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| industry5 =  
| industry5 =  
| industry6 =  
| industry6 =  
| founded = October 30, 1998; 20 Years ago<!--place and date-->
| founded = October 30, 1998; {{Time ago| Oct 30 1998}}<!--place and date-->
| founder = Steve Hardellegher<!--name of founder-->
| founder = Steve Hardellegher<!--name of founder-->
| headquarters = [[Baranmiado]], [[New Esthyra]], [[Garzibania]]<!--city-->
| headquarters = [[Baranmiado]], [[New Esthyra]], [[Garzibania]]<!--city-->

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ATA Networks
ATANT classic logo, with red gradients.
SloganWire and Hire
Traded asATA
 Mass Media
FoundedOctober 30, 1998; 21 years ago
FounderSteve Hardellegher
HeadquartersBaranmiado, New Esthyra, Garzibania
Area Served Worldwide
Key PeopleSteve Hardellegher, CEO
ProductsMobile Phones
Number of employees7,592
Parent CompanyHardellegher Communications

ATA Network, ATANT or formerly named Way Telephone is an a internet and cable company, located at Novy Chenkov in Uzkesh, is one of the most famous internet and cable companies with 5,584,392 customers around the world. It provide cable and internet services.


ATANT was founded in 1998 by the Ingerish-Uzkeshian engineer Steve Chenk, to comepete with Smirnov Net, Chenk started his way in Novy Chenkov, where telephone and internet services are non existent, later in 1999, Smirnov got a global shutdown due "overcharge", wich gave ATANT a opportunity to flourish, and it did so in 2002, 34% of internet users in Uzkesh where using ATANT as his main provider.


On May 5, 2006, the ex-employee Alex Chenkie accused the company for stealing user's private data via a router bypass wich allowed them to recolect information: key presses, paswords, and activities from his search history. The case was held on May 14 of the same year by the Court of Beregorod, wich failed towards ATANT. The next day Alex Chenkie was assasinated on his house. This event led to the roumor of ATANT actually stealing information, and after a lot of effort, the Uzkeshian Association for Internet Privacy and User Protection proved that ATANT was stealing information from users. The demand for more or less than two billon uzkeshian dollars was held on the same court in September 4 of the same year, the Judge failed towards the UAIPUP, and ATANT had to remake his routers structures plus paying the indemnization.

International Locations

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List of international ATANT stores
Store/Map Name City Country Note
OGFmapicon.png map ATANT Erilyn City Esthyra Court Street - Cathedral One
OGFmapicon.png map ATANT Erilyn City Esthyra Court Street - Cathedral One