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Flag of Cariocas Cariocas
Coat of arms

República Democrática de Cariocas/ Kary'ókas (Florescentian, Kary'oka)
Capital: Ytakolo'my-IT
Population: (TBD) (2024)
Motto: « Terra e Mar »
Anthem: « Terra e Mar »

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Cariocas is an small archipelago, isolated in western Asperic Ocean, closer to Liberan Peninsula than the ulethan oceanic islands belt. It consists in xx islands, being xx of them inhabited. It is very famous because its luxury beach resorts.

Cariocas always was an isolated place, even being not so far from Liberan Peninsula and even Tarephia eastern coast. There are ancient scripts mentioning Cariocas as commercial point to 2 Cariocas.png Cariocas, Iscu.png Iscu and Template:Onnutu.

In 1724, the ship "Lone Star", coming from Campo Verde with gran-luslandeses refugees from Independence War in Gran-Luslandia, got to Ytakolo'mý port. The ship follow to reach Gobrassanya, but some brasonians decided to stay in Cariocas.

These brasonian people, seen as good and worker people, got some prestige to Cariocas people. They never tried to be involved in politics, but some of the bigger cariocas companies, even the Universidade Nacional (national university), was funded by brasonians.

In 1850, when the national university was created under a national law, the king A'fönso, looking for some international vision, decided about including florescentian and ingerish language learning to students, but, during the time, was clear that Cariocas people was so much accostumed to florescentian than ingerish.



Government icon (black).svg
Government of Cariocas/ Kary'ókas
Federal Constitutional Republic
Head of state
• Presidente (President)Kata'rýna Ymu'näna
• Vice PresidenteMo'rëra Para'ná
• Upper houseSenado (Senate)
• Lower houseCongresso (House of Congress)
JudiciaryForum National
Major political parties
  UT: 8 seats
  CN: 6 seats
  AC: 5 seats
  DT: 3 seats
AN, ASUN (observer)

Kata'rýna Ymu'näna, current Cariocas president

Cariocas was a monarchy untill 1950, being ruled by Gön'salo and Nyte'róy dinasties till those days. Really there was not any revolution, but a tragedy. The reason to change was the premature death of the crown prince at the age of 27 with no kids. Still there was some cousins that could follow the monarchy, but the old king (TBD) decided to call elections, changing Cariocas to a new democracy. Since then, there are presidential elections each 4 years.

Ironically, the first president was (TBD), nephew of king (TBD).

There are three Ministries (Education, Labour, Economy) in Cariocas, and more three subdivisions (Tourism, Agriculture, Commerce), all of them located in Casa Ministerial


Political Parties

Currently, there are six parties in Cariocas politics. From left wing, there are União da Terra, Coletivo Nacional e (TBD). In center, there is Avante Carioca. And in right wing, there is Direito da Terra and Monarquistas.

União da Terra (Lands Union) is a left wing party.

Coletivo Nacional (National Colective) is a left wing party.

TBD () is a left wing party.

Avante Carioca (Forward Carioca) is a center party.

Direito da Terra (Lands Right) is a right wing party.

Monarquistas (Monarchists) are a right wing party. They are a bit extremist and ultra-conservative, but not as in other countries. Monarchists, as their own name says, ask for back the country to monarchy times. They also defends the less foreigner influence as possible.

Last Presidents

Kata'rýna Ymu'näna, the current president (União da Terra) is the first woman president of Cariocas. Usually people like her government but also get so much critic about spending so much public funds to build Cidade Nova, a planned town in Kata'rÿna island, just east to the capital, Ytakolo'mý, to be the new and modern financial center of the country, while some places along the country still needs basic infrastructure.

The president before her, A'mänu Oga'ýgua, from the same party, was heavily criticized for commissioning an overpriced and unnecessary work of a road complex with bridges and underwater tunnels to connect some islands and atolls.

The next elections promise to be fierce. Despite Kata'rýna good acceptance, Ya'ý Me'bö's name (from Direito da Terra, right wing party) appears with force.

