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AR120-25 is a relatively large, collaborative state in the Northeastern Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States. If you're interested in helping out, read the restrictions for your county and either send Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr a private message or sign up below.

Consider joining if:

  • You're interested in working on a map inspired by Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas
  • You're looking to get involved in a modern-day collaborative, but are not ready to invest the time in mapping a large area
  • You're looking to learn about the American Southeast, gaining experience for your own state or territory
  • You just want to have a good time collaborating with other mappers who share your interests


Eustacia is a state that resembles the American Southeast, where you can draw inspiration pretty freely but especially from the Atlantic coast. Generally, however, the state's southeast should primarily resemble Northern Florida or coastal South Carolina, while the rest of the state should primarily draw from Georgia and the Carolinas. Below can be found resources for exploring this kind of environment, including OpenStreetMap links. Make sure that you have an understanding of what to do before signing up for a task below.

The state's capital and largest city, Hazelboro, should draw inspiration from Atlanta, Greensboro, Charlotte, and Savannah among other places. Its major coastal city, Eleana, should draw inspiration from Pensacola, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, and Myrtle Beach. Other cities will be independently mapped, with a wider range of inspirations.

The premise of the state should be a combination of consensus and moving things along. Decisions have to be reached, but there will always be room for comment and flexibility for changes even in fundamental parts of the state. Appropriate space will be provided for taking issue with the suggested names and plans, and if there is a major issue we can then go into voting to seek consensus.

Basic Plan


Raise issues below:


Raise issues below:


Raise issues below:


In Eustacia, there are 3 types of counties available for mapping. The first type of county is one which you can sign up for freely, and they are marked below by "Replace this text with your username". While there is an activity requirement, it will be very low for this type of county. The second type of county is one which you can sign up for with a basic plan. The activity requirement is higher for these counties, as they either neighbor other states or countries, or have a minor city. The third type of county is the only one in which mapping quality will be judged, as they contain larger cities and should only be left for advanced users who can be active in the county. These rules are subject to change with demand. Below is a list of counties, with some basic information. There are 32 claimable counties, and 8 that will be collaborative for participants to work on together.
Reference map for the below table, where the first type of county is green, the second type is yellow, the third type is orange, and collaboratives are purple.

Counties of Eustacia
Reference Name Relation Type Area (km²) Mapper
1 Genlad County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192403 Mostly natural 3535.33 Contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr with basic plans
2 Clay County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192404 Mostly natural 3768.89 newnw
3 Ibouhara County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192405 Mostly natural 3803.20 Contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr with basic plans
4 Rapids County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192402 Mostly rural 3016.28 Replace this text with your username
5 Highlands County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192401 Mostly rural 2524.63 Replace this text with your username
6 Istokeesassa County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192399 Mostly rural, citrus farming 1813.73 Contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr with basic plans
7 Ash County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192398 Mostly rural 2349.17 Replace this text with your username
8 Anahoosa County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192400 Mostly rural 3021.59 Icefur2
9 Thunder County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192408 Contains small city Thunderfield (100,000-300,000 population college town), otherwise rural 1816.32 Advanced users only; contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr with plans
10 Tagant County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192406 Rural/natural 1846.37 Contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr with basic plans
11 Wilson County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192377 Mostly rural 2258.83 Contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr with basic plans
12 Anderson County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192379 Small city, mostly rural 1784.27 yoyo21
13 Swift County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192407 Small city, mostly rural 1441.64 Contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr with basic plans
14 Farmers County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192396 Rural/natural 1393.30 Replace this text with your username
15 Davis County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192397 Rural/natural 1111.65 Contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr with basic plans
16 Hawthorne County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192378 Mostly rural 1797.57 Replace this text with your username
17 Degatalla County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192380 Mostly rural 2037.27 Replace this text with your username
18 Thorn County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192393 Suburban/Rural 1260.53 Collaborative, contact Ernestpcosby
19 Taylor County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192395 Urban 861.80 Collaborative, contact Ernestpcosby
20 Perry Mine County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192392 Suburban 1209.81 Collaborative, contact Ernestpcosby
21 Drachenfelsen County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192376 Mostly rural 2182.37 Contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr with basic plans
22 Martin County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192372 Small city, mostly rural 1056.58 Contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr with basic plans
23 Walt County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192371 Rural/natural 1440.84 Replace this text with your username
24 Charles County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192394 Suburban 1564.76 Collaborative, contact Ernestpcosby
25 Marienschell County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192391 Suburban/Rural 1162.69 Collaborative, contact Ernestpcosby
26 Opekaligo County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192375 Suburban/Rural 1449.67 Contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr with basic plans
27 Cilveyland County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192370 Mostly rural 2024.56 Rhiney boi
28 Pecan County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192385 Mostly rural 1137.39 Infrarrojo
29 Hackney County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192388 Mostly rural, citrus farming 1202.99 BitByteBit10
30 Tirwar County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192389 Mostly rural, citrus farming 1112.06 Contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr with basic plans
31 Ocheeloosa County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192369 Small city, mostly rural 1780.77 Contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr with basic plans
32 Illacauga County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192382 Mostly rural 912.31
33 Vitoria County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192384 Mostly rural 1420.29 Fluffr_Nuttr
34 Eskland County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192387 Suburban/Rural 1316.54 Collaborative, contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr
35 Lake County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192374 Contains small city Tornburgh (200,000-400,000 population minor city), otherwise rural 1257.53 Advanced users only; contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr with plans
36 Price County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192373 Rural/natural 2586.44 Contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr with basic plans
37 Suwanokee County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192381 Rural/natural 2622.49 Contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr with basic plans
38 Citrus County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192383 Mostly rural, citrus farming 1008.61 iiEarth
39 Harris County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192386 Suburban/Rural 1119.16 CharlieG
40 Bay County https://opengeofiction.net/relation/192390 Urban 1434.60 Collaborative, contact Infrarrojo or Fluffr_Nuttr

The Southeast USA

For scale:

Cities of ~1,000,000 metro, like the capital: Birmingham Columbia Greensboro Greenville Jacksonville Raleigh

Cities of ~400,000 metro, like the coastal city: Asheville Myrtle Beach Ocala Pensacola Savannah Tallahassee

Cities of ~100,000 metro: Albany (GA) Auburn-Opelika Florence (AL) Goldsboro Panama City (FL) Valdosta

For style:

Hazelboro: Atlanta Augusta Birmingham Charlotte Columbus (SC) Gainesville Greenville Savannah

Eleana: Charleston Gulfport/Biloxi Melbourne (FL) Myrtle Beach Naples (FL) Panama City Pensacola

Smaller towns: Crestview Fairburn Milton Monticello Morganton Niceville Palmetto Unionville

Rural: Baxter Cameron Century Farmville Gurley Areas around Jackson Loggy Pond Monroe Monticello Winder

Citrus: California Citrus Florida City Lake Wales Maricopa Highway Sierra Vista West Side Highway Yuma

Wikipedia Southeastern US Design

Article discussing the Oglethorpe Plan, used to design the US city and stated inspiration of Savannah, Georgia
Older American grid development
Radburn design: newer planned housing developments
Fused grid: very new planned housing theory
Ribbon development
Linear settlements
An example of a Georgian rural gated community
An example of a public housing project spurred by the Great Depression
Example of a planned city in Southern Florida
Example of a planned suburb of Atlanta
Example of an older settlement, one which has been abandoned
Quick history of a streetcar suburb
Article discussing the concentration of urban forests in Atlanta
Article discussing the development of Florida in relation to the environment

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