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Good day,

After preliminary discussions with a portion of the FSA community (including a discussion held on the FSA Discord Server), a first draft of the FSA Presidential order has been made. This draft was made as a continuation and proposal based on older discussions in Collab:Federal States/History.

The draft proposal can be accessed through this link.

There remain several reserved spots for future FSA participants to add names. There also exists a column for vice-presidential order, though that remains out of the scope of the older discussions. Italicised names in this column are not final, and all other names in that column were specifically requested by FSA participants.

Some other notes that should be taken:

  1. Consideration was made for any requests made during preliminary discussions, and the rest of the names were semi-randomly assigned. Changes can still be made by request.
  2. The reason there are only 38 presidents, compared to the United States' 46 (uniquely, despite the FSA having its first president 30 years before the USA), is the higher number of three-term presidents in this draft. Additionally, there is a four-term president, though it can split that into two presidents if four terms is absurd.
  3. The FSA gets its first female president in 1945, though this is only since the President is assassinated (or otherwise dies, as per Ruadh's idea) and the Vice President is Female.
  4. On top of the names FSA stateowners and collaborative coordinators submitted, a few semi-randomly-generated names were added, to fill in a few gaps in the 1700-1899 era. These names are indicated in red.
  5. The election year was chosen to be at an arbitrary time after 1757. Since all elections are spaced four years apart, they can easily be shifted a few years forward or backward, if that's wanted.
  6. The X-term rule is established for the 1971 election. X is the maximum number of terms a president may serve - this number has not been decided, but it has been assumed to be 2 terms for now.

Any thoughts, questions, or concerns, should be raised here (if not already raised on the Discord). The plan is to finalise a draft, and put it up for vote on the next omnibus ballot (the same vote that will decide the next coordinator(s), and approve new National Parks).

- Thanks, Zekiel (talk) 17:19, 30 December 2021 (UTC)

Two big things that come to mind with this draft:
  • If we have our first president just two years after independence, we assume that the country didn't have much of a transitional period, as with the U.S.'s Articles of Confederation. That's theoretically fine, but it comes with a fair amount of implications about our early history.
  • A few different circumstances could lead to a 4 term president in the 20th century. The odd thing is that we don't know the circumstances that brought this about yet.
These both stem from the fact that we're doing the list of presidents first and establishing a historical consensus around them. Which isn't a bad thing- the list of presidents is something that's been needed for naming for a few years at this point. Most likely, we just have to keep the list somewhat flexible for upcoming discussions, as you've made room for.
My thoughts on these particular points? Well, Huntington's first term could have taken place during the effect of a preliminary constitution which was extended upon, rather than thrown out as was the AoC. And it's a possibility that President 23's 4 terms came about because the opposition was too extreme for the public, and the incumbent faction was particularly strong. A lot of things are possible, and we can discuss them while having this list be canon.
--Fluffr Nuttr (talk) 02:05, 3 January 2022 (UTC)