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Federal Kingdom of Eshein
Föderal Kunigæn av Eshein (HE)

Föderal Kunigryk av Eshæyn (YE)

Föderatives Königreich Eschäin (Kalmish)
Flag of the Kingdom of EsheinCoat of Arms of the Kingdom of Eshein
FlagCoat of arms

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"Bolde unt Fray"
Bold and Free
Yeyner Kunigæn (Out Kingdom)
CapitalAngela Region (New Tyrrin)
Largest cityNew Tyrrin (de facto) Northriver (de jure)
Official languagesEshen
 • Regional languagesIngerish, Kalmish
GovernmentFederal Constetutional Kingdom
 • QueenQueen Helena
 • PresidentEmilia Wallner
 • Vice-PresidentKristin Hangel
 • Upper houseSenate of Eshein
 • Lower houseEshen National Assembly
 • Total13,927 km2
5377.2 sq mi
 • Estimate (2020)5,422,000
 • Census (2016)5,342,700
 • Density389/km2
1008.33/sq mi
TimezoneEshein Standard Time (WUT +8)
  • Eshein Summer Time (WUT +9)
CurrencyEshen Colen (€) (ESC)

Eshein, officially Kingdom of Eshein ['ɛʃeɪn] (HE: Kunigæn av Eshein ['kʊnɪ:gæn], YE: Kunigryk av Eshæyn ['kʊnɪ:grɪk], Kalmish: Königreich von Eschäin ['ɛʃaɪn]) is a country in eastern Uletha bordered by Mergania and Viljanni to the north, by Saikyel to the south, by the Darcodian Sea to the west and by the Gulf of Volta (Ardentic Ocean) to the east. It covers an area of 13,927 square kilometres and has a population of approximately 5.3 million. Eshein is a federal constitutional monarchy with a presidential system of governance. It is divided into two semi-autonomous states; Keswerg and Atelfain, and two regions; Angela Region and Ao̊den Islands. Keswerg is located in the southern part of the Volta island and Atelfain on the north of the Eshen peninsula, with the Strait of Owneheym between them. The capital of the kingdom is New Tyrrin and de facto it is also the largest city in the kingdom.

The Eshen people originated from a Kalmish origin and it is unclear when they first inhabited the land of Eshein. For most of it's history, Eshein was an independent nation starting, first recorded in the 7th century as the Kingdom of Undek. The Kingdom, as it is today, was created in 1806 during the Eshen Revolutionary War led the first queen of Eshein, Queen Angela The Founder.

Eshein is a developed country with great economy and high life quality. It is one of the founding members of the Eastern Ulethan Organisation of Independent Allies (EUOIA) and is a member of the Assembly of Nations.

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