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I'm Pawl (actually Paul, but I used the Welsh name here because I am mapping in Welsh). I joined OGF in 2015 but have been mostly inactive recently. I used to map UL11a (Tircambry) and Wesmandy (UL11e) but after a long period of inactivity I have given up UL11a and am converting Wesmandy into the new Tircambry! This allows me to keep a Welsh-speaking country while taking advantage of the more extensive mapping I had done in Wesmandy, as well as preferring its smaller size.

I am also interested in flags and heraldry and happy to help anyone designing flags or coats of arms for their territories.



Tircambry is a fairly small Cambric (Welsh)-speaking nation in northwestern Uletha. I had been mapping it as it was in 1400 with the intention of moving it forward century by century to the present day, but I am abandoning that approach and will start bringing the country into the modern day.