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This index page contains information about the mains electricity, also called utility power, by country. It addresses issues of voltages and frequencies commonly in use for residential and basic commercial applications.

Residential and common commercial voltage and frequency by country

The map below highlights the common voltage and frequency in use for providing electrical power to low-voltage appliances, equipment, tools, and lighting found in residential and most commercial spaces. Industrial machinery and sockets available for large appliances are not included below. Extraterritorial government facilities or tourism-focused entities may provide electricity with a different voltage or frequency for traveler convenience but are not shown on the map below.

Symbol important note.svg Important technical notes to users
To include your territory on the map, please add the tagging of the keys power_supply:voltage= and power_supply:frequency= directly to the territory's map relation on the map. See Help:Tagging for keys and parameters.
     100V, 60Hz     110V, 60Hz     120V, 60Hz     127V, 60Hz     220V, 50Hz     220V, 60Hz     230V, 50Hz     other or undefined

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