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*'''First Archantan Bank''', prevalent in the eastern half of the country but intended to be nationwide.
*'''First Archantan Bank''', prevalent in the eastern half of the country but intended to be nationwide.
*'''NBA''', National Bank of Archanta - nationwide bank, HQ in [https://opengeofiction.net/#map=18/-40.26294/159.83230 Stanton-NC]
*'''NBA''', National Bank of Archanta - nationwide bank, HQ in [https://opengeofiction.net/#map=18/-40.26294/159.83230 Stanton-NC]
*'''Banque de Chanceux''', prevalent in Francophone areas of the FSA, but can be used anywhere, based in [https://opengeofiction.net/#map=18/-47.72948/142.48746 Saint-Armand]
===Regional banks===
===Regional banks===

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FSA collaborators may input franchises located in the Federal States that they would be comfortable with them being mapped either regionally or nationally. This list will be organized by type of business. Some details may also be included, such as where your company is primarily based. If a headquarters is mentioned, make sure to link to it on the map at some point. Feel free to add more franchise types as needed.

Fast Food

  • Cookin' Pizza is a fast food pizza place located all over ,is a international chain based in Cygagon
  • Burger Ram is a fast food burger place located in the Southeast coastal region of the FSA, with its corporate headquarters based in Penquisset.
  • TacoFresh, a chain available for the entire FSA, place the HQ wherever you want
  • Hiway Diner (hamburger fast food chain prevalent in the West)
  • Peninsula Fast Food, a chain available for the Southeastern "peninsula" (Culpepper and Astrantia and everything to the east of that).
  • Starlight Cafe, a chain of coffee and pastries in the middle and western FSA. This is highly franchised.
  • BriteSpot, a widespread chain of coffee shops. Ubiquitous in urban areas and a direct competitor to Starlight Cafe. Headquartered in Lake City, Minnonigan; owns naming rights to the Bradford Cove Stadium, where the Lake City Navigators play.
  • Baked Goodies Donuts, A Coffee and Pastries restaraunt from Peiwachatt, Nipewa. They specialize in sweeter tasting beverages and pastries. (All Locations will be rebranded to John Carson's)
  • Yumburgers, Nipewa's first Fast food place, opened in 1933 as a fry hut in downtown Kennedy. It is found around the Grand Lakes and the east coast. It can be found in the West coast but not as much
  • Yoyo's Chicken, fast food place. Located only in the northeast. Headquarters in Oswego, Arlington.
  • Especia, a Archantanized Latinian-food fast food chain with things like tacos, quesadillas, burritos, etc.
  • Sunday Steakhouse is a nationwide fast food chain serving a wide variety of foods.
  • Midlands Grill serves a variety of foods in a fast casual setting, mainly in the eastern and central parts of the country.
  • Jacky's is a regional chain serving northeastern style cuisine. Locations primarily in the northeast and "Mid-Ardentic" regions (north of Stanton).
  • Sweet Bee is a nationwide chain serving ice cream and other desserts.
  • HowWok is a fast Chinese place primarily in urban and suburban centers of the West, headquarted in Porte Springs, Riopoderos.
  • Burgiie's is a fast food burger place nationwide.
  • Fieldie's is a stadium themed sandwich shop located nationwide, popular at stadiums. Originated and headquartered in San Vegas, Arlington

Coffeehouse chains

>> search for Gobeletplain cafes
  • Schroeder is a well known chain of cafés with the headquarter in Belleville (NC)
  • Coffea, coffee shops. Based in Passamaqueets, spread in all FSA and worldwide.
  • Coffee Fair, a small regional chain in the New Carnaby/Culpepper area, but welcome to spread
  • The Awakening, a small, higher-end cafe company known for its homey, relaxing decor, but with a very limited number of places (probably around 50). Please, contact me first if you want to place an Awakening in your state.
  • John Carson's, A Nipewan Coffee shop/fast food place that is most known for it's sweet doughnuts and doughnut holes.


