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Flag of Banuvia Republic of Banuvia
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Republika Banuvija (Banuvian)
Capital: Šarengrad
Population: 2,351,189 (2020)
Motto: Suradnjom do uspjeha (Prosperity through cooperation)
Anthem: Naprijed! (Forwards!)

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Banuvia (/bæ'nuːvi.ə/, ban-OO-vee-ah; Banuvian: Banuvija, pronounced [ba'nuːvija]), officially the Republic of Banuvia (Banuvian: Republika Banuvija) is a unitary parliamentary republic located on the eastern shore of the Egalian lake in central Uletha. It borders Drabantia to the north, UL18a to the east, UL15f to the southeast and Mallyore to the southwest. Its capital and largest city, Šarengrad, sits in the centre of the country. The country spans 21,189 square kilometres of mostly flat terrain, with hilly regions spanning the country from the west, through the south and to the northeast, forming a rough V shape. The population of the country is 2.35 million, of which roughly 600,000 live in the capital.


There are 2 possible theories for the origin of the name Banuvija, both of which may be true. According to the first theory, proposed in 1855 by Vatroslav Sakcinski, the name comes from the archaic noble title of Ban, which used to refer to a nobleman that would rule a certain territorry. The second theory states that the name originates from the name of the Banuva river, which forms most of the country's northern boundary. The first attested mention the name comes from the Legatio duce Malioriae, a document written by the Surian metropolite Demetrios of Gumlev in 906, in which he lauds Maroje Veliki, the first king of the Kingdom of Mallyore and mentions the lands under his control, and amongst them the region of Banovina, which was thought to encompass a large part of modern day Banuvia.








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