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Line Type Spacing Sample Note
Paris Métro Subway (Narrow) 3.00 m Link
London Underground (tube) Subway (Narrow) 3.25 m Link
Athens Metro Subway 3.50 m Link
London Underground (sub-surface) Subway 3.50 m Link
Croydon Tramlink Tram 3.50 m Link
Paris Tram Tram 3.50 m Link
London Overground Commuter 3.50 m Link
Paris RER Commuter 3.50 m Link
New York City Subway Subway 3.75–4.00 m Spacing is mainly due to the B Division cars, which are 3 m wide.
LGV Est High speed 4.50 m Link Exact spot of the 574.8 km/h speed record.
Tōhoku Shinkansen High speed 4.50 m Link
Chuo Shinkansen High speed maglev 5.75 m Link


  • The locks should be 35 or 55 metres wide, as with the Panama Canal.



  • A town centre block is at least 40 metres thick.
  • A residential block is about 60 metres thick, to account for the gardens and trees.


  • A road kerb divider is about 1 metre wide (based on Van Baerlestraat).
  • A street kerb divider is about 0.25 metres wide (based on Marnixstraat).


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  • A single-lane alley is about 7 metres wide (based on Handboogstraat).
  • A single-lane road is about 3.5 metres wide (based on Herengracht).
  • A multi-lane road is about 3 metres wide per lane (based on Johanna Borskibrug).
  • A parking lane is about 2 metres wide (based on Herengracht).
  • A turning lane is about 2.5 metres wide (based on Willemsparkweg).

Public transport

  • A bus bay is about 3 metres wide (based on Singel).
  • A bus or tram lane is about 3 metres wide (based on Singel).
  • A tram side platform is about 2 metres wide.
  • A tram island platform is about 3 metres wide.
  • The distance between the centre of the rail to the platform is 1.25 metres (based on Singel).


Cross sections

Minoa Canal Bridge
Pre-tunnel Post-tunnel
Deck edge 1.5 Deck edge 1.5
Raised kerb 1.5 Sidewalk 2
Northbound lane 1 3.65 Northbound cycle lane 2
Northbound lane 2 3.7 Northbound lane 3.5
Reversible lane 3.7 Tramway 6
Southbound lane 2 3.7 Southbound lane 2 3.5
Southbound lane 1 3.65 Southbound cycle lane 2
Raised kerb 1.5 Sidewalk 2
Deck edge 1.5 Deck edge 1.5
Total 24.4 > 25.0 Total 24 > 25