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(This page was last updated at 22:30, 3 June 2022 (UTC).)

Welcome to my profile webpage. You may regard me as Kengoman or Kengo for short.

I am a Chinese Canadian that is studying in Japan. I am fluent in English, Chinese (Mandarin), and also Japanese.

I started mapping in 2021 starting with Qiongzhu Province in Bai. I also help detail infrastructure, namely railways and airports, around OGF.

I currently have my own territory of AR914 which is named Nakah. It uses the Shan language as the official language and you may regard it as a sort of OGF:Thailand. I am also trying to start a collaboration project creating a Japanese speaking nation which will serve to anchor the culture around North Archanta and Uletha

Should you have any enquiries about me and my work, you may message me via the messaging feature within OGF, contact me on my discussion page or privately message me via Discord (username is 'xx#0628') or the unofficial OGF server on Discord.



(Section inspired by User:Bixelkoven's and User:Intergan's profile pages. Also a direct Plagiarism of User:The_Cute_Chick's profile.)

Project and information Map
Bai flag.png Bai Empire
  • Role: Mapper of Qiongzhu Province
  • Status: Active
  • Current task: More Qiongzhu Stuff

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Shan flag.png Republic of Nakah
  • Role: Owner
  • Status: Active
  • Current task: Map the whole damn thing

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Unknown Flag.png Port Lagbard, CCA
  • Role: Detailing Infrastructure
  • Status: Active
  • Current task: Finishing up the railways

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Finding a Japanese Homeland
  • Role: Coordinator
  • Status: Active
  • Current task: Searching for an open territory