  • Intertidal- Seafood restaurant based out of San Vegas, Arlington. Mainly to be used in coastal regions on the eastern seaboard. Contact Pancake Killer if you want to have an Intertidal location away from the coast/in a new market.
  • Fat O’ Giants, A bar-atmosphere restaurant based out of Portilia, UCP. They are known for their drinks and burgers. This is mainly used along the Great Lakes region.
  • Surry's- Family diner chain. To be used throughout the eastern FSA.
  • Halftime - Franchised sports bars throughout the Federal States, known for their chicken wings.
  • Bianchi Pizzeria, a chain of pizza.
  • Smoke Alarm, a wings chain that is divided between a family-friendly restaurant and sports bar. Found everywhere.
  • Blue Wasp, a sit down, dim lighting restaurant nationwide.

Specialty Foods (Bakeries / Ice Cream etc.)

  • Buntie's, a bakery and pastry chain based out of Penquisset and found widely across the country.
  • Ice Nine, a nationwide ice cream and frozen treats franchise based in Penquisset.
  • Phil's Pastries, a bakery and pastry chain based in Tulpanen and found in the southern part of the country.


National banks

  • Western Bank- based out of Dennison, Sierra and prevalent across the west and north of the FSA. (intended market, but can be used sparingly outside this area)
  • First Archantan Bank, prevalent in the eastern half of the country but intended to be nationwide.
  • NBA, National Bank of Archanta - nationwide bank, HQ in Stanton-NC

Regional banks

  • Tokkin, based out of Penquisset and found along the eastern seaboard.
  • Caisse populaire des Ewa, credit union based out of Grande-Seigneurie, found in Bas-Chanceux and in the Southern Corridor
  • Plainus Bank, influencer bank in the western-most Great Lake states.
  • Lakeside Bank, a major bank in the central Grand Lakes states. Headquartered in Lake City; owns the naming rights to the Expo Gardens Coliseum, where the Minnonigan Minutemen and the Lake City Centurions both play.
  • Magnolia Bank, popularized in the 1950s and 60s along FS-50, the Northern Transcon, and headquarted in Summerlin, Riopoderos.
  • Star Bank, a major bank mainly serving the southeast, based out of Lafayette, Whitestone
  • Z2Bank, a newer franchise mostly in the western mountains area.

State banks

  • PassaBank, private bank based in Passamaqueets.
  • WABank, private bank franchise in Walkegan
  • Arlington State Employees Bank, a public bank in Arlington.
  • Bank of Boscainifornio, private bank franchise in Boscainifornio
  • TulSavingsBank, private bank in Tulpanen.
  • Bank of the Frontier, a private bank based in Riopoderos.

Supermarkets and other big-box chains

Hypermarkets/Superstores, Bulk stores

  • Abacus- Headquartered in Kennedy, Nipewa
  • Hayes', an upscale department store, based in Lafayette, Whitestone.
  • Walker's - A department store.
  • Whites/White's - a department store, which operates nationwide, generally in downtowns and malls, but some big box stores can exist as well
  • Maxima - a wholesale/cash and carry in western/north FSA (based in Sierra)

Higher Range Supermarkets

  • Nichols: chain of smaller, higher-end markets specializing in higher quality and organic foods

Mid Range Supermarkets

  • Colonial Market- An East-Coast regional supermarket based out of Burgundyville, Boscainifornio. Locations currently in Arlington, Boscainifornio and Penquisset, but is open for development all along the eastern seaboard.
  • (Locations can be placed further out sparingly, but the primary market should be the Eastern Seabord. Contact TBMap about locations further away from the target market.)
  • Marchban - suburban supermarket chain based in Saint-Armand
  • Wa'ew Supermarkets - Primarily northeastern supermarket that is headquartered in Clayton, Arlington. Use sparingly outside of the northeast, as the company is "growing" out of the northeast.
  • Shoppersmart - western supermarket originating in Sierra
  • Farmer Joe's - Supermarket chain growing out of Nipewa. Most locations are around the Grand Lakes
  • Treasure Island - A supermarket chain based in Aperia.
  • Green Octagon - A regional supermarket chain based in Winterport, Tulpanen with locations to be based mostly in the Grand Lake and southeastern states.
  • Starmart - An urban supermarket chain mainly serving downtowns in large cities.
  • Epicenter - Can be found all over the west, named for promoting its popularity as well as it generally being in an area of seismic activity.

Discount Supermarkets

  • Greenfoods - A discount supermarket chain found primarily in low-income areas throughout the southeastern region of the FSA
  • Las Provisones - Small, cheaper store found in urban areas around the western mountain range.

