravier Region Transit Buses Emb-red.png Emb-yellow.png bus only Emb-green.png A B G K L M Covers Belmont-Dunchurch, Halsing, Hounce, Jordan, Millner, and Quentinsville.
Waters Region Waters Region Transit Nishowigan Light Rail, Buses Emb-green.png Silas - High Speed Emb-green.png NI SS Emb-green.png S X Covers New Winburgh, Nishowigan, and Silas.


There are four major airports which have regularly-scheduled flights in SWA:

Airports in the Kingstown Region
City Name Code Type Location
Kingstown (Millner) Chester Granby International Airport DKT (DKTN) G map
Halkerston Halkerston-Milfhouse International Airport DHL (DHLK) R map
Flennigan (Schiff) Kyle Kazowsky Airport DFL (DFLN) D OGFmapicon.png map
Kingstown Albertville Airport DKA (DKAB) D map
Forberg Forberg Municipal Airport DFR (DFOR) D map


Kingstown is surrounded by highways of different types.

Urban-Rural Dynamics

KGM will feature a unique style of urban growth (compared to its RW inspiration): while subarban sprawl in the traditional American sense exists, KGM's population centres are more concentrated and less continuous. This means that urban areas will see higher densities than Canadian and Australian cities, and will be separated by primarily agricultural or open space lands.

Noun Brain 2290453.svg What to take from this: Kingstown will have a unique, somewhat experimental kind of urban fabric.

Contact and Getting Involved

If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact the coordinator, outlining the general area of the province you want to work in, as well as the inspiration you will take for that area. Regardless of your area of interest, you are mostly free to edit in other parts of the state, ensuring that there is no interference with others' mapping, or already-established mapping in the area.

Anyone with an interest in the region is welcome to join the project. Though you are not bound to any single area, you may request to focus your efforts on, and reserve a single county (or part of a county), allowing you mostly free rein within it, given certain population bounds and not deleting major highways and railways. Any counties "reserved" in this way will be noted on a list below. Other contributors should not edit within these reserved areas.

Username County (or part of a county) Notes
Lithium-Ion Ostally County
Geoc3ladus Shelburne County, Lynn County Observed
ItsTybear Opetuah County
Forkymapper Purple 1 (no name) Observed
Andrepoiy Kuhlie 2022-04-24

Ended 2023-08-26

PixelDubs Unassigned 2022-08-23
Ended 2022-11-27

Reinstated 2023-08-26
Re-removed 2024-01-28

BlooXen Yellow 3 2022-11-23
Ended 2023-03-10
AnimationSky Acadia County 2022-11-25
diamantschiff Arguoise County 2023-02-05
Souzzzzie Minhausie County 2023-03-10
Brunanter Chadboro Falls, Labatte County 2024-03-07

More sections will be added to this page as the project develops.

Point Person

Any questions, comments, pieces of advice, or requests to join this project can be directed to varnel_maiser via OGF message.


Username Area of Interest Notes Since
varnel_maiser Kingstown Coordinator 2022-03-29
Geoc3ladus Shelburne County, Lynn County 2022-03-29
Lithium-Ion Ostally County KT Primer 2022-03-29
AnimationSky Kingstown, Acadia County KT Primer 2022-03-30
Ernestpkirby Kingstown KT Primer 2022-03-30
ItsTybear Opetuah County, Kingstown 2022-04-03
forkymapper Purple 1 Deadline: 2023-09-26 2022-04-04
PixelDubs Unassigned Probationary, very careful monitoring. Second-strike treatment. 2022-08-23
Ended 2022-11-27

Reinstated 2023-08-26

ShavedParm Halkerston 2022-09-09
kengoman Kingstown 2022-XX-XX
BlooXen Yellow 3 Probationary 2022-11-23
Ended 2023-03-10
Davieerr Stradworth OD Coordinator Designated coordinator for Stradworth Project. 2022-11-25
gbohflam Halkerston KGM Probationary 2023-02-02

Ended 2023-08-26

diamantschiff Arguoise County 2023-03-05
Qwertyuiop Kingstown - neighbourhood focus Deadline: 2023-09-26 Confirmed by OGF-message 2023-03-22

Ended 2023-08-28

Souzzzzie Minhausie County 2023-03-22
sudo91 Kingstown 2023-06-16 (retroactive addition)
Bepolil Minhausie County Probationary 2023-08-26
CartographerKing Sedgey-Rankner, Labelle 2023-11-05
Lemuria Regent, Kingstown Working on a Lutanger (Filipino) diaspora in central KGM 2023-11-22
Vay Kingstown 2023-11-22
Sweetykid Kingstown Working on a Franquese Diaspora in KTN 2024-01-07
lankusiek Kingstown Working on Lesnica, KTN 2024-01-28
Brunanter Chadboro Falls, Labatte County 2024-03-07
infrarrojo Kingstown!! 2024-05-15
Tahadagal Kingstown (Taubman) 2024-06-26
infinatious RRA South Frontenac 2024-06-30