Administrative divisions in Cariocas

Government Data - The Noun Project.svg
Administrative divisions of Cariocas/ Kary'ókas
First-level3 provinces
Second-levelx districts
Third-levelx municipalities

Cariocas is divided in 2 provinces, and the national capital. The provinces are divided into districts (usually, by atolls), and so, into municipalities (cities or towns).

Ytakolo'mý is located inside Kary'räña province, but as national capital, got a special status.

Under a national law, each municipality needs to keep at least a townhall, a port, a police station, a school, and an hospital.

There are a lot of particular islands in Cariocas, used as luxury beach resorts or even private places, but all of them still are under national laws.

2 Cariocas.png Administrative divisions in Cariocas 2 Cariocas.png
Country Province City/Town Place (Population) Mapping/ Link
2 Cariocas.png Cariocas
4 CAR Ytakolomy.png Ytakolo'mý-YTK
  • (75.510)
4 CAR Ytakolomy.png Ytakolo'mý, (75.510)
4 CAR Karyranya.png Kary`räña-KAR
  • (x)
4 CAR Karyranya.png Yña`üma, (28.386)
Missing flag.png Gragoa'tá
  • [   10%  ]
  • [   10%  ]
Missing flag.png Kata'rýna, (x)
  • [   10%  ]
  • [   10%  ]
Missing flag.png Ybya'pýna, (x)
  • [   10%  ]
  • [   10%  ]
Missing flag.png [ Kae'té-KAR]
  • (x)
Missing flag.png [ Kae'té], (x)
  • [ Kae'té], (x)
  • [   20%  ]
Missing flag.png [ Maka'é], (x)
  • [ Maka'é], (x)
  • [   10%  ]
4 CAR Urukya.png Uru`kuya-URU
  • (x)
4 CAR Urukya.png Ytoro`ró
Missing flag.png [ (TBD)], (x)
  • [ (TBD)], (x)
  • [ (TBD)], (x)
  • [   10%  ]
  • [   10%  ]
Missing flag.png [ (TBD)], (x)
  • [ (TBD)], (x)
  • [ (TBD)], (x)
  • [   10%  ]
  • [   10%  ]

Foreigner Relations

Visitors from all over the OGF-World come and are welcome in Cariocas. There is no need of visa to foreigner visitors.

As Cariocas is a not big place, there are not (and will not be) so much embassies in Ytakolo'mý.

Country Location in Cariocas Location abroad Remarks
AN Flag.png Assembly of Nations/ Ass.das Nações Kary'óka, Ytakolo'mý-YT N/A Just an office
ASUN flag.svg Association of South Ulethan Nations/ Ass.Nações do Sul de Uleta Kary'óka, Ytakolo'mý-YT N/A Just an office
Bandiera na Barzona.png Barzona/ Bar`zöna Palmeiras Imperiais, Ytakolo'mý-YT Carrier Granadina, Carante
2 Brasonia.png Brasonia/ Bra`sönya Kary'óka, Ytakolo'mý-YT Tim Maia, Campo Verde-RV
Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States/ Estados Federais Palmeiras Imperiais, Ytakolo'mý-YT Murfeesboro Falls St., Huntington-CD
GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya/ Gobra`sänya Kary'óka, Ytakolo'mý-YT Embassy Row, Gobras City-CD Also serving to Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon/ Kay`ün citizens
Iscu.png Iscu/ Ysku N/A N/A Defunct embassy
Latflag.png Latina/ La`tyna N/A N/A Defunct embassy
2 Luslandia.png Luslandia/ Lus`ländya Kary'óka, Ytakolo'mý-YT Conquistadores, Alcântara-CN
2 Novakia.png Novakia/ No`vakya Palmeiras Imperiais, Ytakolo'mý-YT Neuborsk, Slovech-MT
OnnutuFlag.png Onnutu/ Ö`nutu Palmeiras Imperiais, Ytakolo'mý-YT Sirikikimi, Leluwa
Telkarnatha flag.png Telkarnatha/ Telka'nata Palmeiras Imperiais, Ytakolo'mý-YT [ ]
{{}}/ [ ] [ ]


Q159810 noun 509351 ccParkjisun economy.svg
Economy of Cariocas/ Kary'ókas
Mixed economy
CurrencyPrata (P$)
Monetary authorityBanco Nacional
GDP (PPP)2024 estimate
• Total$(TBD)
• Per capita$(TBD)
HDI (2024)Increase 0.891
very high
Principal exportsFish, Coconuts
Principal importsEletronics
Industries and sectors

A banknote of 10 Pratas (P$10).
A coin of 50 Cobres (P$0,50).
Main activities in Carioca economy are tourism, agro and seafood.