Do it Yourself

  • Hammer & Nail - founded in Oakhill, now all in the eastern and middle FSA
  • Loads - Found nationwide. Based in Arlington.
  • Archantan Tire- HQ in Fayette, Nipewa
  • good luck, found in the West Central Region and plains of the Mountain region, a joke of residents in the mountains adjacent that the farmers below can do nothing.


  • Scheun & Edler - founded in Creedle, New Carnaby, now in Stanton - most shops in the eastern part

Pet Supply Stores

  • Chew Toy Depot - large store with all kinds of pet food and toys, found all over the country

Convenience Stores

  • Crown, a convenience store prevalent across the east coast with a corporate headquarters in Penquisset.
  • Coverz, a convenience store located across eastern and central FSA.
  • 89Mart, a convenience chain with locations in metro Stanton and the southeast
  • Smartmart, a convenience chain with locations in the Lakes Region
  • Jimmy's, a convenience store based in the northeast, headquartered in Merchantsville, Arlington.



  • JWHancher Hotels, headquartered in downtown Lake City, Minnonigan
  • Krannert Lodgings, headquarters TBD
  • Capstone, headquarted in Penquisset.


  • Hancher Elite, an international JWHancher brand
  • Holliston Inn, a national brand


  • The Wilberding, a national JWHancher brand
  • Waltherams Suites, a national brand that specifically features sustainability and endorsement of regional pop culture of locations


  • The Atrium, a national Krannert Lodgings brand
  • Meridian Suites, a national JWHancher brand
  • Myicka Lodge, a nationwide brand with all locations at national scenic and historic suites, usually away from large cities
  • Alpine Inn, generally in Riopoderos but can be found in adjacent areas. Please message me first.


  • Atrium Select, a national Krannert Lodgings brand


  • Krannert Inn, a Krannert Lodgings brand popular along motorways between the Lakes and Northwest Regions
  • Hartt Motel, a national chain of motels
  • Towne Inn, a chain of motels found on the outskirts of small towns based in Tulpanen

Vehicular Energy

  • GasIt, a gas station chain on the east coast
  • Penqergy, a franchiseable renewable energy provider for electric vehicles at stations across the state of Penquisset. Also have some interstate locations. Company also has home provider / community engineering operations.
  • Gas&Go, a gas station chain operating primarily in the northern East Coast region. It is, however, open for expansion all along the coast.
  • Archantol/Archantoil - a gas station chain that probably is operated nationwide
  • Paxaco- a gas station chain that has locations nationwide but more concentrated in the Great Lakes/South. Also known for major locations along motorways having at least one electric charging "pump".
  • Coastal Oil, a medium-sized gas station that is highly prevalent on the west side of the country. Usually placed in either downtown areas, or along motorways. Locations have a small convenience store located to it, unless in highly urbanized downtown areas.
  • CT Gas - a gas station chain based in Aperia and prevalent on the east coast
  • Corona - gas station chain prevalent in the mountain region and west coast

Provided Energy

  • Penqergy, a franchisable energy provider for communities seeking to achieve a higher degree of sustainability based out of Penquisset. Some engineering contract areas of exploration include solar, wind, aqueous, thermal, and pedekinetic. Also has energy servies for vehicular energy


  • Faves, a clothing store for young women, based in Raidenne, Culpepper.
  • Needle & Thread, a unisex clothing company based in Bonnaventure, Boscainifornio


Radio and television networks

  • Radio et télévision de état chanceux (RTEC) - Francophone television and radio network operated by the state government of Bas-Chanceux, and is based in Saint-Armand, feel free to add affiliates to your Francophone communities
  • The Mix The Mix is a radio station owned and operated by Corral Media (Headquartered in Kennedy). It specializes in Hip-hop and RNB. Place this in cities with a huge hip-hop scene.
  • NOW! NOW is a pop station playing all of today's best hits and boasting 1 hour of ad free music. It is owned by Corral Media. Feel free to place in any city.
  • Archantan Free Media, a media host known for owning any radio stations in the Federal States. Based on National Public Radio (NPR)
  • ATN (Archantan Television Network) One of the main news channels in Federal States and also worldwide. Headquarter in Huntington.


