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Flag of Makaska State of Makaska
Seal of the State of Makaska

Makobashpe Maka Ska (Rakhoda)
Capital: Marksville
Population: 4,732,580 (2020)
Motto: "Au sein des eaux claires et neiges blanches, prospérité." ("Amidst clear waters and white snows, prosperity.")

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Makaska, officially the State of Makaska, is a state in the southwestern Federal States. The state's name derives from a Rakhoda (Native Archantan Language) phrase maka ska meaning "white earth". It's not known whether this description is due to the extensive snow-coverage common in winter, or whether it references a zone of white bluffs and cliffs on the western shore of Lake Ohunkagan. Makaska has just over four million residents. The state is situated on a broad isthmus between Grand Lake A and Grand Lake B., with an international border with the Ardencian province of Ooayatais to the south, and the state of AR120-51 to the north. Makaska is known for its rolling fertile soils, its many lakes, forests and blufflands. Makaska's topography combined with its humid continental "four seasons" climate make Makaska an agriculturally-productive region, with winter wheat and sugar beets dominating the farmland.

The largest city in Makaska is Ohunkagan, with nearly half the state's population in the metro area. Ohunkagan is a very important industrial and economic hub, developed originally on the lumber industry, on the manufacture of machinery and vehicles and on the production of steel using the iron ore and coal both present in the state. More recently the city has flourished in financial services, and in technology businesses, concentrated along the suburban "Silicon Shore" directly south of the city.

The state capital, Marksville, is quite a bit smaller. It is dominated by one of the campuses of the state's land-grant university system, University of Makaska at Marksville, and by the state government. There are also some medical equipment and technology companies concentrated along the eastern perimeter of the city.

Other important cities include:

The Riverton / Apple River micropolitan area (sometimes considered within the sphere of Ohunkagan and integrated to that city's commuter rail network), home to the flagship state land-grant university, University of Makaska at Uppington, and to the Apple River Naval Base, one of the most important naval bases on the Grand Lakes and home to the FSA Naval Training Command.

Kanguisapa, home to various biomedical industries and the state's premier public medical school as well as the privately owned but internationally known Mihm Clinic.

White Earth Agency, "capital" of the united Rakhoda tribes and their various native lands, and home to several home furnishings manufacturers.

Sainte-Rose-des-Gauphres, home to several internationally-oriented overland transport industries (both rail and trucking) due to the high-traffic border crossing with neighboring Ardencia.

Tokatawoape, a gritty port city on Lake Seneppi facilitating grain and mineral resource export.

Harmegiddo, a port city on Lake Leighton, a major rail hub, and home two well-ranked private colleges.

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