Cariocas economy always was based in fishing and coconut exports.

Brasonia was its main trade partner since 1960.

Despite strong historic and commercial ties to Brasonia, Cariocas still had no significant importance in international scenario. Things changed after the summer of 1985, when the world wide famous movies director Titus Meulemans fell in love to Mo'ëma N'dyra, a 20 years old cariocas woman. Meulemans went in vacations to the islands several times before get married, and even use it as scenario to two movies, giving some international vision to the country.

Since then, Cariocas begun to be a destination to rich people looking for rest away from the buzz for days in tropical and isolated islands.

In the 2000's, important hotel chains start building beach resorts in some islands, and today, tourism answer as 60% of the national economy.


Local monetary unit is Prata, divided into Cobres.

There are banknotes of 1P$, 5P$, 10P$, 20P$, 50P$ and 100P$

There are coins of 0,01P$, 0,05P$, 0,10P$, 0.25P$, 0,50P$ and 1P$.

Main local companies

Some companies stand out in the national economy. Be it because national reach or because keeping international facilities.

Name Type Headquarter Notes
Aero Cariocas Transportation (aero) Y'takolo'my-YTK
AspLog Transportation (shipping) Y'takolo'my-YTK
CDR Transportation (ferry) Y'takolo'my-YTK
Kuru'mym Supermarket Ytakolo'my-YTK
Juruba'tyba Fishing Ytakolo'my-YTK
  • 10 boats
  • 50 workers
Maka'é Fishing Maka'é-KAR
  • 10 boats
  • 50 workers
Oceano Fishing Ytakolo'my-YTK
  • 10 boats
  • 50 workers
Tämy Fishing Ytakolo'my-YTK
  • 10 boats
  • 50 workers
' Coconut

Foreigner companies operating in Cariocas

Name From Type Location Notes
BelNaft 2 Novakia.png Novakia Fuel Kary'óka, Ytakolo'mý-YT TBD
BOGSA 2 Brasonia.png Brasonia Fuel Kary'óka, Ytakolo'mý-YT TBD
BraSal 2 Brasonia.png Brasonia Desalination Pumps Ytakolo'my-YTK
BraSud 2 Brasonia.png Brasonia Transportation (shipping) Ytakolo'mý-YTK
Construx 2 Brasonia.png Brasonia Construction Ytakolo'mý-YTK
  • operating to national government and international resort companies.
  • 185 local workers, 30 foreigner workers.
KSC Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon Transportation (shipping) Ytakolo'mý-YTK
Mitropolia 2 Novakia.png Novakia Hotels/ Resorts N/A
StarBurguer FreedemianFlag.png Freedemia Fast Food N/A
TMB 2 Brasonia.png Brasonia Transportation (ferry) Ytakolo'mý-YTK
  • operating national ferry routes.
  • 80 local workers, 10 foreigner workers.


Noun project 288.svg
Demographics of Cariocas/ Kary'ókas
DemonymCarioca (Kary'óka)
Official languagesFlorescentian, Kary'óka
Recognized minority languagesno
West Ulethan
No one
Ev. Christics
Ancient Beliefs
LiteracySteady 99.1%
Life expectancyIncrease 75 (male)
Steady 79 (female)


Average family in Cariocas

Cariocas are an indigenous people, but living in isolated islands and atolls. There is not any visible link between Carioca culture and anu people around, when talking about language, original beliefs etc.

The average family in Cariocas is changing. Last generation was a couple and five or even six children, but currently this number is decreasing and today a couple with three children looks to be the maximum that cariocas families would prefer to keep.

Usually, their skin is tanned, and the hair is straight and black.

Older people prefer to wear traditional clothes, but younger adults prefer light urban clothes, showing a clear cultural difference between generations. Anyeay, is used to say that, the older cariocas gets, the more traditional they become again.

