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Achtung-orange.svg This territory has been archived and is managed by the administrative team.

The territory and its contents remain canon, but the region around it may have continued to develop since the territory was archived. Questions about coordinating efforts with this territory should be directed to the administrative team.
Flag of Onnutu Kingdom of Onnutu
Onnutuan (Onnutuan)
Capital: Leluwa
Population: 1,217,422 (2014)
Anthem: Sunrise on the Sea

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Onnutu, officially the Kingdom of Onnutu, is an island nation located off the southern coast of Uletha, composed of four main islands and several hundred smaller ones. Onnutu also administers Nahuwa Atoll, some 2,000 kilometers farther south.

The islands of Onnutu are volcanic in origin and vary in age from over 4 million years to less than 1 million, with the westernmost islands being the oldest and the easternmost still being formed through active eruptions. The islands are home to a wide diversity of endemic birds, reptiles, insects, plants and other species which evolved for thousands of generations in relative isolation.

The indigenous people of Onnutu first arrived approximately 3,000 years ago and have inhabited the archipelago continuously since, developing richly complex cultures on multiple islands. Among the most well known ancient constructions are the Seven Temples in Leluwa and the Floating City in Raimua, both of which attract visitors from around the world.

Colonists from Ingerland established the first white settlement at Kings Harbour in 1677 and took over rest of the land through a series of annexations during the 18th century. When Kings Harbour was destroyed by volcanic eruption in 1858, the colonial capital was moved to Leluwa, the traditional seat of Uuvainese royalty. The islands were granted home rule in 1960 and achieved independence as a constitutional monarchy in 1978.