Administrative divisions of Laine

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Seal Flag Name Code Road Code County seat Largest city Population Map (link) Notes
Sealorterrado.png ORflag.png Orterrado County OR {n/a} Orterrado 1,430,000 150px
ABC Seal.png ABC Flag.png Augusta Bay County AB 4 Solomiero Lundres 1,140,000 150px
QFC Seal.png QFC Flag.png Quep Falls County QF 7 Quep Falls Tigre Dorado 809,000 150px
SealOfHalison.png FlagOfHalison.png Hálison County HS {n/a} Hálison 620,000 150px
MRC Seal.png MRC Flag.png Miañe River County MR 1 Carllspen Miañe 604,000 150px
ANCSeal.png ANC Flag.png Andalorian County AN 2 Lambbridge 440,000 150px
OXC Seal.png OXC Flag.png Oxdon County OX 3 Benford Alvia 420,000 150px
GRC Seal.png GRC Flag.png Gorado County GR 6 Falcon Adelánte 401,000 150px
AVC Seal.png AVC Flag.png Armalera Valley County AV 5 Arma 232,000 150px
FLC Seal.png FLC Flag.png Folto County FL 9 Croline City Talerámo 128,000 150px
MCC Seal.png MCC Flag.png Monte Camilore County MC 8 Valeriana Sindolor 79,000 150px
MTC Seal.png MTC Flag.png Marlington County MT 8 Galicson 52,000 150px


Seal/CoA Flag Name County Population Map Notes
Sealorterrado.png ORflag.png Orterrado Orterrado County 1,430,000
SealOfHalison.png FlagOfHalison.png Hálison Hálison County 620,000
30px 60px Lundres Agusta Bay County 480,000
Izobelary - Tigre Dorado Quep Falls County 200,000
Miañe Miañe River County 82,000
Lambbridge Andalorian County 80,000
Adelánte Gorado County 60,000
Quep Falls Quep Falls County 54,000
Armalera (Arma) Armalera Valley County 53,000