Women are known for their beauty and men for their strenght.


Traditional ritual in Cariocas.

Despite ancient traditions and beliefs, Carioca people currently is not a very religious people. Only 30% of local people says following a religion. In this part of people, 50% are protestantisc, 35% are ortholic and just 15% follows ancient beliefs. Still, there are some few people following the imame faith in Cariocas.


Cariocas Islands keeps Florescentian and Carioca as official languages.


Florescentian is considered the main one, used in governemnt offices, learned in school, used in TV and newspapers, and spoken by 98% of the population.


But Cariocas speak also their own self named language. Its main characteristic is the " ' (signal)" before the stressed syllable, and the " ¨ (signal)" in the streesed vowel in two cases:

1 - if it is a closed sound

2 - if it is a nasal sound before "m" or "n" letters.

Cariocas alphabet uses latin characters and got only 19 letters.

5 vowels (A - E - Y - O - U)

14 consonants (B - D - F - G - H - K - L - M - N - P - R - S - T - V - X)

Cariocas language is spoken by 90% of population and is largely used on the streets and people homes.

Notable Citizens

Ara'tu Ara'ssá, famous artist.
Y'ára Guara'ný, model.
Po'týra Juta'ý, eco-activist.
Ju'rëma Paragua'ssú, writer.

Ara'tú Yrua'äma, born in Ytoro'ró-URU (2000), is currently the most famous carioca citizen. Yrua'äma is a rugby player, playing as second row. He started his carreer in 2016 by Ytoro'ró, but since 2018 is playing in traditional clubs in Ingerland and Tircambry national leagues. Currently, Yrua'äma is playing in CR Porthbrenin, from Tircambry-national-flag.png Tircambry. Picture in Sports topic here in this same article.

Ara'tu Ara'ssá, born in Kae'té-KAR (1999), is a multifaceted artist, as sculptor and painter. Despite still considered as an young person, Ara'ssá try to bring a traditional personality in his works. Ara'ssá was present in several arts exhibition around the world, like Gobras City, (GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya), Khaiwoon City, (Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon), Osianopoli, (Flag of Plevia.svg Plevia) and Stanton, (Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States).

Y'ára Guara'ný, born in Ytakolo'mý-YTK (1985), was a top model. Her stunning and different beauty, merging a tan skin, long and black hair and a captivating look attracted attention, making some covers in fashion magazines around the world. National government used her face to promote the country world wide. Currently, she is married to (TBD), a carioca business man, and likes to say that is retired, despite keeps a beautiful woman and sporadically taking photos appearing in merchandising.

Audeba'rän Dy'töro, born in Grussa'ý-KAR (1956), was the first, and still only, carioca athlete to win a medal in a Pax Nova Games till present days. It was a silver one, during the 1980 Summer Pax Nova Games, in archery, at İskenderiya, Flag of Demirhan Empire.png Demirhanlı Devleti. There is a statue of him in the port of Grussa'ý, created by Ara'tu Ara'ssá, which was already mentioned in this topic. Picture in Sports topic here in this same article.

Ju'rëma Paragua'ssú, born in (TBD) (2010), is an eco-activist. Daughter of a fishers family, since childhood she cares about underwater life. Working as diver, she is known for environmental activism, having participated in some protests around the world. President Kata'rýna Ymu'näna invited her to be part of government, but Ju'rëma refused, arguing to be more proactive close to the seas than inside an office.

Po'týra Juta'ý, born in (TBD) (1990), is a writer. Like Ara'tu Ara'ssá, she is known to keep traditions alive, through books and stories. Juta'ý also wrote children's book and compose some folk music as part of his cultural preservation work.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Ground Transportation - The Noun Project.svg
Infrastructure of Cariocas/ Kary'ókas
Driving sideRight
Telephone code+(TBD)


Cariocas license plate.

Despite being a maritime country, there are a lot of cars and motorcycles in Cariocas. They are the main transportation in the metropolitan areas of Ytakolo'mý and Ytoro'ró, just behind bicicles. Currently, there are just three used car shops in all the country (two in Ytakolo'mý and one in Ytoro'ró), and, if wishing to buy a brand new one, the citizen needs to contact an ACT agent to import a car, usually from Brasonia or Gobrassanya.

