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This page is a guide for the collaborative creation of the country of Alvorán. Alvorán is a country on the island of Liberan in the continental sphere of Uletha. It represent what on earth would be considered a nation in the Hispanoamerican domain, and is therefore fully mapped in Spanish. The mapping style is similar to what one may expect in hispanoamerican countries, with a focus on late development and gridded cities.

Any mappers interested in mapping in Spanish, natives or not, are encouraged to take part in this collaborative project. If you want to join, just message the coordinator of the territory Georgecg. Coordination occurs via whatsapp and this is essential to be able to partake in the project. Once you're allowed to map in Alvorán, you will have quite a bit of freedom to detail and create cities, natural features, etc., as long as it is in line with the general guidelines detailed further down this page.

Some collaboration rules

  • Only map in Alvorán after you contacted the coordinator of the territory Georgecg to gain permission.
  • Mapping style is Hispanoamerican. Look at OpenStreetMap for inspiration.
  • Tags are in Spanish for the whole territory, exceptions obviously exist for international brands etc., just like in the real world.
  • Creating new large scale features such as mountain ranges, larger islands, large cities, completely new long distance highways or railways. that do not appear on the draft map are not allowed unless discussed with other mappers first. Short extensions of trunks, ring roads, railway branches, expansions of cities, etc. are no problem however.
  • Detailing or adding to the work of others is allowed, as this further improves the quality of the map. Removing work of others to replace it with less detail is discouraged and should generally be avoided, or should be discussed with other mappers first.
  • No copying from real world maps such as OpenStreetMap. This would classify as plagiarism and is not tolerated on OGF.
  • It is encouraged to participate in discussions with others about the country, proposals for larger changes, details you like to change of others' work, etc. either on this page's talk page or on our whatsapp chat group.
  • Everyone editing the territory is highly encouraged to let others know they are currently editing an area to prevent upload conflicts.
  • Have fun mapping!


Please add your name to this table when you contribute to the project.

User Speaks Spanish Notes
Georgecg Coordinator and owner of the territory

Mapping guidelines

Road infrastructure

Concerning road principles, the table below gives some guidelines:

Road category Tag Ref Speed limit (km/h) Usage
Outside built-up areas Built-up areas
Autopista motorway Motorways link long distance relations of national importance with high volumes, fully grade separated and always containing 2x2 lanes minimum. No pedestrians/cyclists/tractors etc. allowed, and no roadside development possible, this can occur on lateral roads.
Autopista de segundo nivel trunk Expressways link slightly less important relations on a regional or urban scale, fully grade separated. These generally contain 2x2 lanes. No pedestrians/cyclists/tractors etc. allowed, and no roadside development possible, this can occur on lateral roads.
Carretera primary Highways of national or regional importance, generally connecting to either expressways or motorways, managed by the states and generally having 1x1 or 2x2 lanes (often in cities). Inside city centres some important access roads, avenues and boulevards managed by the municipality can also be classified as primary.
Carretera de segundo nivel secondary Normal roads of regional importance, generally connecting to primary roads managed by the states or provinces.
Carretera de tercer nivel tertiary / Normal roads of municipal importance, also connect small villages together.
unclassified / Unclassified roads. Mostly for access to agriculture or industry.
living_street / Street where sidewalk and roadway are merged together so pedestrians may walk wherever they want.

The following principles apply to road numbering:

1) Motorway, trunk and primary are numbered from North to South even using even numbers and from East to West using uneven numbers.

2) Road number digits are unique for one contiguous roadway, independently of their prefix, which only indicate the road category. So e.g. if the N54 primary road turns into a trunk, the ref changes into E54, and if it turns into a motorway the ref turns into A54. This also means it is not allowed to have e.g. both a secondary road N2 and a motorway A2 running roughly parallel, because they are different roads so should use different digits.

3) Short motorways, trunks and primary roads are numbered in concordance with a nearby long distance road nummber, example A901 might be a motorway connected to the A9 or A90.

4) Street numbers are numbers from North to South and East to West, a letter can be used as a suffix for shorter streets (for example: calle 5a).



List of frequently mapped business chains in Alvorán. Please add chains that will have locations in more than one city in Alvorán, so others can consult this list to further spread the chains throughout the country. Add them alphabetically based on type.

Type Tag Company name Brands / franchises Origin International Operating area in Alvorán Headquarters Special requirements Extra info


List of names to be used for streetnames of other purpose

Types of roads:





















Other nobility

Army Leaders




Geographical names


Bodies of water

Nature Reserves


Highest Mountains