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Ambox currentevent.svg This page is open to discuss collaboration aspects for New Carnaby. It is a work in progress.

New Carnaby is a collaborative project within the FSA. Anyone interested in participating is free to take up a county or project by contacting Fluffr_Nuttr.


This project is coordinated by Fluffr_Nuttr and Easky30.


New Carnaby has a population of 17.6 Million and is inspired by New York and the American Northeast. Like New York, there is a stark contrast between the dense Stanton-Warwick metro and the largely rural interior.

Metro Stanton-Warwick is one of the FSA’s main metropolises, centered at the mouth of the Carnaby River (along with Warwick Island in Penquisset). Its sprawl extends down the Carnaby Valley, along the Stanton Bay and along a line to Sadikady. A few larger cities exist to the south, which became fundamentally tied to Stanton in the 20th century. Stanton itself is influenced by NYC and other northeastern cities, and the suburbia draws from the lower Hudson Valley, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The Carnaby River, which is naturally navigable as far as Yallop, has long formed an important corridor for trade. Over a period of 30 years after independence, an ambitious canal was constructed to allow ships to travel from Stanton to Lake Leighton. The canal, and later the railroads, encouraged the growth of Stanton, Waltmore, Yallop, Three Rivers, and several smaller towns along the river.

Also of note are:

  • The parallel mountain ranges which give much of the state a rural character
  • The Delenshire Islands, divided between dense Stanton suburbia and rich vacation towns
  • The Scantuck Valley, strongly influenced by the Puritan/Congressionalist dissidents who settled there

Collaborative Framework

A mapper has a few options in New Carnaby: Claiming a county, mapping in a collaborative region or working on a generalized project.

You can claim a solo county by reaching out to a coordinator through on the talk page under "getting started", through OGF private messaging or Discord. Being a claimant of a county is not like owning a territory, as the coordinator team or those working on generalized projects may make adjustments. However, a county claimant should be alerted of what specifically is being worked on.

Anyone can map in an collective county, given that they follow blue territory etiquette and adhere to the themes highlighted in the county plans. Generally, try to detail instead of deleting other people’s work. Communication with others working in the same area is key. If you're not sure what collective county is right for you, just ask on the "getting started" section of the wiki!

With permission from a coordinator, a user can work on a statewide/regional generalized project. These tasks might include working on waterways, detailing a national or state park, or providing the basis for a city’s suburbia. They are listed in the "active projects" table. In solo counties, detail beyond the purview of the project past a certain point is discouraged, so other people can contribute in the future.

List of counties

Counties in New Carnaby

Note: The Counties map shows the type of counties, not whether or not they are currently stewarded. Consult the below list for county availability.

Name Number on County Map Link Region Type Notes Claimant
Haven County 1 Delenshire Islands Collective County Contains Cerulean Isle.
Delenter County 2 Delenshire Islands Collective County Contains South Island.
Prince Eustace County 3 Delenshire Islands Collective County The southern half of New Carnaby's section of Cradleway Island. Contains the regional hub of Saint Renecene and suburban barrier island communities.
Trappard County 4 Delenshire Islands Collective County The northern, likely densest half of New Carnaby's section of Cradleway Island. Contains Old Trappard. Planned to be connected to Stanton by bridge tunnel.
City of Stanton 5 Greater Stanton Collective County See County and Regional Plans
Westham County Greater Stanton Solo County Zytik
Eckhardt County 10 Greater Stanton Collective County
Belleville County 6 Greater Stanton Collective County Contains major Stanton satellite city, Belleville
Wynntethla County 7 Greater Stanton Solo County Easky30
New Colsex County 8 Greater Stanton Solo County Open to Claimants
Creading County 9 Greater Stanton Solo County Infrarrojo and Fluffr_Nuttr
Beaver County Greater Stanton Solo County Infrarrojo
Lucas County Scantuck Valley Reserved County In the meta, used to be a part of the state of Culpepper. Potential future solo county.
Stellemore County 13 Scantuck Valley; Mushaniquk Mountains Reserved County In the meta, used to be a part of the state of Culpepper. Potential future solo or collaborative county.
Reydon County Scantuck Valley Reserved County In the meta, used to be a part of the state of Culpepper. Potential future solo county.
Hearthsbridge County 17 Scantuck Valley; Mushaniquk Mountains Reserved County In the meta, used to be a part of the state of Culpepper (contains former capital). Potential future collaborative county.
Wheelock County Scantuck Valley; Mushaniquk Mountains Reserved County In the meta, used to be a part of the state of Culpepper. Potential future solo county.
Six Lakes County 12 Mushaniquk Mountains Solo County Zytik
Ottland County Mushaniquk Mountains Solo County Open to Claimants
Lenseter County Mushaniquk County Solo County Open to Claimants
Huntington County 11 Central Solo County Home of historical Huntington family estate Open to Claimants
Abraham County 15 Central Collective County Home to Hirschburg, twin city to Waltmore
Waltmore County 16 Central Collective County Home to State Capital. See County and Regional Plans
Keane County Central; Sebenebsuc Valley Solo County Open to Claimants
Pritchett County Central Solo County amicharski
Reedy County Central Solo County Open to Claimants
Granville County Central Solo County Open to Claimants
Stokes County Central Collective County Home to city of Yallop. See County and Regional Plans
Willow County Central Collective County Southern Yallop suburbs and exurbs
Hillshire County Central Solo County Fluffr_Nuttr
Colebrook County Sebenebsuc Valley Solo County Open to Claimants
Waterfall County 18 Sebenebsuc Valley Solo County Waterfall area could be made into a state or national park Open to Claimants
Shelton County Sebenebsuc Valley Collective County Home to city of Chesnuts, see County and Regional Plans
Agmenmorick County Sebenebsuc Valley Solo County Open to Claimants
Sutton County Sebenebsuc Valley Solo County Open to Claimants
Winsic County Sebenebsuc Valley Solo County yoyo21