There is one main national road, the   ✹ N1  , between Ytakolo'mý and the militar base in Gragoa'tá.

There is also   ✹ Y1  , between Ytakolo'mý and Yña`úma, but not with a "federal" status.

There is not any official road sign in Cariocas.


Midi buses in Ytakolo'mý
Midi bus in Ytoro'ró

Midi buses are the main transportation in Ytakolo'mý, and from the capital to Yña'úma and Gragoa'tá. They are operated by ACT - Autoridade Carioca de Transportes "(Carioca Transportation Authority)", and its famous all-blue livery in Ytakolo'mý area. Also there is one route operating in Ytoro'ró with an all-green livery.

ACT keeps bus depots in Ytakolo'mý, Yña'úma, Gragoa'tá and Ytoro'ró.

The current fleet age is 1,5 years old buses, and came 0km to Cariocas by Ciferal Bus Company, from Brasonia. All of them are climatized and hybrid (electric/ diesel), replacing the 15 years old buses from other times.

There is one central main bus terminal in Ytakolo'my-YT where all bus routes in Ytakolo'mý and Kary'ränya starts.

Children under 18, people with special needs and people above 65 years of age ride for free.

Bus Routes

Ref From To Remarks Time Table
C-1 Circular 1 (Ytabora'ý- Oya'pok) Circular 1 (Oya'pok- Ytabora'ý) 5h-22h; 0h15min; 6 stops*
M-1 Term.Central Yña'úma via Aeroporto 5h-22h; 0h15min; 6 stops*
M-2 Term.Central Yña'úma via Ytabora'y 5h-22h; 0h15min; 6 stops*
M-3 [Term.Central] [Gragoa'tá] via Base Militar 5h-22h; 0h15min; 6 stops*
M-4 [Ytoro'ró] [Aeroporto] 5h-22h; 0h15min; 6 stops*


Maritime is the main transportation between the islands in the country. Yes, there are flight between Ytakolo'mý and Ytoro'ró, but boats are so much cheaper and go to more islands.

There are currently two passengers company operating in Cariocas: CDR - (Catamarãs do Rio) and TMB - (Tansportes Marítimos Braçuneiros), this last one is a brasonian company.

Important to mention that CDR - (Catamarãs do Rio) is also able to operate touristic routes.

Maritime Routes

From To Remarks Company
Term.Marit.Ytakolo'mý-YTK Ytoro'ró-URU []
Term.Marit.Ytakolo'mý-YTK Grussa'ý-KAR []
Term.Marit.Ytakolo'mý-YTK [] []
Term.Marit.Ytakolo'mý-YTK [] []
Term.Marit.Ytakolo'mý-YTK [] []


There are two airports in Cariocas.

Aeroporto Internacional Santos Wright, located in Ytakolo'mý island, is the only one able to international flights all year long.

Aeroporto Regional de Ytoro'ró, located in Ytoro'ró, is able to some international flights only in high season.

AeroCariocas operates daily flights between these airports using low capacity airplanes.

Country/ Company From To Frequency Notes
2 Cariocas.png AeroCariocas 2 Cariocas.png Cariocas Aer.Intl.Santos Wright (Ytakolo'mý-YT) 2 Cariocas.png Cariocas Aerop.Reg.Ytoro'ró (Ytoro'ró-UR) 2x/ day
2 Brasonia.png Brisa 2 Cariocas.png Cariocas Aer.Intl.Santos Wright (Ytakolo'mý-YT) 2 Brasonia.png Brasonia Aerop.Intl.Cpo.Verde (Campo Verde-RV) 1x/ day
2 Brasonia.png Brisa 2 Cariocas.png Cariocas Aer.Intl.Santos Wright (Ytakolo'mý-YT) 2 Luslandia.png Luslandia Aerop.Intl.Alcântara (Alcântara-CN) 1x/ day
2 Brasonia.png Brisa 2 Cariocas.png Cariocas Aer.Intl.Santos Wright (Ytakolo'mý-YT) 2 Novakia.png Novakia Aerop.Intl.Slovech (Slovech-MT) 1x/ day
FreedemianFlag.png FreedemiAir 2 Cariocas.png Cariocas Aer.Intl.Santos Wright (Ytakolo'mý-YT) FreedemianFlag.png Freedemia Sean Bond Intl.Airp. (Quentinsburgh) 2x/ week
GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassian 2 Cariocas.png Cariocas Aer.Intl.Santos Wright (Ytakolo'mý-YT) Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon Khaiwoon Intl.Airp. (Khaiwoon) 2x/ week
GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassian 2 Cariocas.png Cariocas Aer.Intl.Santos Wright (Ytakolo'mý-YT) GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Lonowai Intl.Airp. (Ōbaku-LN) 2x/ week


