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This template is designed to display an introductory "card" that provides a very basic overview of your territory. It is not intended to be a comprehensive infobox or to explain everything about a territory. Rather, it is designed to give a users a quick look at your territory and to introduce it to the community.

| name = (official or conventional English name)
| flag = (file name; without "File:" included)
| symbol = (a coat of arms, emblem, or other symbol; without "File:" included)
| symbol_caption =
| native_name = (use the full/long native name differs from the official or conventional name)
| native_language = (language of the native name; does not display without native_name parameter)
| capital =
| population =
| population_year =
| motto =
| anthem = 
| latitude = (for map center point)
| longitude = (for map center point)
| zoom = (defaults to 6 if unset)
| relation = (use the boundary relation)
| intro = (one or two introductory paragraphs normally found at the header of an article)