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Some questions to think about in relation to Ingerland's government and admin regions. Comments and more questions welcome! -- Pawl (talk) 09:38, 4 May 2024 (UTC)

Head of state

I am assuming that we will keep Ingerland as a constitutional monarchy. Is everyone else in agreement?

If so, do we want to keep the historical list of monarchs from "old Ingerland", or should we change it in any way?

National government and parliament

A parliamentary system like the UK, with a bicameral parliament?

If so, what would the two houses of parliament be called and how would they be constituted? House of Commons for the lower house? House of Peers or Senate for the upper? Would it still contain any hereditary lords? Would members be appointed, or perhaps elected by county councils, or regions, or a more complex mixed system (like the Irish Senate)?

Administrative divisions

The guidance in Collab says Ingerland is not a federal state like the FSA, but should there be some role for regions/provinces, not dissimilar to England's city regions but uniformly applied across the country? England very nearly acquired a system of provinces back in the day - if Labour had won the 1970 General Election it intended to largely implement the recommendations of the Redcliffe-Maud Report. Perhaps something similar did happen in Ingerland? Given that Ingerland is about three times the size of England, would a system of provinces (coinciding with OGF territories) make more sense (but not necessary in a fully federal structure like the FSA)?

I'm assuming we have counties as in England (admin level=6?). Will they be divided into districts, or be unitary authorities? A mixture, or a uniform system? Will there be modern metropolitan counties, or will we stick to traditional ones? Should our counties be about the same size as England's on average, in which case there would be many more of them, or much larger?