Telephone (TBD)

There are two broadcasting companies in Cariocas, both of them are private companies.

Rádio e TV Aspéria (RTA) is located in Bairro do Porto, Ytakolo'mý-YTK.

TV e Rádio Difusão Carioca (TRDC) is located in Myryäm'bý, Ytakolo'mý-YTK.



Audeba'rän Dy'töro won the only medal to Cariocas in a Pax Nova Game till present days.

Cariocas people likes sports very much. The most popular ones are, by far, football and rugby, but still there are so much fans to volleyball, handball and basketball.

The Comitê Geolímpico Carioca (Pax Nova's Carioca Committee) serves as base for ten sports (volleyball, handball, basketball, archery, swimming, athletics, weightlifting, boxe and canoeing), but rarely takes a delegation with more than 9 athletes to Pax Nova. This number is bigger only when the Pax Nova Game include rugby.

Rugby and football get their own federations in separated buildins, as said in next topics.

Audeba'rän Dy'töro, an archer born in Grussa'ý in 1956, was the first, and still only, carioca athlete to win a medal in a Pax Nova Games till present days. It was a silver one, during the 1980 Summer Pax Nova Games, in İskenderiya, Flag of Demirhan Empire.png Demirhanlı Devleti.


Ara'tú Yru'äma

Rugby is by far the most popular sport in Cariocas.

Despite being all this popularity, there is a national federation but not any national league in the country to rugby teams.

There are two teams in Cariocas, Ytakolo'mý Rugby Club, playing with all blue kits, and Ytoro'ró Rugby Club (TBD).

Also there are several cariocas rugby players in some of the most important leagues around the world.

Ara'tú Yru'äma currently plays in CR Porthbrenin, Tircambry-national-flag.png Tircambry as second row.



Current clubs playing Carioca League

Football is also very popular in Cariocas.

The national federation keeps a semi-amateur national league, having been disputed since 1980. SC Guana'bara is the most winner club, with 12 titles. Following, Ypy'ränga FC got 8 titles till present days.

The national league is played since 1980.

Internationally, cariocas teams never got to final turns of any continental tournament, in any level.

The national team also did not get some expressive result till present days. Its most expressive result was winning OnnutuFlag.png Onnutu by 4x2 in 1990 at Estádio Universitário (Ytakolo'mý), and the worst lose was 10x1 to 2 Brasonia.png Brasonia in 1982 at Estádio Nacional (Campo Verde). The national team never was close to go to any World Cup.

Team Ground Colours Notes
SC Guana'bara Ytabora'ý, Ytakolo'mý-YT  Blue   White  12x national champion
Ypy'ränga FC Rua do Porto, Ytakolo'mý-YT  Green   Yellow  8x national champion
FC Gragoa'tá Gragoa'tá-KR  Yellow   Black 
Ytoro'ró FC Ytoro'ró-UR  Green   White 
Maka'é FC Maka'é-KR  Navy   Yellow 
Tym'byra FC Ybya'pýna-KR  Red   White 
Kae'té FC Kae'té-KR  Blue   White 
Ypa'nëma FC Yña'úma-KR  Blue   White 

There are more few teams and grounds in the country but not enough to create a second tier championship.


Volleyball, handball and basketball got a considerable number of supporters in Cariocas. The main reason is (TBD).

Still, there is a small baseball pitch in Ytakolo'mý, but rarely used.

School City/ Town Colours Sports

Individual Sports