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The Bjéri Imperial Commonwealth of Kalisänjo
La Kamanrai Himbaturaija Bjérija dena Kalisänjo
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and largest city
Official languagesBjéri, Ingerish
 • Regional languagesMalikkai, Oderens
GovernmentUnitary Commonweatlthist Parliamentary Monarchy
 • EmpressArijenna VII
 • Secretary GeneralIrowa Seizonjava
 • Total224354.75 km2
86623.86 sq mi
 • Census (2013)29,035,100
 • Density129/km2
335/sq mi
HDI (2018)0.824
very high
CurrencyAntari (₳) (ANT)
Drives on theright

Kalisänjo, officially The Bjéri Imperial Commonwealth of Kalisänjo, is a country in Antarephia that comprises the southwestern portion of the island of Harda Major and numerous surrounding islands in the larger Harda Archipelago. Its capital and largest city is Sediharaja.

The territory of present day Kalisänjo has been a vital meeting point for various cultures in the Harda Archipelago. The foundation of the Kalisänjan state was established in 1075 by the conquest of the Eastern Sänjo by the Bjéri queen Isyanna. By the 1700s, Kalisänjo came to dominate much of western Harda Major, as well as wielding significant naval influence in the seas around southern Antarephia.

Between 1911-1915, Kalisänjo was in a state of civil war known as the Rose Revolution, which saw the start of the Commonwealthist state of Kalisänjo. The initial form of Commonwealthism saw Kalisänjo become an insular, authoritarian state. Following popular protest in the aftermath of the Great War, the government was reformed to introduce more democratic power structures and the command economy was replaced by a market socialist system. Despite internal reform, Kalisänjan foreign policy remained insular for some time after the Great War, only joining the Antarephian Coalition in 2007.


Kalisänjo adopted the Antari on 1 July 2014, becoming the xth member of the Antari Use Area. Kalisänjo's previous currency, the Tali, was pegged at an exchange rate of 2.85 Tali for 1 Antari.