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In an effort to create a sense of consistency across Ingerland can I propose we make a note here of retail and commercial company names so that other mappers can use them. I am working on mapping the centre of Salmouth and I'd like to add some shops and offices but I'd like to use brands that will be used consistently through Ingerland. Unsigned comment by Myrcia (talk).

Official proposals

For the sake of oragnisation at this point, please keep your suggestions together if not a member of the Ingerland collaborative.

  • Supermarkets: Freshmarket and Freshmarket Express, EACO and EACO Local, Allerdale's and Allerdale's Metro, Eller & Cole
  • Chemists: Bridges, Savermed
  • Bookshops: Stowfordes, AGW
  • Department stores: Eamon Jones, Peters and Scott, Lewishead's

Additional suggestions

Here are some additional suggestions by Rædwald:

  • Fast-food restaurants: Brigadier Burger, Simon's Bakery, XD Chicken
  • Banks: Huws Bank, Royal Ingerlish Bank
  • Entertainment: PLAY
  • Petrol: IPC
  • Transport and transit: QBus, PrimeDrive, Emerald Bus, Hafenomni, izybus, QCoach, Gigacoach
  • Other: Ingerland Parking Management (IPM)
Unsigned comment by Rædwald (talk).
  • In reorganising this page, a few names that are actual companies were removed, along with a few that are nearly identical or needlessly provocative. You are welcome to contribute to the Ingerland discussion even as not a member of that collaborative territory, but only Ingerland mappers can decide amongst themselves if a company name should be in use. Also, please sign your comments and posts in the future. Thanks. — Alessa (talk) 23:46, 20 November 2023 (UTC)
  • Word of caution: some of the items added to the page before Alessa's clean-up were reminiscent of the early days OGF cringe naming. Likewise using prominent company founder names as the basis (O'Leary, Souter). And there also needs to be a certain level of maturity involved - coprolite (fossilised faeces), greedy and suck off for petrochemical company names doesn't really meet that threshold. /wangi (talk) 15:32, 21 November 2023 (UTC)