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Achtung-orange.svg This territory has been archived and is managed by the administrative team.

The territory and its contents remain canon, but the region around it may have continued to develop since the territory was archived. Questions about coordinating efforts with this territory should be directed to the administrative team.

Flag of Latina Republic of Latina
Republica Latina (Latinian Castellanese)
Capital: Ciudad Latina
Population: 111,324,000 (2015)
Motto: Abrir

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Latina is a country in the southeast of the continent of Tarephia. It is a parliamentary democracy with a strong president. The constitution is from the year 1824, when multiple recently independent former colonies unified together. Latina is a peace-loving state, so there are many diplomatic relations abroad. Nevertheless has Latina suitable military forces. Exactly and more details as this are secret of the state, but it is known that Latina has nuclear capabilities. The land is famous for his export of hard and solid timber, meat, wine, beer, coffee and industrial machines and cars with the trademark "Made in Latina."