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About the wiki and Announcements

The Wiki exists to describe the places mapped in the OpenGeofiction world.

New users receive a wiki account when they are assigned a territory. Other users may contact admin for an account. Before adding to the wiki, however, please read the guidelines and develop some significant mapping first. Post here if you have any wiki questions.

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Featured Wiki Article

Serie C, Group A

Football (soccer) is one of the biggest passions of Brasonian people. In 1970, ten football clubs decided to create a national league. These clubs were Atl.Barra (Barra- MR), Atl.Cpo.Verde (Cpo.Verde-RV), Atl.Carioca (Gloria- LR), FC Campos (Campos- OL), FC Campo Verde (Cpo.Verde-RV), Conquistense (Conquista- RV), Desp.Ferroviária (Cpo.Verde-RV), Laranjal (Gloria- LR), Nacional (Baía Azul- OL) and Olimpia FC (Barra- MR). They invited Atl.Campista (Nova Campos- OL) and FC Santiago (Santiago- LR) and played the first edit of Serie A. The first match was FC Campo Verde vs. Olimpia, at Estádio Central, in Campo Verde, June 12th, exactly 68 years later the first match at the country, but it finish 0x0. The first goal of the league was scored only one day after, by Rafael Gomes, when Atl.Carioca won Nacional by 1x0, in Gloria city. This first edition finished with Desportiva Ferroviária as first champion, winning Olimpia by 2x0 in final match. In 1971, an additional 4 clubs were invited, and since then, the Serie A is played by 16 clubs.

Brasonian Serie A is considered one of the best football leagues of the World.

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Did you know...

... that the Lekø amusement park in Mynninghamn, Østermark, is extremely popular despite being regularly closed down for safety violations, most recently for a week in summer of 2015?
... that Mauretia's economy collapsed in 1873 with an unusually lethal influenza outbreak called the "Great Death"? (Hospital ward pictured.)
... that the earliest inhabitants of Ullanyé arrived during the 9th millennium BCE, most likely by boat from the Antarephian mainland?
... that there is only one school in Rocas, the only city in the small westward island chain that is the biggest tourist attraction of the Cariocas?

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Gobras City in Gobrassanya.

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Geographic ambrosine.jpg

Topographic map of Ambrosine. (Created by user Newflanders).

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