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Achtung.svg This is an experimental feature for JOSM users.

The Templates territory might change in the future, based on usage.

Templates are snippets of mapping that may be copied and used as building blocks as you map a territory. Some of these templates may include motorway junctions, buildings, and railway stations. Generally, such template collections are not permitted within a user's territory. Instead, personal templates should offline, in an OSM file.

However, the BG99 Templates territory is available for storing templates that users have made available for use by all mappers. Mappers should use their discretion when adding templates, and avoid extensive additions. This territory should feature multi-use mapping and is not a sandbox. Do not spend time creating experimental or single-use content in this area. Additionally, this territory (or any other) must not be used for render testing. Instead, see the information provided on the FAQ page.

To use the templates in your territory, simply copy the desired template and paste it in your territory. This does require JOSM and will not work on the iD editor. Do not alter or edit the original template! Keep in mind that JOSM's visual layout mirrors the projection on the OGF map. This means that content copied from the templates area and pasted further away from the equator will look the same size in JOSM but may be substantially smaller in scale. The easiest way to adjust accordingly is to use the measurement tool and select the original, checking its size. From there, adjust your pasted material larger or smaller to match what size the template has.