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* [https://opengeofiction.net/#map=19/-40.25947/159.79278 Stanton-NC ''(consulate general)'']
* [https://opengeofiction.net/#map=19/-40.25947/159.79278 Stanton-NC ''(consulate general)'']
| [https://opengeofiction.net/#map=19/21.31432/29.66382 Haez ''(embassy)'']
| [https://opengeofiction.net/#map=19/21.31432/29.66382 Haez ''(embassy)'']
| {{Ullanyé}}
* Huntington-CD ''(embassy)''
* Stanton-NC ''(consulate general)''
| [https://opengeofiction.net/node/135126667 Etatono ''(embassy)'']

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Diplomatic Presence

Country in FSA Abroad Notes
Adariaflag.png Adaria Huntington-CD (embassy) Nichiuri (embassy)
Kazari flag.png Al-Kaza [] Canan (embassy)
Altavia-flag.png Altavia Huntington-CD (embassy) []
Rusky.jpg Antigo Liaison office in Stanton Liaison office in Antigo City See this sandbox for details. (credits to User:TheMayor for further notes)
Ascotflagg.jpg Ascot Huntington-CD (embassy) []
2band slovech.png Belgravia Huntington-CD (embassy) Slovech (embassy)
Flag of Bloregia.jpg Bloregia Huntington-CD (embassy) []
2band brasonia.jpg Brasonia Campo Verde-RV (embassy)
Flag itc1.png Cariocas Huntington-CD (embassy) []
Final design.png Commonia []
Cygagon Huntington-CD (embassy) []
Flag of Demirhan Empire.png Demirhanlı Devleti Huntington-CD (embassy) Tarsinar (embassy)
Lost country.png Déserts Huntington-CD (embassy) []
FreedemianFlag.jpg Freedemia []
GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya []
Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya Huntington-CD (mission) []
Flag of Guai.svg Guai
Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon Huntington-CD (embassy) []
Latflag.png Latina []
Leresso-Flag.png Leresso Huntington-CD (embassy) []
Lorantian Flag.png Lorantis Huntington-CD (embassy) []
2band lusland.png Luslandia Huntington-CD (embassy) []
MauretiaFlag.svg Mauretia Huntington-CD (embassy) Iola (embassy)
FLAGMECY.png Mecyna []
Medwedia Huntington-CD (embassy) []
Mergany Flag.png Mergany
Naexma []
Flagnse121.jpg Neusüdengern Huntington-CD (embassy) []
Orle flagg kongeriket.png Ôrlé Huntington-CD (embassy) []
1200px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png Pasalia Huntington-CD (embassy) []
Luciano Flag Rhododactylia.png Rhododactylia []
NationalFlagRGNK.png Rogolnika Huntington-CD (embassy) []
Suya Ahn.png Suya Ahn Huntington-CD (embassy) []
TA018 Haez (embassy)
Nat flag ullanne.jpg Ullanyé
  • Huntington-CD (embassy)
  • Stanton-NC (consulate general)
Etatono (embassy)
UnitedCitiesOfPlainusFlag.png United Cities of Plainus Huntington-CD (embassy) []
Vodeo Flag.png Vodeo Huntington-CD (embassy) []
FLAGZYL.png Zylanda Huntington-CD (embassy) []
Unknown Flag.png Undecided [ Huntington-CD (embassy)] []

International Organizations

Offices Notes
Assembly of Nations
South-West Astrasian Economic Alliance (SWAEA)

City Consulates

State mappers are welcome to offer locations in their states for consulates. Foreign nations should limit the number of their consulates in the Federal States to a realistic number based on the foreign country's size, population, and development level. Do not add unmapped consulates; many consulates will be small and may be mapped as a node representing a single office or part of an office building rather than a standalone facility. Consulates are not permitted for nations that do not have an embassy in Huntington. In all cases, please contact the state mapper(s) before placing a consulate.

City State Current Consulates New Consulates Permitted Notes
Stanton NCflag.png New Carnaby Emb-green.png Most consulates are located near the Stanton Opera House near Midtown Square.
Jundah FLAGTAU.png Tauhon Emb-green.png Most consulates are located in the Downtown West neighborhood.
Lake City Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan none Emb-yellow.png Nations interested in opening a consulate in Lake City should contact TheMayor to arrange a site.
Lemmington Tulpanen Emb-yellow.png Please contact yoyo21 so a site can be worked out within the city.
Saint-Armand BasChanFlag.png Bas-Chanceux none Emb-yellow.png Nations who want a consulate in Saint-Armand should contact Luziyca so we can discuss the creation of consulates within the Saint-Armand metropolitan area.
Wallawaukee Seneppi State Flag.jpg Seneppi Emb-yellow.png Nations interested in opening a consulate in Wallawaukee should contact Ernestpcosby to arrange a site.
Bonnaventure FlagofBoscainifornio.png Boscainifornio none Emb-yellow.png Nations interested in opening a consulate in Bonnaventure should contact TBMap to arrange a site.