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!First Champion (Eynst  Mayster)
!First Champion (Eynst  Kampyon)
|align=center | [[File:ES-1st-Champion.png|100px]]
|align=center | [[File:ES-1st-Champion.png|100px]]

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Mylitærnal Forsen av Eshein
Martial Forces of Eshein
Alternate Name(s):
Belli Pacisque
(For War and Peace)
Organization with Headquarters in Esheinflag.png Eshein
Address New Tyrrin
Memorial Borough, 1st Palace map
General Information
Year Founded 1807
1st Champion of the Martial Forces Adrian Foltberg
Chief General of the Air Force Analyz Davidson
Chief General of the Sea Force George Hanson
Chief General of the Land Force Ian Mahller

Martial Forces of Eshein (Eshen: Mylitærnal Forsen av Eshein), mostly known as MFE, is the only military of the Kingdom of Eshein. It's consisting of the Eshen army (Land fors), Eshen navy (Zy fors), Eshen air force (Ær fors) and Eshen special forces (Spesial forsen). Every on of the four forces (the special forces count as one) is headed by a "chief general". The entire military is headed by the 1st champion, which is the highest ranked person in the forces. The current head of forces is 1st champion Adrian Foltberg.


Land Force

Sea Force

Air Force

Special Forces



Rank Name EUDA insignia code Rank
Officer cadet (Ofitzer Kadet) OF(D) ES-Officer-cadet.png
Second lieutenant (Zvynd Loytnant) OF-1 ES-2nd-lieutenant.png
Lieutenant (Loytnant) ES-Lieutenant.png
Captain (Kapitæn) OF-2 ES-Captain.png
Chief Captain (Haupt Kapitæn) OF-3 ES-Chief-Captain.png
Vice General (Vis General) OF-4 ES-Vice-General.png
Secondary General (Zvynd General) OF-5 ES-Secondary-General.png
Sub General (O̊nter General) OF-6 ES-Sub-General.png
General OF-7 ES-General.png
Chief General (Haupt General) OF-8 ES-Chief-General.png
First Champion (Eynst Kampyon) OF-9 ES-1st-Champion.png