  • Nexi, a national brand headquartered in Arlington.
  • BriteCare, a nationwide pharmaceutical company based in Bonnaventure, Boscainifornio.
  • Medina Pharmacy, present in Sierra
  • CYP, stands for Cecil Young Pharmacy, found throughout the entire country


  • Zap, an autonomous car rental service located in major cities, especially at airport facilities and transporation hubs.
  • Findix, Internet-related company that started as a search engine. Based in Burton, PA.
  • Versatil, possibly a competitor to Findix, although also making devices, headquartered in Jolesville, Riopoderos, just outside Summerlin.
  • Minnonigan Wireless, or MWireless, a once-regional cellular phone provider expanding to the greater southwestern FSA. Based in Ondassagam, Minnonigan; owns naming rights to the Lake City Pitch where the Lake City Blue Stars play.
  • StarCellular, a cell phone service provider with service and physical locations through the entire country
  • Planet Desktop, an electronics and computer store (found in Sierra and elsewhere)

Social media

  • MyStory, a social media company. MyStory was founded in 2010, and has 28 million users. Based in Freelance, UCP, with a regional office in Jolesville, Riopoderos.
  • MyStream, A Social media company for videos and livestreams, it is currently the #1 Video sharing website on the planet, and was founded in 2004 by a bunch of entrepreneurs in Nipewa looking to share their video blogs,





  • Bloom Empire Automobiles (BEA) is a car manufacturing company with no headquarters. Operates worldwide.
  • DeLand is a car manufacturing based in New Carnaby (Wasserstadt, maybe).
  • Empire Joop Rebel & Bull (EJR&B)
  • Noble cars are a FSA-made brand of car with a large following. Dealerships everywhere. Headquarters are in Hearthsbridge, Culpepper with factories all over the country.
  • Crystalline Motors is a luxury car manufacturing company with plants in Gramercy, Seneppi, though much manufacturing has likely been outsourced. Remains of a Gramercy headquarters remain, but Crystalline was bought out by Noble during an economic downturn. Now share many cobranded dealerships as Noble/Crystalline.
  • Gramercy and Gramercy Clinton Motors (GCM) are a large car manufacturer headquartered in Clinton, SN and with some plants in neighboring Gramercy, though some manufacturing has likely been outsourced to other cities and other countries. Dealerships all around the FSA and sparingly around the world.
  • Sengasi Motors Sengasi Motors is a Lianese car manufacturer with an Archantan HQ in Fayette, Nipewa. It is found all over FSA and around the world with dealerships like Elite Sengasi only being in cities over 1M near shopping malls.
  • Minamiaizu is a car company with dealerships across the entire FSA.

Car Rental

  • Axcess Car Rental, a mid-tier car rental company available on-site at most FSA airports. Based in Lake City.
  • Pennywise Car Rental, a mid-tier car rental company available on-site at most FSA airports.


  • Waywheel is an urban bicycle and scooter rental service with operations across the country and a corporate headquarters in Penquisset.

Coach Buses

  • Cheetah Buses, Cheetah Buses is a coach bus company that serves the FSA and the rest of Atrasia. Bus depots are usually in Towns/Cities with a population over 1K

Auto Shops

  • Jumpstart Auto Parts, auto parts store located across the entire FSA

Movie Theaters

  • Screeners, a large cinema chain
  • Cineplus, (mostly Western) cinema chain, present in Sierra
  • Marlington Cinemas, primarily found near the Marlington River in the northeast but very few locations outside of the area.

Theme Parks

  • Splashin' Wild Theme park based in Nipewa, more prevalent near water, and has more locations in the Grand Lakes region.
  • Thrillville Theme Park based in Nipewa, specializes in roller coasters and has a small waterpark.
  • Fun Water World warer-pleasure parks in Oakhill, New Carnaby and ...
  • Gargantua Entertainment Corporation Corporation that owns and operates numerous theme parks, including Lager Park, Morsboro
  • Winterpark Theme park located in Winterpark,Walkegan. One of the first theme parks in the FSA

Real Estate

  • Jenny Francis, based on Keller Williams and based in San Vegas, Arlington.

Delivery Service

  • Federal Parcel Service, a private shipping/delivery service company with warehouses all over the FSA.

Thrift Stores

  • Helpful Hands, a thrift shop based in Oswego.
  • ValueVille, A thrift store based in Fayette, Nipewa.
  • Dollar Bills, a thrift store with all merchandise costing $1.

Furniture Stores

  • JJ's Furniture, has many smaller stores, found all over the country