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=End Results=
=End Results=
[[File:Hifnakia Electoral Map 2019.png]]
[[File:Hifnakia Electoral Map 2019.png|500px|thumb|center|Blue=New Democrats, Red=National Battle, Grey=Caliphate Party, Green=People's Party, Yellow=National Party]]
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This article describes a current event

The Hifnakian Local Election 2019, or the Hifnakian Assembly Election 2019 was the upcoming election after the new legislatures, Majlis al-Asgar and al-Akbar was introduced. The election was scheduled to begin the 1st of June, 2019, and ends 2nd of June, 2019. End Results arrived the 2nd of June, 2019. The Election is the last of its kind before the Caliph abolished the Theocracy.

End Results

Blue=New Democrats, Red=National Battle, Grey=Caliphate Party, Green=People's Party, Yellow=National Party
New Democrats Caliphate Party The National Party People's Party Sultanate Party Republicans Liberal Conservatives National Battle








National kamp.png

Zakariya Ahmad
Center-leftist Imani
Ali Johannes-Maghrib
Center Imani
Hans Masjit-Ahmadsen
Center-right Conservative
Asman Ali
Right-wing Conservative
Ilias ibn Ahmad
Center-left Imani liberal
Badi Bahar
Center-left Imani liberal
Hasid Menhaz
Extreme right nationalist
Buraq al-Mumin
Extreme right fundamentalist

Description of the parties

Hifnakian New Democrats

The Hifnakian New Democrats is the leading, government party currently. They strive after an Imani country, and show huge favor to the Caliphate. Zakariya Ahmad is right now the leader for the party, and the Gazi of Hifnakia. They were projected to get more than 40% of votes before the 27th of May, but after the party National Battle entered the scene, they might as well only get up to 34% of votes.

Hifnakian Caliphate Party

The Hifnakian Caliphate Party is the second leading, independent party. They are only recent in the political scene, only getting major recognition as late as January this year. They strive after a more conservative Imani country, and show very huge favor to the Caliphate. Ali J. Maghrib is the leader of the Caliphate Party currently. There is not much agreement in the opinion polls, but some polls may show up to 30% of votes. They have lost supporters to the National Battle Party.

Hifnakian National Party

The Hifnakian National Party, or more traditionally, (pre-1960)The Hifnakian Nationalist and Conservative Party, is the main opposition party. They are traditionally a more right-leaning conservative party. They strive after a conservative country with imani values, and show support to the Caliphate. Hans Masjit-Ahmadsen is the party leader. The National Party has taken a huge right-wing direction, being critized by former President, Hashri Mutab, who was also member of the party, for destroying the Hifnakian Values. This has been influenced mostly by the People's Party. They have lost a lot of their voters, especially the more conservative Imani voters, to the HCP, HND, and recently to NB.

Hifnakian People's Party

The Hifnakian People's Party is another opposition party. They are a right-wing nationalist party striving after Hifnakian culture, ultimately derived from Imani culture. They show minor support, with some not favoring the Caliphate. Asman Ali is the party leader. It is unsure how many voters they will get, but some rough estimates point out that they may get 10% or less. They have lost voters to the Liberal Conservatives.

The Sultanate Party

The Hifnakian Sultanate Party is a government party. They strive after a more monarchial country, and show huge favor to the Caliphate. Ilias ibn Ahmad is the party leader. It is still unsure how many voters they will get.

The Republican Party

The Republican Party is a government party, resembling the Sultanate Party, according to multiple professors and experts. They strive after a less monarchial and more parliamentary country, and show minor favor to the Caliphate. Badi Bahar is the party leader. The party will probably get 10% of votes.

The Liberal Conservative Party

The Liberal Conservative Party is an independent party. They are in the extreme right, and very ethnonationalistic. They strive after a more populist country, and are against further developing the Caliphate. Hasid Menhaz is the party leader, also formerly being convicted of tax fraud and now convicted of blasphemy, sentenced to death penalty. They were supposed to have a lot of votes, but they lost a huge amount of votes, after Hasid Menhaz commited Blasphemy against Iman, which can give one of the harshest punishment of all laws. They are now expected to lose a lot of voters, and will probably not make it into parliament.

National Battle

National Battle is another independent party. They are in the extreme right fundamentalist, and follow some more fundamentalistic Imani guidelines such as the sect Aslafism. They are in very very huge favor of the Caliphate, and ultimately wishes that the Caliph will overtake all power for himself. The Party leader is Buraq al-Mumin. They are expected to get a huge amount of votes, possibly up to 20-25%, nearly the same as the amount the Hifnakian National Party got in the 2018 General Election.

Opinion polls

Opinion polls made by the Hifnakian National Radio