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Collab:Federal States/Important persons

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Artists and writers

Business leaders

  • Leonora Grants (b. 1835, lived Ohunkagan, Makaska), lumber baron, financier, philanthropist
  • Joseph Gramercy II (b. 1884 to the wealthy Gramercy family, lived Gramercy, Seneppi), creator of Gramercy Motors and a streamlined manufacturing process, philanthropist, steel baron/partial owner Seneppi Steel, funded much of the Gramercy metro system
  • Harrison J. Kleckney (b. 1860, lived Wallawaukee, Seneppi), second owner of Kleckney Railway Cars after inheriting from father Gerald Kleckney, president of the Wallawaukee Electric Street Railway Company, helped fund construction of much of the Wallawaukee Elevated Subway in exchange for then-exclusive use of Kleckney Cars
  • Jackson Mane (born 1829, to a poor family 30 miles from present-day Miller), founded Mane's steel in 1855 and directed it until his death in 1891, philanthropist, helped to build many to all of the railroad systems in Walkegan

Explorers and pioneers

  • Père Benoît Le Becq (b. 1788, lived Makaska), controversial colonial-era trader and enslaver ("caretaker") of natives
  • Joseph-Louis-Hippolyte Pinault (1794-1859), Ardencian born trader, explorer and entrepreneur, at one point owned most of Pinault County, later named after him.
  • William Thomas (1764-1832), explored the Western Lakes in the late 1700s, including the Stone-Thomas River basin in Minnonigan.
  • Sauganash (c. 1770s-c.1820s), a Native Archantan who helped the settlers of southern Minnonigan before he was wrongly accused of the Fort Drummond Fire. Escaped an angry mob under the cover of darkness and is believed to have canoed to Barba Island before joining other tribes in AR120-57.
  • Benjamin Fletcher (1613-1688), first Ulethan to reach Trinity Island and the founder of Clifgate.
  • Jean de Colin (1654-1700), founded the Terre d'Espoir and the la Fortune city.
  • Henry Adams (b. 1719 in Eustacia, died 1802 in Ogdalen) backcountry explorer in the Ogdalen Area, namesake of Fort Adams and by extension Adamsville

Military persons

  • John McPearson (1833 - 1904), admiral
  • Louis Huntington (First Revolution), General
  • Eliange Mongrain (c. First Revolution), not!Minuteman
  • Jonathan Butsy, Admiral (b. 1877 in Aerwinya/Oakhill - d. 1931) [1]
  • Lovell Braxton, F.S. cavalry general in the 19th century
  • Lt. General James P. Nickerson, 20th century military officer, namesake of Fort Nickerson in Sierra
  • General James McHugh, 20th century General in FS War, namesake of Ft. McHugh.
  • Gerald Hoggan (b. 1726 in Otisport, FL - 1804), first Admiral of the FS Navy


Presidents of the FSA

This section has been moved to Collab:Federal States/Government.

Regional politicians

  • Ernest Fitzallen (1804 - 1877), Oakhill senator
  • Marvin MacBeth (AKA Roan Stallion) (b. 1878, lived southern Makaska), native rights activist and later state representative and governor in 1920s
  • Athelbert Dufour (1897-1985), senator from 1932 to 1944, and governor of Bas-Chanceux from 1948 to 1972, transformed Bas-Chanceux from being uber-catholic to being very secular and socially liberal in a single generation
  • Matthew Doremaute (1926-2011), Independent FSA legislator from Seneppi in the 70s-80s, governor of Seneppi in the 60s, mayor of Wallawaukee in the 50s. Known for work on homelessness, attempts at transit funding and public-private infrastructure partnerships, etc. Would have unsuccessfully run for (president? prime minister?) in the 90s before retiring.
  • Jennifer Jacobson (1933- ), early freeway revolt advocate; currently advocates for urban freeway renewal, Complete Streets, and walkable neighborhoods. Current vice secretary of the Minnonigan Department of Transportation and 2021 Lake City mayoral candidate.
  • Alexandre Williams (1618-1695), first governor of the colony of Culpepper, and founder of the city of Hearthsbridge.
  • Collin J. Wright (1912-1987) Nipewa's first Governor. Founded the state of Nipewa
  • Cheryl Manuela (1947- ) Immigrant and refugee rights activist born in Vega, grew up in poverty in Southern Wallawaukee, Brighston State University law school grad, Seneppi governor from 1986-1990, head of the Grand Lakes Immigrant Law Center from 1990-2003, federal court judge from 2003 to present


Religious Figures

  • Elijah Ellis (1610-1679), founder of the city of Divinity's Grace in Culpepper, religious dissenter and co-founder of the Egalitarian Church, and founder of what would become Ellis University.
  • John Raynham (1938-present), civil rights leader and pastor from Wallawaukee, Seneppi. Fought to end systematic racism and segregation in Christic churches, and for interracial marriage to be accepted by the church and the state. Younger brother of politician Sherman Raynham.
  • Walker Foster (1924-1973) prominent pastor from Adamsville, Ogdalen, and civil rights leader
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