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7, 28.300, 160.012
Cộng hòa Quê Hương
Quê Hương
CapitalMiền Bắc Đẹp
Largest cityTống Bình
Official languagesKuehongese
 • National languagesKuehongese
Ethnic GroupsKue (72%)
Babelic (23%)
Others (5%)
GovernmentUnitary constiutional republic (de jure)
Military junta (de facto)
 • Total160000 km2

Kuehong (Kuehongese: Quê Hương), officially the Republic of Kuehong (Kuehongese: Cộng hòa Quê Hương), is a republic in northern Archanta. Kuehong has a population of 32 million, out of which 72% are native Kue, with the rest mainly immigrants, particuarly Babelic (Bai) people from Orano, who settled there during Bai's colonisation. The capital is Menbakdep (Miền Bắc-đẹp), while Namthinhvuong (Nam Thịnh Vượng) is the largest city in the country.

The area of Kuehong was inhabited from as early as the 7000 BC, settled what will be known as the Kue people. The kingdom of Kue was formed in the 7th century AD. In the 16th century, the kingdom was defeated in an invasion by the Bai Empire (then Suo Empire) and become part of the empire for the next 300 years, while Karolia briefly administers the ports on the west through the Treaty of Khongdeu. After Bai's collapse in the 20th century, the Republic of Kuehong was formed under Cần Thơ Thủy as its first president. The weak republic, however, split into Bai Kue and Southern Kue after a civil war between ethnic Kue and the Bai people. Following several polticial changes in either side, it was reunited under a military coup in 1976. It was only as recent as 2012 that military rule officially ended, but the military still have quite a huge influence on the nation's politics. Despite the military dictatorship, Kuehong was developed rapidly due to its stability. Industrial reforms began in 1982, and later social reforms began after that. The first democratic elections were held in 2011 with a new civilian government ruling the country since then.