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The Deodecan Province of Ingerish Asperia is a closed collaborative territory in northern Deodeca. Think of it as a sort-of analogue to British Columbia, with mixes of Australia and New Zealand.

Flag of Ingerish Asperia

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Important things to note before mapping in Ingerish Asperia:

  • Driving side is on the right
  • Ingerish Asperia is a province within the wider country of Deodeca
  • The location you map in will affect certain aspects of your county (see below)
  • The province is divided into mappable counties
  • Highest terrain is in the southwest and along the central mountain chain
  • Mapping should be influenced by Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, or Northwest US mapping
  • Most mapping should focus on smaller to mid-sized towns and rural areas
  • Provincial-wide discussions should be made on the wiki forum
  • Culture and history should be influenced from colonial British history

Who's currently a part of the project?

User Message Role Contributions
Arlo Link Main Coordinator Planning, general mapping, focusing on natural features
iiEarth Link Contributor Mapper of Squangit County
Kengoman Link Contributor Mapper of the city of Stonesipher
LithiumIon Link Contributor Mapper of County 17 (unnamed)
KAB Link Contributor and Native Peoples and Languages Coordinator Mapper of the Tshayhamhash Governorate
RhodeIslandWV Link Contributor Mapper of St. Martin County
waterstealer Link Contributor Mapper of Trentham County

What's part of mapping in Ingerish Asperia?

  • Major cities (New Reydon, Baptist Bay, Ingerfort, Stonesipher) are all special areas and you may ask permission from either Arlo or kengoman (Stonesipher mapper) if you wish to join, it is up to their discretion however
  • Towns and villages should reflect a mainly grid style of urban mapping. Examples can be seen in small Australian and New Zealand country towns.
  • Most major roads should be limited, at most, to primary roads. Trunk roads connect only major population centers. Smaller towns will suffice with a secondary road connection
  • In the Ingerish Asperia project, economic reasoning for a town's existence is encouraged. Plan out why your town/county exists. Fishing? Mining? Forestry? Farming?, etc!
  • For fire stations in smaller towns/villages, please designate as 'RFS (town name)', follow this link to see why
  • Most towns outside of the major cities should not exceed 50,000 people. Exceptions will be allowed but please discuss with me beforehand.
  • Use of Collab:Deodeca page resources will be helpful for finding business resources, regional information, etc.

Where do I join?

Firstly, pick out an area/county you would like to work on. Then, using the contact info above, send me a message on OGF and I will get back to you as soon as possible

  • Please include a brief outline of your plans for the county and its local history
  • Take note of any mapping that adjacent mappers are doing and take that into account

Examples of mapping in Ingerish Asperia

Lampfield County Westcott Queensvalley Ranges region

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Please write your discussion below, anyone is free to comment