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My user name is Rasmus Rasmusson. I have been both active and less active on OGF since December 2014, first mapping in Hamabaurgs (West-Commonia; the city centre with the Gothic names is my doing) and then in my main nation Řots (AR063) in Southwest Archanta. In 2015 I added the original island part of Wyster (UL070d) in East Uletha.

Following dissatisfaction with Řots, I changed it to Xsegunis in 2018, but in December 2019 I decided that I wanted to concentrate my activities on one location so Xsegunis was dropped and exchanged for an expansion of Wyster (UL040), which has been my only nation in OGF since. Since 2023, Wyster has an external website.

I can be contacted in English, Dutch, Luxembourgish, French, German, and Danish, and may reply in those languages. I can also be contacted in Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Frisian, Swedish, Norwegian, and Russian, but I will probably reply in English.