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Hello, I am Intergan and I own the country of Layr in Antarephia

Layr(AN137b) is located between Bromley and the Cambrian Union bordering the Asperic Ocean.

My first territory was named Unknown Flag.png Pinan located in one of the AR099x territories. But my current project is LayrFlag.svg Layr, where I have significantly improved my mapping skills and on my way to have at least mapped 70% of all residential, natural and amenity landuses.

I currently work on the collaborative project Collab:Bai Empire.

Current Projects

The main stuff I'm working on at the moment. Thanks to BMSOUZA & Lithium for the inspiration :)

Map Notes

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Mortallì,LayrFlag.svg Layr
  • I'm currently working on the outer regions of Mortallì, between the town's of bim-Kil and Inber
  • It's inspired by a combination of British and Dutch mapping although most of it is a style I use myself
  • It has many marinas and small ports to allow people the go on the lake
Map Notes

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Shidizhuang, Bai flag.png Bai Empire
  • A satellite town of Dunghoi, having a mix of urban mapping in the centre, with factories and commercial areas to the south with residential near the river and to the west
  • Inspired by Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen