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Hi, Bonisle is not an "overseas territory", it is part of Commonia. In general users are discouraged from writing articles about places in Commonia. You also forgot to add the required image source & license info to File:Bonisle Postcard (c. 1970).png, see OGF:Uploading images. Thanks/wangi (talk) 13:33, 25 April 2019 (CEST)

Why are the articles discouraged? I understand that it is part of Commonia, but as I have read there is not much of a centralized government or control over its varying parts I wanted to make Bonisle separate from the conflict and chaos on the mainland of Commonia. Is there anything that can be done then? Is there a way to separate Bonisle from Commonia either legally/politically or even geographically? If not I will try and claim another territory and not put any more effort into it. Brunanter (talk) 21:49, 25 April 2019 (CEST)
Comonnia as a whole is a blue country, open to all and users cannot get exclusive rights on parts of it. We discourage wiki material on Commonia because it may be reorganised at any time, without regard to the existing mapping. Therefore the wiki material is simply an extra set of housekeeping to take care of. /wangi (talk) 00:50, 26 April 2019 (CEST)
Alright, I will seek out another territory to claim as my own. Thanks. Brunanter (talk) 02:19, 26 April 2019 (CEST)


Yes, I know NBA in OGF means "National Bank of Archanta", but please, as part of admin team I ask you (and every user who try it) to do not use this letters in basketball related things. -- BMSOUZA (talk) 17:14, 15 June 2019 (CEST)

The name is after the bank. Its only a coincidence that the stadium uses the abbreviation, its not meant to invoke the real NBA. Brunanter (talk) 20:57, 15 June 2019 (CEST)
I can try the full National Bank of Archanta Center name (even though NBA is the abbreviation), but I have plans for American football and baseball venues, so if it's really an issue I can give NBA to one of those. Brunanter (talk) 21:13, 15 June 2019 (CEST)
Yes, maybe would be better use "NBA" in another sport arena, not to the basketball team.  ;-) -- BMSOUZA (talk) 16:10, 16 June 2019 (CEST)