Active Projects

The below table is for:

  • limited projects in/spanning across solo counties being done by non-claimants;
  • large infrastructure projects in collective counties, ex: motorways and local transit;
  • (optional) logging smaller detailing projects in collective counties

Mappers may adapt projects by placing their username in the "adopted by" column. If a mapper wants to propose a new project, they can add a new row under the appropriate section. Newly proposed projects need to be checked off by a coordinator in the "approved" column before work can start, except in the case of small scale collective county projects.

New Carnaby collaboration projects
Name Area (counties) Description Constraints Adopted by Approved? Status
Background and lore
NC Highway Shield concept Design concept for New Carnaby highway shield Fluffr_Nuttr Yes Finished (sketched on paper)
NC Highway Shield .svg file Adopt the design concept for a New Carnaby highway shield into an .svg file for the wiki and custom OGF renderings Open
Natural Features
FS-14 and Hearthsbridge Motorways adjustments Reydon County, Hearthsbridge County, Ottland County FS 16 will be renumbered as FS 14 and follow a path towards Fallport-Fallsbury as agreed upon with Minimapper. In Ottland County, FS 14's path will be shifted south of Stockton and Stanton Falls to better follow local topography.FS 14 and FS 114 (formerly FS 616) will be "wrapped tighter" around the city of Hearthbridge. The Scantuck River Parkway will be updated to a motorway numbered as FS 211 west of FS 11 to provide a connection to the airport. Dorrance Turnpike will be downgraded to a trunk road and will follow a route towards Prespool instead of Divinity's Grace. New interchanges and road alignments will be mapped as necessary. The former state of Culpepper was annexed into New Carnaby so that Whateversusan's work can be preserved and elaborated on. For now the area is "reserved", with mapping only allowed within the scope of specialized projects. That said, it made sense to rearrange highways to better integrate into the greater region, etc. Crossing ways and other mistakes can be fixed and nodes can be added where deemed appropriate. Detailed areas should not be touched unless in the way of a new road alignment, in which case things should be moved around instead of deleted. Fluffr_Nuttr Yes In Progress (completed south and east of Scantuck River, except for Dorrance Turnpike)
SoCar/Squirrel Hill grid realignment and street numbering City of Stanton Align north/south roads south of Autumn River with those north of Autumn River. Renumber north/south roads with 100th Avenue/Grensard Avenue as 1st Street with roads increasing in number eastward; rename alphabetical east/west roads and north/south roads in Littletown. System only applies to SoCar and Squirrel Hill, excluding Ten Ashes neighborhood Fluffr_Nuttr Yes In Progress
Administrative Boundaries
Collective County Detailing*

Natural Features



County and Regional Plans

City of Stanton

Instead of being divided into boroughs, Stanton is a consolidated city-county made up of 11 wards, each with several hundred thousand people and subdivided into many neighborhoods. They are not meant to be claimed individually- anyone can map throughout the city as long as they have permission (either message Fluffr_Nuttr or discuss on the talk page). But the themes of the wards can give mappers an idea of where to create what they wish. This also gives Stanton a slightly different identity than our NYC.

Stanton wards map
  • Stanton’s downtown is wealthy, though as more people work than live there, things get pretty quiet at night. Inspired heavily by Lower Manhattan, with some cues from Philadelphia.
  • Northern Stanton is somewhat of an industrial remnant, containing a large port facility and one of Stanton’s older airports.
  • South Carnaby (or SoCar) would be more of a hipster neighborhood, probably recently gentrified, while Brownstone has some gentrification and some old money.
  • Weybirton, St. Cassian, Goose Bay and Southside would have both working-class areas and projects, some attempts at developing villages within the city, and some middle-class areas.
  • West Warwick is the transition area between Stanton and Warwick, possibly reflecting Northern Queens and Nassau County.
  • The western wards will likely be more industrial and working-class, especially Astera, Perister, and Kenver. Hudson County, New Jersey could be a great source of inspiration.

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