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! Designation !! Example !! Speed limit in kph (/ mph)
! Designation !! Example !! Speed limit in kph (/ mph)
| Highway (A-xxx) || {{Highway (Gobrassanya)|number=33|size=100}} || 120 (/ 75)
| Highway (A xxx) || {{Highway (Gobrassanya)|number=33|size=100}} || 120 (/ 75)
| Expressway (B-xxx) || {{Expressway (Gobrassanya)|number=138|size=100}} || 100 (/ 65)
| Expressway (B xxx) || {{Expressway (Gobrassanya)|number=138|size=100}} || 100 (/ 65)
| Default Primary Road || {{Primary Road (Gobrassanya)|number=97|size=100}} || 90 (/ 55)
| Default Primary Road || {{Primary Road (Gobrassanya)|number=97|size=100}} || 90 (/ 55)

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Gobrassanya has a centralized highway grid, which connects larger cities and is developed permanently in order to grant fast connections to the growing population. A characteristic property is the alignment in north-south and east-west direction of the roads as well as a high amount of tolled sections. The highway network is very dense, especially in conurban areas, like Gobras City. A network of primary and secondary roads completes the street grid and connects smaller towns to the national road system. Only cars with an electronic plaque are allowed to run on the highways, as written in the GLoSR. The plaque obligation may also affect cars which don't drive on any tolled sections. The driving side is right and the default units kmh and m.

For a list of roads see List of Roads in Gobrassanya.

Street organization

Designation Example Speed limit in kph (/ mph)
Highway (A xxx) 33 120 (/ 75)
Expressway (B xxx) 138 100 (/ 65)
Default Primary Road 97 90 (/ 55)
Default Secondary Road
County Road
1932 70 (/ 45)
Default Connection Road 50 (/ 30)

District Primary Road Organization

District Example

Traffic signs

The traffic signs are in the color of the road they're standing near, but may also contain colors of the connected roads (e.g. further as).



Primary Road

Secondary Road

Connection Road

Interchange signs

The interchange arrives in 1 km.
The interchange arrives in 500m.
Junction already at the interchange.

POI landscape sign

POI sign near Hewel Dunes National Park.

Traffic information sign

Traffic information sign in Gobras City.

Toll-Radar signs

Toll warning circa one kilometer before the toll-radar. The warning sign offers the last change to avoid the toll-radar.
Toll warning circa 200 meters before the toll-radar. For adjusting the traffic correctly.