Administrative divisions of Ingerish Asperia

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Ingerish Asperia is administratively divided into fourty-nine counties, one governorate, numerous settlements and native lands.

Distinction between counties, districts, imperial governorates, independent municipalities, and treaty lands

List of counties and districts

Lampfield County

Flag of Administrative divisions of Ingerish Asperia Lampfield County
Capital: Culverden (County seat)
Population: 35,056 (2022)
Motto: The Pearl of the Plains

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Lampfield County is a landlocked county of Ingerish Asperia in Deodeca. Situated on the Caulfield Plains that stretch from Beaufield to Baptist Bay, Lampfield County is a major agricultural area for Ingerish Asperia. The county historically had a sheep-focused economy, but over time, gradually transitioned to wheat, barley, and canola agricultural sectors. The county seat is the town of Culverden, with a population of around 12,000 people. Other population centres include Georges Bank, Bison Creek, and Emissary Creek.

Sattewena County

Strathware County

Squangit County

Yarnton County

Gyle County

Tidon County

Tablehurst County

Morcauigh County

List of Governorates

Tshayhamhash Governorate

Flag of Administrative divisions of Ingerish Asperia Tshayhamhash Governorate
Qha’chshč Sčhayaxw / Q̕áʔc̕ɬč Sč̕ə́yəxʷ (Tshayhamhash / ƛ̕ay̕əm̕áɬ)
Capital: Qha’chshč Sčhayaxw / Q̕áʔc̕ɬč Sč̕ə́yəxʷ (Governorate seat)
Population: 18,000 (2022)

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The Tshayhamhash Governorate is a coastal governorate of Ingerish Asperia in Deodeca. Located in the rural west of the province, the Tshayhamhash Governorate is a major hub of native culture and representation within Ingerish Asperia. The governorate is unique in holding the status of "Governorate," meaning that it is highly autonomous within the province of Ingerish Asperia, and upholds different laws and traditions than the rest of Deodeca. Historically a separate protectorate from Deodeca and Ingerish Asperia, the governorate was annexed with rights by Ingerish Asperia on the eve of the Great War at the behest of the tribal leadership, fearing that foreign powers would intervene in the region. The governorate is the remnants of a once-vast tribal nation, stretching from Ironwood Bay to Squangit County in the east. Tshayhamhash holds many of the tribe's sacred spaces, and over time became a refuge for both local and foreign native peoples, acting as a pseudo-reservation. The county seat is the town of Qha’chshč Sčhayaxw / Q̕áʔc̕ɬč Sč̕ə́yəxʷ (known in Ingerish as Ironwood Bay), with a population of around (TBD) people. Other towns and settlements include Q̕shumačan/Q̕ɬúməčən (Blackfish), Pipihaqh/Pipíhəq̕ (Nighthawk), Čx̣ayčačshč/Čx̣ayčáčɬč, Qaqan Skhwtu'/Qáqən Sk̕ʷtúʔ (Ravenmast), and Yanawas/Yə́nəwəs (Heart).

List of independent municipalities

List of native lands


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