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Flag of Tircambry Realm of Tircambry
Coat of arms

Teyrnas Tircambry (Cambric)
Capital: Caerarthen
Population: 5,959,472 (2021)
Motto: Unedig am Byth (United forever)

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Tircambry, officially the Realm of Tircambry (Teyrnas Tircambry), is a country located in northwestern Uletha on the Brethan Peninsula in the Vinn Sea. It has separate coasts to the northeast and southwest, and borders the countries of Ingerland to the west, Lentia to the east and Kalm to the southwest. Tircambry is a constitutional parliamentary democracy with a non-executive Regent and a bicameral Parliament, to which the government, led by the Prime Minister, is accountable.

The Brethan Peninsula has been occupied by Caeltic peoples for thousands of years. In the ?th century the western half was conquered by Ingerland while the four principalities in the east united to resist Ingerish incursions and preserve their independence.


The name Tircambry is a concatenation of the two words Tir Cambry, meaning "Land of the Cambry". Cambry is descended from the ancient Caeltig word cambrogi meaning "fellow countrymen", and has been used since ancient times refer to the people of the area as distinct from outsiders.

Administrative Divisions

Tircambry is divided into fifteen cantrefs (Cambric singular: cantref (plural: cantrefi).

Cantrefs of Tircambry
Cantrefs of Tircambry
Flag Name Area km2 Population Capital
Arthenion 2346.65 657,062 Hefyn
Caerarthen 170.85 427,125 Caerarthen
Calenwy 3,599.76 497,734 Rhydlewy
Cernw 410.1 66,010 Caergoch
Cwmaur 3,853.45 539,483 Pontarlein
Cwmdraenig 2,506.80 421,142 Abercefny
Cymeiriog 2,119.61 309,463 Abercilfi
Donllanion 3,862.89 540,805 Pontarairch
Dyfiais 2,401.27 403,413 Trefelly
Farianydd 3,032.95 594,458 Trefeynon
Pendwyrain 3,264.89 421,171 Treddilew
Rhaulor 2,800.86 266,082 Toncraig
Syfolion 1,341.39 187,795 Glynllwynog
Tarienydd 2,358.62 330,207 Tregeidion
Ystleig 2,656.45 297,522 Caerrhydian